Friday, October 23, 2009

The Madness of Obamacare

The politically correct Judaeo-liberal establishment hates normal people and holds them in contempt, but like all peasants, we have our uses. We work so that all may eat; the liberal lefty elite has big dreams, and we pay. reports: "If you make big bucks - or enjoy alcohol, cigarettes and Coke - the government might hit you up to pay for fixing the nation’s health care system. On Tuesday, the Senate Finance Committee peeked into vending machines and liquor stores, company payrolls and health savings accounts, looking for tax increases as a way to pay for a health overhaul - which could cost more than $1.5 trillion over 10 years.

"Experts thought the big debate might be public plan vs. no public plan. But that may well pale in comparison to the difficulty of settling on a way to finance health care reform...There appeared to be a bubble of support among the experts for taxing bad behavior, including a $2 tax on a pack of cigarettes and a higher excise tax on alcohol."

Leaving aside whether or not cigarettes and alcohol are necessarily "bad behavior" in every human being and in every circumstance, just who in hell gave these people the right to decide that?

"It’s easy to see why the bad-habits tax was so tempting: Taxing tobacco, junk foods and alcohol could raise $600 billion over 10 years. Lots of other options will also get a look. People who like the tax-free status of their company health benefits could be asked to ante up. Money in the pot: more than $700 billion over 10 years. Treasure the tax benefits from your health savings account?

"Some experts say the accounts encourage excess consumption of health services (all those greedy sick White people, of course, hogging more medical care than their share) - and committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) agreed they’re worth a look. Money in the pot: $60 billion over 10 years."

Need we even ask whether the Democrats consider the 30 million illegal aliens in our country who use the local emergency room as their primary care for them and their anchor babies to be a form of "excess consumption?"

"A panel of economists presented the committee with a menu of scenarios, from wringing savings out of Medicare and Medicaid to cutting medical costs by reducing sodium levels in packaged foods and at restaurants."

Sodium is one of the three flavoroids that actually make food taste good. Another item on the left-liberal agenda is eventually to have everyone in the world, or at least all White Americans, subsist entirely on a diet of organic crap that tastes like cardboard and rubber. Apparently delicious food is an evil right-wing luxury, suitable only for wicked and racist White males, and the truly ennobled and enlightened will survive on tofu and dandelion soup for fear of offending Mother Nature by partaking of her bounty. I'm not making this up. I have read gibberish like that in places like Utne Reader.

"Baucus gave one of the clearest signals yet that limiting the tax-free status on employer-based insurance" (which would compete with Obongo's new government medical bureaucracy and allow some people to stay out of the system) "remains a serious option. Obama opposed it during the campaign and repeatedly went after Republican John McCain for making it the centerpiece of his health care plan." (Another campaign promise the nigger has violated without a twitch of his krinkly eyebrow.)

"Labor unions are also against it. Yet the idea is attractive because of the money it could generate: $250 billion annually if the deduction was lifted altogether. Baucus insisted a full repeal was not under consideration" (and we all know how honest and truthful Democratic politicians are) "but he said lawmakers must look at the deduction."

No one can deny that the American health care system is broken, but the Democrats are not the solution. There is no solution which can resolve the crisis and still be politically correct, because of the nature of the crisis.

It is utterly ridiculous to attempt to fix the system without addressing several of the main problems, first and foremost the massive drain placed on America's medical facilities and resources by millions of illegal aliens. There are also the innumerable problems caused by AIDS. which in tuurn would require addressing the issues of intravenous drug use, largely among blacks, and also the buggery question, since these are the behaviors that transmit HIV.

Finally, there is the immense greed of Big Pharm, who flood the cable waves with ads for patent medicines that most people don't really need, like so many 19th century snake oil salesmen. ("Ask your doctor about crapzacin! Side effects include leprosy, psychotic homicidal rages, and 48-hour fits of uncontrollable giggling!") They do this in an effort to convince the rapidly crumbling Baby Boomers that they can live forever, cheat death, and go on grazing in the grass forever.

What Obongo can and will do is make one unholy mess. I hope I can survive the American health care system long enough to watch him crash and burn.


Anonymous brian boru said...

I wonder when the 'Hot Shot' will be introduced for elderly whites who can't afford to pay any more? Western medicine has been jewed like everything else. Its purpose now is to make money, not prevent or cure sickness. A healthy population isn't profitable for the kike. A doctor is now merely a legalised drug dealer. A GP rarely does anything other than fill out prescriptions for drugs. Years ago I had a middle aged woman as a neighbour in New Jersey who used to get fluid in her inner ear. She used to go to an old doctor who used to insert a tube in the eustacian canal and drain it. She would be fine then for the next year or so until there was a build up again. Eventually he died and she had to go to one of the new 'system' doctors. He and all the others she went to refused to drain the fluid and would only prescribe drugs. The drugs failed miserably and usually had side effects. She became almost incapacitated by the condition. How many millions more with minor ailments are like her? Of course the medical associations in most white countries are lousy with kikes - most of them cosy with their cousins in the drug companies. The vaccine scam is an obvious case. Vaccines really don't prevent infectious disease and in many cases can do serious permanent damage to the immune system, especially in children. The huge increase in autism is directly related to vaccinations. I would resist being vaccinated in all cases. Real cures invented by white doctors and scientists are deliberately suppressed by the kike system because they threaten profits, and also because it is in the interest of the kikes to have a weak, sickly population. Another reason to hate these filthy vampires.

6:12 AM  
Anonymous Catuxalina said...

Big Jew Pharm would want to prevent us by any means, including the threat of death, from getting any meaningful vitamins, supplements and herbs. Also, they don't want us on organic food, they want us on toxic GMO foods that the Jew Monsantos are creating and promulgating. Trust me when I say this, real organic food is ANYTHING but tasteless. On the contrary, the chemech and GMO raised mush that passes for fruits and vegetables tastes much like off-tasting cardboard. Codex Alimentarius (which would prevent us from getting any high quality vitamins without a doctor's prescription) and HR875 which would PREVENT us from organic farming down to the garden level. Guess who's behind this anti-organic dictate to come...yes, a JEW named Rosa DeLauro, one of the most ugly Kike sows I have ever seen. If we don't fight these soon to be dictated laws, we won't even be allowed to harvest dandelions (which are probably better for you than the chemech/GMO mush that the Kikes are promulgating. GMO foods and Codex Alimentarius are the big guns of the Jews' plan to keep us all sick and dependent on Big Jew Pharma when we get sick. These walking lampshades, these walking bars of soap don't deserve obedience, they deserve all-out revolution! These pathogens have got to go, like Hitler tried to do, which led to the Jew allies starting World War II.

Adolf Hitler was a fan of true organic foods and he would be horrified to see what the Jews are doing to us now. The same goes for their attempt to implement Codex Alimentarius, (which was defeated in America in 2006 and can be defeated again!)

Hitler was Right!

4:03 AM  

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