Friday, November 27, 2009

HAC Glenn Beck Interview

Regarding a proposed (purely hypothetical, of course) interview with Glenn Beck either on his radio program or on TV, I would have to decline, for the following reasons:

1) If Beck wants to lure me into a Phil Donahue-style "ambush" and publicly berate and rag on the wicked evil neo-Nazi racist, and jabber about how un-Amurrican racism is, and all that crap, in order to try and dilute some of the horse shit people like Ariana Huffington and that asshole on MSBNC are throwing at him now--then obviously I would not allow that. I would also strongly advise any other White Nationalist personality like Don Black or anyone like that to decline to be used in this manner.

2) If the offer is/was sincere, then although I have some problems with Beck, especially his Israel-worship and his constant drumbeat for war with Iran, I do have enough respect for what he is doing now not to let him shoot himself in the foot by any public association with me or with the Northwest Migration. The enemy of my enemy is my friend--well, sort of.

I honestly don't know why Beck would invite me onto his show. I can't see what he thinks he'll gain. Maybe to cover his exposed left flank like I said, such as he has one, or maybe because he has just gotten so sick of the genuine hatemongering directed against him by the Huffington Post and Salon crowds that he decided to flip them the bird using me as the middle finger.

Anyway, if any such invitation ever were issued, which I categorically deny, I would decline for the above stated reasons.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe that Beck and others are engaging in politically correct butt-kissing as a means of survival. I think most of us do it to some degree just so we can feed and house our families. I will welcome Beck and others when they Come Home after realizing that the Northwest is our life raft.

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wouldn't advise it either. He's still stinging from his "white culture" faux-pas with whats-her-horseface and talking to you might be his way to get back into ZOG's good graces. You know, "See! I'm not an evil white guy! look! I'm dumping on this bad bad bad evil man!"

12:20 PM  

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