Friday, October 16, 2009

The Politics of Child Rape

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on a front-page news story in today’s New York Times on the problem of child sexual abuse:

Reporter Paul Vitello shows the shocking extent of child sexual abuse in Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community. He details the cover-ups that have long been aided and abetted by law enforcement.

Where have all the church-and-state separation advocates been all these years when Orthodox rabbis were allowed by the D.A.’s office to settle these cases “internally?” Where have all the professional victims’ groups been in staging protests outside synagogues? Where have all the sue-happy lawyers been, seeking to plunder the Orthodox Jews? Where have all the comedians and late-night entertainers been in cracking jokes about rabbis raping kids?

It’s not just Orthodox Jews who have been given a pass: no group has gotten away easier than public school employees. Consider this: Because public school students have only 90 days to file suit, it is already too late to prosecute a teacher in —who molested a minor as recently as last spring. But if the offense took place in a Catholic school, the student has years to file suit. Not only that, teacher molesters are still shuffled from one school district to another.

Orthodox Jews try cases of child rape in their own secret rabbinical courts. Imagine if the Catholic Church failed to report abuse cases to the authorities and decided instead to institute its own ecclesiastical courts? Today’s article quotes a Jewish attorney urging law enforcement to recognize “religious sensitivities” for the guilty by seeking alternatives to prison. Allow a Catholic attorney to advise the same thing and it’s called corruption.

Last year, 40 minors in a small Jewish community claimed they were abused. Last year, there were 10 such allegations in the entire Catholic Church in all 50 states. Catholics are fed up with the duplicity. It’s not just Roman Polanski who can rape and run with impunity these days. The politics of child rape is sickening.

Susan A. Fani
Director of Communications
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
New York, NY 10123
212-371-3394 (fax)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Y'all notice that Ann Coulter was going around, saying just anything about anyone. Then one day she made a comment that Jews needed to be "perfected." I've never seen her in the news since. I guess she still appears from time to time on Fox but even then very rarely. I knew the moment I heard she dared to make an attack on the Jews that she was doomed. If I came back tomorrow and found this blog gone, I know why. You can say all you want about anyone, the blacks, the mexicans, the japs, but say something against the Jews and ZOG'll come down on you heavier than a ton of bricks. Its really chilling and terrifying.

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Anonymous brian boru said...

Since they consider themselves as the only humans and all the rest of us as only vermin in human form they see no problem with having one set of completely flexible rules for themselves and another set of rigid rules for us. The problem for most people is getting to understand the true nature of these psychotic parasites. Among whites there is the belief that most people are born basically good, despite the evidence to the contrary. There are plenty people out there who are rotton to the core before they even draw their first breath. It is in their genes, and it is in the genes of the kikes with special intensity. Hence the vast litany of crime that this race of vampires is guilty of over the millenia. Unless there is a Final Solution to the Jew problem there will never be any upward evolutionary progress for humanity.

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