Sunday, November 15, 2009

Greetings From Old Blighty

Hello Mr Covington (and anyone else),

I don't know for certain which e-mail address is current, so I'll send this to both.

I'd like to ask for one of your information packs.

Prior to discovering your site a month or two ago, I had no idea there was such a thing as a White Separatist Movement. I've since read most of your on-line books, plus White Power, and am currently reading Mein Kampf. I was already aware of the lies of the self-chosen, but I realise I still have a lot to learn, that literally every word we are told as "history" is the exact opposite of the truth. Until very recently, though having made a few concessions for his good works, I had still believed Mr Hitler (I use the title now as a sign of respect) to have been a deluded, if not a positively evil, tyrant. Now I'm determined to learn the whole truth. Already I'm discovering that National Socialism seems a far better system than the one we're currently under.

Obviously the holy hoax is a complete fabrication, as just a cursory examination must reveal once our eyes are opened to the possibility, and also to the Kol Nidre and the kikes' use of the Big Lie. What a pity nobody is allowed to suggest that ZOG may be a habitual liar in these days of "thought-crime" laws where the occupation government is even considering "face-crime" legislation as an "anti-terrorist" measure that can be used against literally anyone they dislike.

Having heard only one side of the holy hoax story prior to the internet, I was shocked a couple of decades ago when I first learned that there were people who claimed the gassing of Jews never happened, and still I didn't think there was any need to investigate for myself. It was a "proven historical fact". How could anyone not believe it? That's how deep the brainwashing goes. People who have only ever heard the kikes' version don't even think that there could be another side to the story.

When I started reading The Brigade, I first thought you'd projected the story a few years into the future, but then I stopped and thought about it. With the possible exception of things like the Dershowitz needles, the situation you describe is pretty much what we Whites are already having to endure. We are rapidly approaching that 11th hour, 59th minute and 59th second.

We've had "thought-crime" legislation here for some time. If a queer (bugger-boy or dyke) says there was anything at all about me that made him/her/it "feel uncomfortable", I can be locked up after a show trial in which ZOG has publicly stated "truth is no defence", and those government-sponsored perverts will do anything to destroy normal people's lives for no reason whatsoever.

Blacks and muds have similar protection, except when it suits ZOG to create racial tensions, and we're not even allowed to know the details of the laws protecting Yehudi beyond the fact that such laws exist, but mainly it's queers that have been given the real power over the normal majority.

I do believe our people will wake up just in time, but not before that last second of the last minute of the 11th hour. Nearly everyone I talk to (which isn't many now that I can't walk more than a few yards) is aware not just that "something" is wrong, but that the Jews are behind it all. It's surprising just how aware people are, and once that needed trigger event happens (as in 10/22), we'll be ready to do whatever we can despite the fact that only criminals are allowed to own guns, and there can be little doubt that those guns are supplied by ZOG.

The people of my county (Sussex in the South-East of England) are known nationwide for our stubbornness, and when the time comes we'll be there. It could even be that the revolution will start here. Only last year I was reminded of our true nature. The story isn't directly relevant to the cause, but it's a good example of how we all individually do the right thing without needing to be told, a perfect example of leaderless resistance.

It all started when the local council decided to charge for an annual event which had previously been free. The charge wasn't excessive, but we objected on principle and spontaneously ignored the event. The council lost a lot of money, so this summer it was free again, but they hadn't given up completely. They tried another trick, and I can safely predict that next year they will again lose a lot of money. After that, they'll either cancel the event entirely or stop playing silly buggers.

Nobody told us what to do. We just individually stayed away because it was the right thing to do. We country people are often denigrated as "yokels", but we're not as thick as outsiders like to think.

If we can show that degree of resistance over an air show, imagine what we'll do once the trigger event arrives. It could even be that we'll all spontaneously rise up on the same day for no apparent reason. We're like that. We put up with a lot over the years, and suddenly we'll decide we've had enough, and then God help ZOG!

A thought concerning the different names used by and about ZOG. Their agents use an assortment of names to draw attention away from the word Jew. It's not the Jews, it's the Zionists, the Communists, the Liberals, the (whatever), anything but the Jews, and we continually hear about "good" Jews, something that doesn't seem to exist in any real form. Every Jew throughout the world, "good" or "bad", will scream "anti-semite" in defence of one of their number caught in an illegal, unlawful or immoral act.

(Actually I prefer the term "anti-septic" for obvious reasons.)

There are no "good" Jews and neither are there any "Christian" (or other non-Jewish) Zionists. If it acts like a Jew and furthers the Jewish cause in any way, it is a Jew as far as I'm concerned.

That may appear to contradict what I say on my website, but we do have to use a lot of "Teflon" here in ZOG-infested Britain if we're to avoid those Dershowitz needles.

The revolution will come, and when it does we'll destroy the Jews' main weapon against us, the power of usury, but if we could find some way of bypassing their worthless paper there would be far less of our blood spilled when the time comes. I've tried to come up with a solution, and I'm sure there is one, but it's probably so simple that I'm overlooking it.

Time's getting on. Soon I'll have to start packing for my usual weekend away, so I'll send this now and check for a reply on Monday or Tuesday.

All the best,


(Name redacted. It should be pointed out that in the U.K. this comrade could be sentenced to up to seven years in prison for merely sending the above e-mail.)


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