Monday, October 12, 2009

Operation Hopeful Eagle

[I first ran this piece on September 8th. Due to certain recent events, I think I need to re-post it.]

Apparently the FBI's latest project to try and imprison White Nationalist dissidents on fabricated "terrorism" charges is called "Operation Hopeful Eagle."

The two most prominent arrests coming out of Operation Hopeful Eagle thus far are internet commentators Bill White and Hal Turner. Ironically, Turner himself has confessed in open court to being an FBI informant for the past six or seven years, and his attorney is now attempting to subpoena Turner's FBI handler and force him to testify, so far without success.

One woman has reported to me that a stranger showed up at her home and tried to talk to her husband about "building bombs." She and her husband ran the asshole off.

I myself have noticed an increase in odd e-mail messages and in dubious strangers trying to get my phone number, because they just absolutely must talk to me personally, no one else will do. One can usually guess what they want to talk about from the context.

I've said it before, and I will say it again: my Northwest novels are fiction and will not become reality until conditions on the continent become significantly different than they are now. A few simple rules for survival that no one with the intelligence of grapes should have any difficulty in following:

*Do not discuss illegal activity with anyone, even in the privacy of your own home or car. Under the Patriot Act our friends in the silk suits don't need informers as much as they did. They can now electronically bug anywhere they want, without a warrant and without any legal oversight.

*Do not discuss illegal activity even in jest. Always remember, White Nationalists are not allowed a sense of humor. You will be facing a jury full of niggers and liberals who are notoriously humorless where any threat to the status quo or The One is concerned.

*Beware of strangers who try to force their way into your circle and who persist in talking about illegal activity, or who constantly hint at it.

*The most common way of inserting informers into a group is for the FBI or cops to get some kind of legal hold over one member, some bullshit charge they can hold over his head, and either flip him, or more commonly get him to vouch for an actual undercover agent that no one's ever met before, who just turns up at his side one day. Always run at least some kind of rudimentary background check on new associates, even if it's only on the internet. (You should all teach yourselves how to perform such checks.)

*Never allow anyone, especially a stranger, to persuade you to "hold something" for him. The most common strategem in the past few years, one federal law enforcement uses to frame Arabs and Muslims in order to create terrorist paranoia and justify their budgets, is to get poor old Apu from down at the Quickie Mart to "hold" some apparently harmless household chemicals and solvents in his garage, and then raid the place. The commercial chemicals or bags of fertilizer then become "bomb-making materials," i.e. physical evidence of the non-existent conspiracy that the federal informant has fabricated.

*Never allow anyone to display or persuade you to touch or handle any firearms which are in any way illegal, and certainly do not allow anyone to sell you such weapons. Remember Randy Weaver and his fatal shotgun that was one inch shorter than the legal length, peddled by an undercover agent.

*Have nothing at all to do with explosives in any way, shape, or form.

*NOW HEAR THIS: I do not and will not authorize any kind of illegal activity on the part of any member or associate of the Northwest Front. This is not a nudge-nudge-wink-wink of-course-Harold's-gotta-say-this-in-public-but-we-know-what-he-really-means kind of situation. I am dead serious. No illegal activity.

Why not? Because right now we cannot win. We don't have that necessary bare minimum 50-50 chance of victory and won't for a long time. We still have to do the basic groundwork we should have done 50 years ago. We have to build a genuine revolutionary movement, not a Monty Python People's Front of Judea-type death squad.

If anyone comes to you and claims to be speaking for me, or authorized by me, and advocating illegal activity or trying to draw you into hinky deals with guns or explosives, they are lying and that person is a cop. Flee from them as from a thing unclean.

I mean it people. Use your heads for something besides hatracks. Don't do it and don't let others babble away about it in your presence. The Asheville 6 ended up doing many years in prison because they simply would not tell one gibbering idiot to shut the hell up, while over in the corner sat a funny little man with a funny little tape recorder under his coat.

I don't know why we constantly keep walking into the same trap, guys. This isn't rocket science. Just follow the dictum of the late Pastor Robert Miles: never say or write anything that you would not want read out in open court.

How hard is that?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post but another tip. Never, ever, ever use any form of electronic media for communication or information storage. Modern systems are created to be transparent. Originally this was for the sysops but nowadays this is fully exploited not only by identity theft merchants but anyone in authority. No form of electronic communication is secure. There is no such thing as a secure line. Write down nothing, type nothing, store nothing on your computer or internet blogs that you do not want read out against you in a federal show trial.

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