Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Sickest Fixation

Just the other day I saw a Jew inspired comedy sketch where to white boys built a nigger robot, replete with 70's jungle bunny Afro. When they turned it on for the first time, the first words out of its mouth were, "Where de' white wimmins?"

It was supposed to be funny. Instead it enraged me. Later, I skimmed by "The Price Is Right" where some bald and exceedingly fat and ugly nigger had won a new car. There was a beautiful blonde model sitting in it for show. The first words out of the buck's mouth were, "Do de' white wimmin come wit' de ride?" The audience thought it was a riot. I almost trashed my TV.

The same day I saw several disgusting ads put out by the USA network, promoting the "joys of diversity." It starts out with a ho spouting how she's against racism. Well duuuh! Niggers hate anything that makes them pay a price for their behavior. We're supposed to just ignore their evil and smile. The next speaker was a hook-nosed kike. He hates racism too, and any discrimination of faggots and other perverts. I'm supposed to be surprised by this? Criminy... A whole raft of assorted muds went on parade, speaking about the evils of racism. There was only one white among their ranks. It's getting harder and harder for liberals to find whites that agree with their propaganda.

A regular coon-o-rama has been pounded at the public the past four months in an attempt to counter the rising tide of anti-mud sentiment growing in this country. The regime, their bootlicks and also their army of brain-dead liberals are all feeling the heat, and they're now running scared. And when a lowlife gets scared, he gets vicious. This breed of maggot will stoop to absolutely anything to achieve his goals or protect his worthless ass. My late father had a saying that's proven true down through the years; "The lower the form of life, the more concerned it is about it's own ass."

Nothing will fight more desperately to survive than your average cockroach or rat. People follow this same law. A lowlife will sacrifice anything and anyone to save his own hide, even a loved one. I once saw a buck shield himself from the cops' bullets with his own year-old niglet. Before that, he was swinging from the balcony by one arm like a chimp, and dangling the niglet upside-down by one foot as he oogaboogahed and beat his chest at the police. Liberals and Jews are no different than this piece of dog shit. We can expect some pretty outrageous crap from these creeps very soon.

Everywhere we turn now, we are bombarded with pro-mud propaganda. The enemy still clings to the old tactics of lying long and loud, believing it will eventually change the thinking of an enraged white public. Well, it used to work, but there comes a point when the evil these freaks commit far outweighs any amount of propaganda trying to counter it.

And the single most enraging thing that blacks and other breeds of mud do is chase after our women. As much as it pains me to admit it, the majority of our women are as stupid as a day old goose. Silly, emotional, spoiled, and extremely gullible. Liberal propaganda works on our women with far more effect than it does the men..and the enemy knows it.
That's why most of their crap is aimed directly at them. The extreme majority of interracial breeding takes place with black bucks and white blondes. White men have better sense..and better taste than to even consider breeding, let alone even dating some skanky-assed nigger mammie.

Every honest essay I've read from the scientific community states that black males, even as young as 10, have a literal obsession with our women. This fact doesn't go down well with the hos', but there's not a lot they can do about it..or as one coon said to me, "Man, you ebba seen one o' our wimmins? Dey be some nasty, ugly-assed bitches! An' dey stink too!" He was dead right about everything he said, but that doesn't give that ape the right to go after our women.

In the old days, before Kennedy and the kikes instituted dey "cibo raahts," we used to castrate any nigger we caught even sniffing around one of our women. Second offence was a dirt nap. We need, we must return to those days if we're to survive as a race. We all must keep in mind that our enemies want us extinct. That's the real reason they passed the Civil Rights Act of 1966; the day America got a death sentence.

That evil bill gave bucks free license to start chasing our women. And ever since then rapes have skyrocketed and stayed there. Fortunately, there are still a great many white women that hate blacks and other muds, and refuse to even date them. This enrages the spoiled niggers in this country, and they immediately start screaming racism! when some white chick tells them to get lost.

Blacks get uppity very, very easily, becoming a royal pain in the ass at the first excuse. But her rejection doesn't seem to make much difference to a nigger, who'll simply rape her if she says no. And he usually gets away with it too. All convicted black rapists should be quickly and quietly taken out behind the courthouse right after sentencing and shot. No lengthy, multi-million-dollar appeals, no years of feeding and housing the murderous chimp while politicians milk the case for all the political clout its worth.

We should treat them exactly the way the Russians do. They have a room behind their courthouses, where they've poured a concrete floor that's identical in design to a butcher shop. The entire smooth concrete floor gently tapers to the center of the room, where a large round brass drain grate is installed.

They march the convicted rapist into this room. He has no idea what's about to take place. They've told him that they're transferring him to another cell. Not snapping to what's happening, he looks with confusion at the large grate in the floor. Then his eyes start to widen as the realization of what it's for finally hits him. But before panic can register in his brain, one of the guards puts a bullet in the back of his head. He falls face-first on the drain and neatly bleeds out with no mess, no fuss. The soldier holsters his weapon and they leave the room. The body will be picked up and cremated later in the day.

Russia doesn't have the rape problem we have, because the niggers and other muds know that justice is swift and merciless, and they're terrified of the Russian court system. This is exactly what it takes to get these maggots under control: fear. Blacks and wetbacks and other muds fear damned little here. In fact, going to prison is considered a badge of honor, a finishing school for the up and coming criminal. After all, they get "a punk, a bunk and three squares" they so love to phrase it.

Muds get the royal treatment in prison, or else the special interest groups created for these miscreants will gleefully sue the crap out of the state, the government, and any government employee they can find. They get three full and fabulous meals a day; stuff you and I can't afford, plus free snacks. They have air-conditioning, cable TV, central heat, full medical and dental, arts and crafts, schools, church, recreation time, and a whole host of other things that make them seem more like country clubs than prisons.

And as far as sex goes, they simply go punk out a young and vulnerable white kid. These are the lowest of the low, the filth of humanity, and soon most of them will be released back onto a defenseless society, which the liberals are trying like all hell to disarm at a time when the cops can no longer protect the public. This is insane and it's evil. We need to emulate Russia.

As I've said before, blacks have only one basic agenda, and that's to breed our women. It's the sickest fixation niggers have, and brother, they've got plenty. They want to destroy whitey by breeding him into a population of mulattos. Malcom-X flat-out said so in a public address in Berkeley in 1966.

Incidentally, he was a Muslim; just like Obama, who's a black Muslim communist radical. Ole' Malcomb said that he wanted all blacks to breed our women to "get even with those white devils" for if we ever enslaved any of them.

Only a tiny, tiny handful of rich land owners ever owned slaves. The common man could no more afford to buy a slave that you can afford to by a Ferrari. The cost was astronomical. But like all niggers, he had to create an excuse for his bad behavior. Niggers are incapable of accepting responsibility for their actions. That's an advanced, higher trait, reserved for those a million years further down the evolutionary tree. The average buck isn't thinking about any lofty political goals when he's out chasing our women; he's simply thinking about screwing one of them. That's all. Total bestiality.

I can't stress hard enough to you, my fellow whites, just how vital it is for you to sit down every young white girl you can find and explain to her the facts of life about niggers and muds and how they'll lie like dogs to get in her pants.

I still remember listening to two drunken niggers talking in a nightclub some years back. They were crowing to each other about their exploits with our women. They were surrounded by half-a-dozen other monkoids who hooted and knocked fists every time one of them said something half-way intelligible. It was like listening to a grunt-off at the gorilla cage. I'll never forget some of the crap those two rubber-lipped chimps said to each other. If they hadn't been smothered in allies, I'd have happily shut them up.permanently. One says, "Man, all you gotts ta do iz tell dem crackah bitches dats you loves dem, an' dey'll do anyting' youz says fo' her to dooz! Yazzuuhh!"

A bunch of the jigaboos laughed and knocked fists at those words. "Yea, but aah jes' be sweet to dem, you know? I tellem' all kinda bullshit bout' how pretty dey be, an' how I gonna be dey man fo-ebba an' all dat jive, an' as soon as dat ho be knocked up, I take off and go finds me a new bitch!" With that the coons exploded in laughter and Hi-5's all around.

I gritted my teeth violently. But these pricks are standard for Coonus Americanus, or the Domestic American Yellow Bellied Ho Humper.

Our women need to be re-educated at as early an age as possible. Because the longer the NEA run schools have had to twist their thinking, the harder it's going to be to reach them. But doing this is just as important as any other aspect of the war against evil going on in this country. Remember that.

Do your level best to make a real dent in their agenda. If you really want to straighten out their thinking, solicit some help from the chatrooms. Ask to talk to women that have been the victims of Coonus Americanus. I think you'll find that there's an abundance of females out there that are more than willing to vent their anger about how they were suckered by liberal propaganda that teaches that niggers are just as honorable as whites. You can then refer whoever you're talking to, to these women.

That alone should do the trick. For no matter how well meaning you may be, or how much fact you have on your side, a woman usually only listens to another woman.

Exposing these evil apes for who and what they are can, and will prevent most of their conquests of our naive' young girls. Because once she's saddled with a squalling niglet, her life is over.

You can save her from that. If the Fates bless our efforts and we take back this nation, there will be a day of reckoning for niggers, muds, and all the corrupt bastards that set them loose on us. We'll have a lot of new concrete flooring to pour...

-The Lone Haranguer


Blogger Ray Seltz said...

Do we have to read the only going exploits of The Lone Haranguer's extensive experience with blacks and reports of watching television? We need to get him out of south central LA and up to the Northwest- NOW!

1:58 PM  
Blogger The Old Man said...

Ray, I keep trying to convince him, but he's one of these older people who still feel that somehow, it's possible to get it all back at once, somehow.

By the way, if memory serves, you never sent me your own postal address so I could send you your intro pack and begin the process of bringing you into the Party. Remind me, what part of the Northwest Homeland do YOU live in, again?


3:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At the very least, LH should trash his TV. Who can withstand that constant assault on the senses?!

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"At the very least, LH should trash his TV. Who can withstand that constant assault on the senses?!"

Better still, just unplug the "Antenna" and definitely Cancel any subscriptions to "Cable" / "Satellite" programming feeds! An RF Modulator paired with a DVD Player for playback of truly informative of just lightly-entertaining pre-recorded media is the way to go. Keep a rooftop or indoor antenna available to allow periodically tracking the enemy's Propaganda (bowel) movements in order to recognize the stench of the latest pile of shit which will need to be fumigated away from the noses of vulnerible Whites (especially women) and to formulate effective fumigants for each. Do NOT view an excessive amount of that filth, however. The vomiting that an overdose of media filth causes would only waste essential energy.


10:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blacks are incapable of any sort of commitment or family values. Hell, even their _own_ people like Cosby have tried to lecture their own kind to stay at home and be fathers to their children. The concept is fully alien to most blacks so they took no notice of that.

2:23 PM  
Blogger Holthoff said...

"All America is becoming one vast insane asylum."...Ezra Pound.

8:52 PM  
Blogger alan B'Stard M P said...

what about thee white gals that want to screw blacks. They seem to chase the blacks

5:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

television has commercialized blacks like m098Tv and so on. blacks are needed in tV because without them it would be all white not that there's anything wrong with see the gorillas in the mist as secret service agents bar bouncer body guards and so on it is insane.

3:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:13 PM  

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