Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jeff Hughes' Facebook

Those of you who want to see Jeff Hughes's work need to go to

now. There are two videos by Jeff on there that especially need to be downloaded and preserved. I noticed that the main page is already showing "page not found." This looks suspicious to me. Everybody needs to look at this and grab what they can off it before the rest of it mysteriously disappears.



Anonymous brian boru said...

White people have a difficult time understanding that the system is really lethal to their wellbeing; that it is out to get them if they show any independence of mind or action. Remember, nothing has ever happened to the criminals in charge who have done so much harm to so many white people over the last fifty years. How many of the pig goons who murdered the Weavers have actually been punished? What about the mass burning of the women and children at Waco? Has any of the criminals responsible for that, from the Clintons on down, done a single day in prison? Of course not! White people can be slaughtered at will because the system doesn't fear them and has bottomless contempt for them. The kikes and their puppets have gotten completely away with all the vast crimes of murder, torture and theft that they have committed over the last century. They will murder anyone from presidents down to the simplest worker because there are no consequences. Lazar Kaganovitch died in his bed aged 98 despite being directly responsible for the death of some 20 million people. Why should the jew and his minions change their ways? Only when white men kill them will they stop. All the argument, reasoning and pleading in the world is a waste of time. The jew will just sneer and continue its work of extermination.

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The newest version of RealPlayer let me download them. I'm still experimenting with converting it to a format other than RP's proprietary format.

RIP Jeff Hughes

Dave 10252009 / 1843

6:42 PM  
Blogger . said...

The page is gone I think. I can not find it now.

I did see it the day I learned of the murder during a talkshow program in a chatroom.

Will anybody be reposting Jeff Hughes' work maybe on a blogsite?
Maybe a blogsite strictly for that for a historical record?

12:33 AM  

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