Monday, October 05, 2009

The Necessity of Racism

After the Civil War, whites fought hard to make sure that blacks didn't get the vote or be allowed to purchase and own firearms. Just look at the mess bleeding heart females of the time did to our nation by lobbying for the rights of these poor, oppressed innocents.

Look at China, Japan, India, or even Israel. All of those people are also racist, and for good protect their heritage and genetic purity. To Obongo and friends this is a crime, that is, if whites practice it. If any other race does it, they're "protecting their heritage". If whites do it they're being unforgivably racist.

Sounds ridiculous until you realize the real reason for this illogical behavior. It's to disenfranchise the white race, with the eventual goal of destroying it. You can have the "Negro College Fund", and "La Raza", and the JDL, but just try to create a "WDL" and see what happens. Every Jew, black, wetback, queer, and foaming-at-the-mouth liberal will come boiling out from under every damp rock and start screaming "Racists!!"

You know I'm right. Reverse discrimination has become the norm in America, and whites just bow their heads in shame for being white!

The masters of the world, the creators of every technological invention on earth, the builders of all civilization, the inventors of architecture, literature, democracy, philosophy, and every other science and discipline that has raised man out of the mire of savagery are cow-towing to a bunch of inferior, mentally deficient, morally bankrupt bottom feeders. Stand up white man! Don't take that crap anymore!

Where's your pride? Where's your cojones? You have nothing to be ashamed about, or to apologize for. Nothing! They should be thanking us! For without us whites, all of them..and I mean all of them would still be scratching their scabby asses while hiding in a bush, waiting for their dinner to run by, so they can jump out and chase it with a stick!

Be proud of who and what you are, and don't tolerate any lip! Whenever you hear anyone belittling our race, no matter who or where it is, jump their asses as badly as if you were some rabid coon demanding his cibo raaahts! Tear them a new one! Don't just mildly protest, leave their ass in tatters. Make them fear to ever badmouth us again.

It's overdue for us to teach these inferiors some respect for their masters. Our fathers and grandfathers had it. Why? Because they didn't tolerate the crap we do today. In fact no lowlife would have dreamed of ever badmouthing them. He'd have ate his own teeth for dinner, or a load of buckshot.

Racism is a survival tool. It's a necessity. Because the lower races have always coveted our women. This has been a problem of ours since the first coon drew breath. Blacks aren't alone in this. Once a blonde hooker told me that she made $5,000 a night in Puerto Rico, just dancing for all the horny mestizos that came in just to drool over her white flesh. Her revelation sickened me, but it helped to open my eyes about the fact that we are prey to all the mud races.

And the only way our race is going to survive genetically, is to enact the exact-same controls our forefathers used to prevent interbreeding with those apes. The fist, the club, the gun, and the rope. These are the only things a horny mud understands.

We all have a responsibility and a duty to protect our idiot women from themselves. Let's face it; most our young women are dumber than a bag of hammers when it comes to sweet talk, and niggers are experts at it. They'll say and do anything to get in her pants. And they're sly about it too. If they know the parents don't want them around, they'll lay in wait for her when she goes out and catch her alone.

We have to be vigilant, and realize that our own stupid daughters will lie to protect these apes because they just don't have enough life experience to realize they're being used. I don't care how much she cries and screams and insults you. Keep her away from those apes until she's old enough to grow some brain cells to match her raging hormones.

Oh sure, the liberal teachers will scream bloody murder, and so will her brainwashed peers, and perhaps a few idiot neighbors, but stick to your guns. She'll thank you for it later, and so will your grandkids. That is, unless you like the idea of helping to raise some bubble-lipped, nappy-headed niglet?

Be a man, dammit! I am sick to death of cowardly white men that are afraid of offending our enemies! Fuckthem! The time is coming again soon when all of those maggots will answer to us! Racism is a right, a necessity, and a tool for our survival. And any man that doesn't practice it, isn't a man in my book, period.

There's no middle ground, and no excuses. You are white. Be proud of that fact. Let the world know you're proud and won't tolerate slander or belittlement in any form.

This is how I live my life, and I make no excuses or apologies for it. If you can't even do this much, how in hell are you going to be able to fight in a race war? Get the point? Who gives a rusty rat's ass what our enemies think of us? I sure as hell don't. And anyone that says I'm wrong to defend my race is my enemy, and I have no respect for his opinion about anything.

Neither should you.

-The Lone Haranguer


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