Thursday, October 29, 2009

Southern "Poverty" Law Center

[From the Council of Conservative Citizens.]

When you’ve built an empire worth hundreds of millions under the guise of “fighting racism,” you have to keep finding more racists to keep the donations coming in.

Of course the Southern Poverty (not theirs) Law Center spends very little time and money representing poor people. It only takes a few cases a year. Most of the money either goes to pay outlandish salaries and bonuses, or it is added to the $150 million and growing “endowment.” An endowment that never actually funds anything, and is referred to by critics as the “Morris Dees retirement fund.”

The SPLC has been denounced by both the right and the left as a con game. Harper’s Magazine dubbed it little more than a fundraiser hustle, calling it the “Church of Morris Dees.”

More and more the SPLC has to brand ordinary middle class Americans as hard-core “racists” to justify its existence and fundraiser letters. Recent additions to the list of hatemongers have been traditional Catholics, Pentecostal tent revivals, the American Legion, the makers of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, and others.

Yet still new enemies must be found for new SPLC fund-raising letters. The latest addition to the list includes:

*People who are defending Rush Limbaugh concerning the NFL deal.

*Radio talk show Host Michael Savage, whom the SPLC calls a “hate radio host.”

*An online risk-style video game, called United States of Earth, which portrays Obama as a bad guy.

*Military and police who say they will disobey orders to disarm American citizens

*Dutch EU Parliament member (whose party received 27% of the vote), Geert Wilders.

*Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz. for inviting Geert Wilders to the US.

*Craig Bodecker for making a documentary exposing the left-wing “racism” hustle.

*People who gave positive reviews for Craig Bodecker’s film.

Of course the #1 group that the SPLC loves to hate, is the Council of Conservative Citizens. They have attacked us in every single issue of their free fund-raising magazine for the last ten years!


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