Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Foulest Deed of All

This morning I heard some nigger pundit on CNN praise Obama to the skies, saying that we have a great black president. I wanted to throw a boot at his ass-ugly face on my screen. The gall of that ape! But we all know that if CNN told us dogs bite, we'd have to go kick a dog to check. CNN is one of the worst offenders as far as lying non-stop and promoting leftist evil. Their programs are textbook communist propaganda.

For those of us that studied the rise of communists and their tactics all over the world, we know they lie continually to advance their goals. Because no sane person wants a communist nation. So the communists simply start a campaign of lies, demonizing all enemies of the Left so the public will turn against their own allies and protectors. This tactic has been used over and over again throughout history, and it's being used on us as I speak.

Communism was never meant to be a viable form of government. Oh sure, it sounds like a good idea when you read Marx's Communist Manifesto, but that's only what you see on the surface. That's exactly what Marx and Engels (the two Jews who created it) planned all along.

Like all Jewish plans, it's truly insidious. In real life communism is a failure-proof recipe for destroying a culture and nation, and for eliminating all personal freedoms. The Jews had been working on this concept for a very long time before Marx finally put it together. The Jews had for centuries been researching to find an efficient way to destroy all non-Jew nations and peoples. And considering all the untold millions of dead, dying, and suffering this world has seen thanks to these two kikes, I'd have to say it was a resounding success.

Even now, after the fall of most communist nations and the fact that even Red China is backing away from it in favor of capitalism, the Left is working feverishly to install communism right here in the States.

There's one thing all people need to understand to the bone about communism; It's as close as you can get to genuine demon possession in this world. For once a person catches the communist bug, they become fanatical to the point of insanity, much like a crazed jihadist. We've all seen foaming at the mouth liberals going into a fit of zealous rage whenever someone dares to resist their fanatical beliefs.

This is quite common and to be expected. I've talked personally to liberal/communists about that very thing, and what they told me made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. "I'm elevated to a plane of spiritual ecstasy!" said one, while another said, "The more I learned about it, the more I felt myself under the grip of an overwhelming power..I liked it."

These are terrifying words because they sound exactly like the words of Moonies, the followers of Sung Yung Moon, a Korean con artist that used sleep deprivation, interrogation and brainwashing techniques to create an army of obedient, fanatical slaves that would then sign over all their worldly assets to this evil chink, and would even steal their parent's retirement money and give that to him as well...under orders. Moon is one of the most evil men in history. Somebody should have put a bullet in his brain decades ago. Like all creeps, no matter how rich he got, he always wanted more.

Communism has a power, the power to enslave minds and nations. There is something buried deep within the human psyche that makes us lean toward self-destruction. I truly believe this is why people so willingly accept a philosophy that can only lead to the abyss. If you doubt communism's power over people, just try to convert one away from it. You'll be attacked ruthlessly on every level.

This is why liberals are so nutty about their political beliefs. Liberalism is communism. It's just hiding under another banner to aid its goal of conquering the country. Here in America, most of us were raised to despise communism, and we had a working knowledge of their insidious promotional tactics. Not any more. Over the past two generations communist liberals have removed all negative teachings about communism and replaced them with anti-American propaganda. The things I've read in modern textbooks would make the average American go postal. Yet these are the same bastards who now have direct control over what our children are taught every day.

Communist socialism is the goal of every last liberal in the House. All the Republican politicians know this, as well as the more educated among us. But the rest of the public just sees an opposing party with slightly different views and ideas of how this country should be run. They don't realize that these people are enemies of the union and are actively and aggressively working to destroy it, one bill at a time.

It all boils back down to the Jews...again. Like Hitler said, "...behind every social ill you will find a Jewish maggot." Communism was invented to destroy nations, not to replace their governments with something more viable. It's the perfect political mousetrap. Because once you've accepted it, you can't go back. All power is permanently shifted to an elite group of ruthless, greedy men who will gladly kill you and most
of the nation to retain control.

The foulest deed of all is replacing a nation's freedom with this evil travesty of government. Just another Jewish plot to destroy us all. I've talked about revolution for years, and now the possibility of it actually happening is a reality. This also presents a unique danger to us all. That's because communism is like cancer; it's an opportunistic disease. If a society is weak or in the middle of a political upheaval, communists invariably use this period of weakness to force-install their brand of government.

Obama and his henchmen are in the final stages of preparing for a coup that will do exactly that. We have nobody but ourselves to blame for not getting tough on these evil fanatics decades ago. Better late than never. Just remember that while you're pondering actually doing something about this menace, our enemies are continually working on the minds and hearts of our precious children. We can't wait any longer to stop them. We dare not wait.

-Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heck, I've been calling CNN the "Commie News Network" since it first appeared back in the '80s!

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just for fun ...

Someone snapped a photo of a woman in a NS sweatshirt at a California WalMart, and Red Leftists went apeshit (going as far as claiming that the woman was shopping with two ghetto niggers who were also in the store at the same time, but several feet away from her) advocating "limits on Free Speech" or that niggers "lie in wait and ambush her in the parking lot" etc. Several anti-communist commenters have been giving the commies quite a run for their money, though. I thought some of you might want to chime in or click the "thumbs up" icons on some of the "kiss my White ass" posts. Here's the url.

8:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That picture is ridiculous, yet classic. I wonder if that lady wears that sweatshirt regularly.

11:48 PM  

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