Friday, November 20, 2009

Heretical Two Appeal

I went to see Simon Sheppard last Monday in Armley prison - he is much more cheerful, as conditions in prison have eased and he is able to receive books etc and is optimistic about his appeal.

The legal proceedings will take place next next Thursday and Friday at the High court in the Strand, London before three judges who will review the Heretical Two's convictions for internet publishing. Simon was not allowed to appeal against publishing of printed material such as The Sheeple. He should get his sentence reduced a few months, but I can't see them overturning the guilty verdict.

There should be grounds for going to the Supreme court (House of Lords court with nine judges under a new name) to attempt to determine where the outer limits of British jurisdiction lie. There is currently a case before this court - the Jewish Free School appeal which may be of interest, as ultra-orthodox Jews have got snared with race Laws promoted by other more 'liberal', or should that be illiberal, Jews:-

The decision in this case has been 'held over' - delayed as the whole business is embarrassing for them.

Simon would like to thank you for you support when he was in Santa Anna. I don't think other nationalist groups were of any help which is disappointing, apart from a few isolated supporters.

The BNP is now rapidly evolving into a non-racial nationalist party at the first signs of real pressure - the civil action to force the party to take blacks and coloureds combined with a bit of success which has gone to Griffin's head.


[Name redacted]

[I am a little bit leery of publishing the names of British and Canadian comrades since they risk lengthy prison sentences by even being in contact with this site. - HAC]


Anonymous mondo said...

Didn't know these guys were in California. I will have to look into that.

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