Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Get A Lot Of These, Part Deux

[And here's another one...]

Hello Sir:

In a recent article on The Occidental Quarterly website entitled "Birth of a Nation" by Greg Johnson, Mr. Johnson recommends reading A Mighty Fortress prior to the other books of the Northwest Republic series.

I took his advice and I am presently about 3/4 of the way through the book. It has been many years since I have picked up a novel which had so engaged my interest that I literally could not put it down, but this one has me firmly in its grip.

The other three books of the series have been ordered from Amazon (frankly speaking, I am astonished that the Jews who run that company have allowed Amazon to sell and distribute these novels, but I am glad that these books have escaped their attention thus far) and are in transit to me now. I am looking forward to receiving and reading those volumes especially since a solution to the problems that face white European-Americans is addressed within their pages, something that I have not witnessed elsewhere.

For the most part, I have over the years only seen others complain about our situation, but none have addressed the problems with even a hint of what, if any, action might be taken to solve our problems as a race of people faced with extinction. You can be proud to have written such engaging fiction which, as I for one see it, has at least the possibility of being transmuted to reality providing that whites can acquire at least some of the only positive trait that their enemy has; intense racial cohesiveness.

By the way, I had to smile a little when I took note of the "significant date" mentioned several times in " A mighty Fortress". I was born in [redacted]; on 10/22 of course!

I wish you good fortune with the sales of your novels, and I sincerely hope that they become the smashing success among our people that they deserve to be.


-C. G. N.



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