Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Let Us Kill All The Lawyers"

I have been amusing myself lately by watching Boston Legal on DVD. The show is an absolute howl, funny as hell, with its insane and degenerate liberal and Jewish attorneys, the senile judges, and the sick and twisted clients. Inadvertently, this show is a clear and penetrating look at our Jewstice system in action, probably cut closer to the bone than the Jewish producers intended, and more accurate and truthful than they realize.

Boston Legal would also serve quite nicely as Exhibit A in the moral case which at some point has be made in America, that all of these people must simply be slaughtered if there is to be any hope for mankind.

There comes a time when a society becomes so sick, so corrupt, its flesh so rotted away from marinating in its own filth and excrement, that the only solution is a bullet to the head, in every sense of the term. No, I am not inciting anyone to do anything illegal or otherwise. I am making a historical observation which is entirely valid, based on mankind's unfortunate past out here in the real world.

There comes a point in the course of human events where both moral imperative and practical necessity dictate that entire races, nations, and classes of people must be eliminated in toto from the political, social, and economic equations, in order to wrench history back onto the track and keep the whole freight train of civilization from hurtling over a cliff. We reached that point some time ago in America, especially where attorneys and anything to do with our judiciary and criminal justice system is concerned.

I could go off onto a long Alan Shore-type rant as to why this is, but you know something? I don't think I need to. I think all of you know perfectly well that the legal system in this country is irredeemable and broken beyond repair, and those thieves and liars who serve it are wicked and corrupt beyond all acceptable bounds of human behavior. You know quite well that they deserve only condign punishment and personal destruction for what they have done, and continue to do every day, to this country and the people who inhabit it.

The only reason you do not join me in saying this, never mind doing anything about it, is that you are afraid of their steroid-pumped muscle men and gunmen with the blue serge shirts and the badges. I can't resist! The big bad policeman might hurt me...waaaaaah!

There is also, of course, the unspoken penalty of being repeatedly sodomized by niggers in a prison cell which is the real way our trembling and terrified White boys are kept in line these days, although no one speaks it aloud.

Except for me, of course. Yes, I will say it. These people we see on Boston Legal, in caricature but true to life caricature, maintain their power through the unspoken but generally understood threat of repeated acts of interracial homosexual rape by brutal black and brown savages. It is a penalty which is nowhere on the statute books, but which is always there looming in the background whenever a White male turns his desperate mind towards justice and freedom in this country.

You want to see who and what rules us, who and what holds our fate in their filth-encrusted hands? Catch Boston Legal. You will laugh so hard you probably won't even notice when the laughing stops and the weeping begins.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lawyers and their ilk are the worst people in the world I agree.
I'm going to check out 'Boston Legal.' As for the lawyer/judge/politician/cop/etc. class, I don't agree that they should be killed. In a fair system, they would have to produce for a living. Start off by giving them the gift of stoop labour for a few seasons.

4:07 PM  
Blogger harpax said...

I never watched Boston legal except when I was working out at the gym. It was a case where a 'poor Guinean cab driver' tried to murder a man who killed his son.
Yes, of course, the man who was accused was white. Don't ALL white people go and murder Guinean kids?

So, as the legal team was no doubt getting ready to prove the cab driver was acting out of understandable rage and no doubt the white guy would be found guilty, I finished the treadmill and said goodbye to Boston Legal.
They all seem to be scripted out of the same machine.

All TV shows seem to be Lawyers-doctors-cops. Why? Probably because of all the story lines you can get from these professions, but
I wonder if it's also a way of reinforcing the strength of the system...'you cannot fight us, our docs, cops, and ambulance chasers are omnipotent.'
Just a thought.

1:08 PM  

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