Friday, November 13, 2009

Liberals Proclaim "End of White Flight"

Looks like we've finally achieved the wonderful integrated world of Bill Cosby. How do we know? Why, the mighty Wall Street Journal says so! And we all know that the Wall Street Journal (owned by neocon media mogul Rupert Murdoch) would never lie, now would they?

The Journal informs us breathlessly: "Decades of white flight transformed America's cities. That era is drawing to a close. In Washington, a historically black church is trying to attract white members to survive. Atlanta's next mayoral race is expected to feature the first competitive white candidate since the 1980s. San Francisco has lost so many African-Americans that Mayor Gavin Newsom created an African-American Out-Migration Task Force and Advisory Committee to help retain black residents.

"For much of the 20th century, the proportion of whites shrank in most U.S. cities. In recent years the decline has slowed considerably -- and in some significant cases has reversed. Between 2000 and 2006, eight of the 50 largest cities, including Boston, Seattle and San Francisco, saw the proportion of whites increase, according to Census figures. The previous decade, only three cities saw increases."

"The changing racial mix is stirring up quarrels over class and culture. Beloved institutions in traditionally black communities -- minority-owned restaurants, book stores -- are losing the customers who supported them for decades. As neighborhoods grow more multicultural, conflicts over home prices, taxes and education are opening a new chapter in American race relations."

Aha! So what we're talking about here is what is known as "gentrification."

Rich white yuppies and faggots are getting tired of the long commutes (not to mention the stratospheric gas prices.) They are using their still massive amounts of disposable income to buy up inner-city fixer-uppers, get them into shape and fortify them with heavy steel doors, security alarms, and private goon squads, and slowly push the indigenous non-white tribes out.

Rather like the original colonization of America, only instead of exterminating these indigenes, the yuppies are simply pushing them out into the suburbs where they will victimize the less affluent whites. You know, normal people who got stuck about forty miles out from downtown when gas hit $5.00 per gallon, and then Obama got in and all of a sudden they had no more jobs and it didn't matter they couldn't get to work.

Since we're playing with racial demographics, let's think about this. Statistically speaking, what else started in the 1990s? The massive influx of illegal immigrants, mostly of the brown rather than the black variety, with a corresponding drop in the statistical percentage of negroes.

The Journal sez, "Demographic readjustments can take decades to play out. But if current trends continue, Washington and Atlanta (both with black majorities) will in the next decade see African-Americans fall below 50% for the first time in about a half-century."

Maybe. But they will not be replaced by nice white two-income yuppie couples with one pretty little child each and two $100,000 jobs between them. Those are a dying breed. In a few more years of the Obama Depression, both Mommy and Daddy are going to be wrestling with Juan Mendez in front of the local Burger King for a chance to flip burgers at $6.00 an hour, and losing the fight.

No, they are being replaced by masses of spics who will eventually overrun both black and white, while the cubicle jobs will be taken by illegal immigrant "engineers" and "professionals" from Asia and the Indian subcontinent called macacas, or else they'll simply outsourced directly to Taiwan or Indonesia.

Do not be fooled by the slow creation of what amount to fortified areas protecting the last of the white upper classes. This is the last gasp of a dying world order as the world slowly turns the color of sludge.

Always remember: there's no white in the rainbow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

However the only mist, is white mist. And the Northlands of the PNW is filled with it, so our "soul" resides there already. Just a metaphor... for now.



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