Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Long, Slow Rot Into Reeking Goo

I was talking with a social worker this week. She was at a gigantic yard sale some locals were holding in preparation for moving out of the state, like so many of the remaining non-liberal whites.

I was watching some buck who was trying to make time with a cute white girl that obviously found him repulsive. I grumbled something about castrating him, and this worker overheard me. But instead of giving me the expected liberal rant on the joys of diversity and inbreeding, she said,"Amen!"

I was floored. We got to talking about the mud problem; all breeds. It was then that she shocked me again. She told me that she had just been given a case by her supervisor that she didn't want, and that she had tried desperately to have it given to someone else. But her boss refused, so she was stuck with a worthless black buck who was trying to get on welfare because he couldn't support himself (nothing new there.) Seems that every penny he made was grabbed up by the state to help pay for unpaid child support. You see, this nigger...and I use the term very deliberately...had 40 kids by 22 women, most of them white!

If ever there was a coon that needed his balls cut off, it's this walking dog turd. In my father's day in the South, they still caught bucks that were trying to screw their women and castrated them right in the middle of the street, in front of all the other oversexed niggers as a lesson to them to stay the hell away from our women. Then civil rights was made law, and sixty million niggers got an instant erection.

Oh sure..they talk about rights and voting, and all that happy horse shit, but the truth is that all they wanted that law for was the legal right to chase our women. If I could get my hands on that piece of crap, I'd make him pray to me tearfully...for death.

Think I'm kidding? I'm not. When I think of all the kid's lives this evil ape destroyed by making them half monkey, I want to scream to the moon. Killing is actually far too lenient. I watched the local news this morning. Here is a smattering of last night's events, and mind you, most of the black crimes are censored out, to keep the public from knowing the full degree of the white genocide going on in this state and country:

*Four niggers robbed a gas station for dope money and shot both clerks as they left. One is dead, the other in critical condition. Three of the murderous monkoids were caught, which is extremely rare.

*A wetback broke into a house, robbed it, and stabbed to death a white mother and her retarded son. He's still at large.

*A drunk mestizo slammed into a cop car, critically injuring a cop and one bystander. He was uninjured.

*A coon raped and murdered a young (blonde of course) college girl by walking right into her dorm, then into her room. Cameras got a look at him, but he's still running loose. Oogabooga.

*Another mestizo snatched a four-year-old white girl. Neither one has been seen since. These are just a few of the daily fare here in my area of the state alone. There were many others. The apes are running amok all over the country. With a black president in office and liberals in control, the blacks feel empowered and protected, and are showing their asses. Because in fact they're right; they are empowered and protected.

As an example just look at the all-nigger organization ACORN. The biggest corruption scandal in a decade broke about that bunch, and yet the entire affair was quickly and quietly swept under the rug, where if a Republican or white had done the same thing, the media circus and special prosecutors would still be making speeches about evil old whitey.

New hate-crime laws are being passed, and Obama is just about to begin forming his all nigger civilian army, which he plans on using to subjugate and terrify all the whites in America, taking his lead from the same tactics that were used in both Zimbabwe and South Africa. Niggers everywhere are ecstatic.

My recent encounter with a ghetto ho, and her subsequent threats toward me with hate-crime laws is a good example of the new arrogance niggers everywhere are now displaying. It's enraging to put it mildly.

Even the number of day-to-day run-ins with blacks has greatly increased for all whites, and I've lost count of the scenes I've seen being played out all over town between some poor unsuspecting white and some aggressive coon that got in his face, trying to either get money or just harass him, which is also a favorite pastime of monkoids in America.

A few weeks ago, a local grocery store was robbed. So they installed bars, cameras, and motion detectors. A week after they installed all this expensive gear they here hit again, and succeeded in making off with over a thousand dollars worth of cigarettes(menthol of course), booze, and junk food. They were too stupid to run the register, so they took the whole thing. They had removed the swamp cooler on the roof and dropped in from the ceiling like Mission Impossible agents! I kid you not.

Trying to control the theft rate in this state is a hopeless task. The liquor lounge a block away from the store was robbed at gunpoint by 4 young niggers in broad daylight the other day. And yes, they got away with it, just like they did the last 3 times they robbed it.

The local police never seem able to catch them. Showing up at the scene of the crime as much as 45 minutes later probably doesn't help things either. But being the known cowards and bullies they are, they're not about to risk their asses trying to sweep the Mojave with a whisk broom. There's just too many niggers to sift through, and none of them are talking.

Besides, there's still a few whites left to harass and milk for money by trumping up violations on them, which is now the number one industry of state and local cops.

With the number of whites dropping daily, the blacks are becoming more aggressive toward the remaining ones. There have even been times recently when I parked somewhere that not one, but three different mooch niggers came running, making a beeline for me from three different directions.

It's getting downright alarming. These niggers are career moochers, supporting their crack habits by harassing and in many instances, intimidating whites out of money, especially the old ladies. This section of the white population never go unescorted anymore because of this.

To have some poor old woman set foot outside of her car is like ringing the dinner bell to these niggers. Predators to the core. And when we call the cops on them they never show, but instead harass the caller for bothering them! One day last week I pulled into a gas station to fill up. Here came a mooch nigger with gas can and sob story in hand.

This type comes up to you and says his car is out of gas, and he needs a few dollars to make it home. One look at this nigger and you know he's never owned a car...couldn't afford one, and that any money you give him is going straight to the crack dealer around the corner. I looked at him like a turd on a stick and said, "Get yer crack money from some other fool boy." He grinned evilly at me and said, "Ha! You aint' so stupid, iz you white boy? Hayuck! Hayuck!" And he walked off grinning.

Three hours later and he'll still be there, mooching money. The newest gimmick is to cruise up into your driveway "by accident". The driver knocks on your door, asking for some fictitious person while the niggers in the back of his car are making detailed mental notes of what kind of car's in the drive, how well kept the yard is, how many people live there, and how you're dressed. If you fit all their criteria, they'll be back later at rob your house. And if you happen to be there well..tough luck. The cops will find a couple of stiffs in a few days when you get to stinking too loudly.

Blacks in this state aren't the blacks the liberals portray on TV. Those fantasy blacks all have "meaningful relationships", deep thoughts, moral dilemmas, and they're all either law students, scientists, police captains, or brain surgeons. In the real world the average buck has the IQ of a federally institutionalized retard, the morals of a cane toad, and the compassion of a crocodile.

They have absolutely no interest in education, a job, or bettering themselves, and I can guarantee you that almost none of them has ever even read a book. Not even one. They're predators and parasites by choice, because they like it. These are your so-called "equals" that this liberal government literally has to threaten us with prison to force us to tolerate in our society.

The truth is, we don't have any blacks or Negroes, or African Americans in this country, they are niggers.There's no other word for them whether they, or the Jews and their liberal ass lickers like it or not. And as long as they're niggers, I'll continue to call them niggers..even to their faces. Hell, I'll do it in front of a federal judge. The truth is the truth, and damn those that try to bury it. We are at war in this country against evil in high places. And although the actual shooting hasn't started yet, it's coming just as sure as rain in April.

Speaking our mind helps to embolden and empower us! It helps to put our people in the proper mindset for revolt, and begins teaching our dark skinned enemies a little of the fear and respect they'll all soon have for all it should be. We are the Masters of the world, the Master Race. And it's high time we put all these dogs back in their cages. Be open and above board in your contempt for blacks and their allies, and your pride for your race. Be a warrior they will be forced to respect, now and forever.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Ben Covington said...

I farted in LH's mouth, and he inhaled it. nyuck nyuck nyuckk tee hee hee heebee jeebee niggee.

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very true, I have been living in South Cali for all of my life, I have seen everything you can imagine, the whites in the rest of the nation would shit themselves if they lived the life i have lived. I have been arming my self for the last few years, AR-15, Mossberg 500, you name it, and plenty of 6.8 spc, slug ammo for a good portion of the buck hunting to come, and I don’t mean deer. My mother is half black/white, while my father is German/Swedish. I have green eyes, blood hair, and white skin, and a high IQ, I attribute all of these attributes to my fathers side of the family. I have tried to explain my views towards blacks with my mother, and can never get the point across, blacks at least full blooded blacks and even half and half, are not intellectually, and moral equivalent to whites. I support the white movement, I understand what must be done to take the nation from the edge of abyss, back to that city upon a hill, genocide and/or ethnic cleansing to say the least, I have chosen our people over allegiance to this corrupt dictatorial government. But I wonder if I have a place in this nation, the nation white nationalist want to create.

6:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Curtis Vance, the murderer of blond Little Rock anchor woman Anne Pressley, only got life in prison. They had to store him in a county jail as the jail of choice, in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, was already chock full of Niggers. That says a lot about multiracial democracy!

8:41 PM  

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