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Kosher Auschwitz In Iowa

[Another Covington Classic from 18 months ago, but no, I'm not just being lazy. We report these news stories through the internet, three days later there's some other horror story, and these things simply end up getting forgotten. We need to develop and retain some kind of cumulative memory for all this toxic waste that the Jews dump into our world. - HAC]

Sadistic Jewish Death Camp For Cattle Raided In Iowa

Jewish kosher slaughterers invade a quiet, peaceful Iowa town, import hundreds of illegal aliens, torture cattle, pollute the local environment, and ruin the town. And some wonder why the Jewish people are not loved?

The villains in this piece are a clan of New York Hasidic Jews named Rubashkin, kosher meat packers and processors who more or less took over the small town of Postville, Iowa over a period of years, in an effort to escape from the high costs of labor and doing business in their native Brooklyn. Their company was called Agriprocessor, Inc.

According to the Des Moines Register, "The Postville meat processing plant raided by immigration agents this week has a long history of environmental violations...Mike Wade, a Manchester-based state environmental inspector, said Agriprocessors Inc.'s kosher plant has contributed to a range of environmental law violations. 'We have drawers full of records on them,' he said. Most notable was a fight over what environmentalists contended were excessive discharges of chloride, a salt, to the city of Postville treatment plant. That facility in turn discharges into a tributary of the Yellow River, a trout stream.

"Chloride is toxic to aquatic life. The plant uses a lot of salt to extract blood from meat. The plant also has been cited for illegal open burning and improper land application of wastes, Wade said. 'They were burning pallets and all sorts of stuff,' he said. 'They were developing a junk yard.'"

This famous kosher meat processing facility run by Orthodox Jews from New York, complete with the sidelocks and the funny little fur hats, was the subject of much bemused and adoring media commentary prior to the raid. No doubt they were trying to bring a little bit of Brooklyn with them to their new home in cornhusker country.

"In 2003, the state issued a sewage permit that would have allowed the plant to discharge pollutants at amounts several times greater than that allowed by state law." (Can you say special privileges for Jews before the law? Sure you can!) "Environmental groups challenged the permit in court. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources negotiated a settlement that changed permit requirements. Environmental groups also filed a federal lawsuit contending that the DNR was allowing chloride emissions above what is considered safe for river systems. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency entered the battle, and also accused Agriprocessors of improperly handling hazardous materials such as anhydrous ammonia. The company paid a $600,000 fine in a 2006 consent decree with the EPA and the environmentalists." (To wealthy Jews, it's just the cost of doing business.)

The kicker was an immigration raid on May 12th utilizing over 500 Federal agents and police, supposedly "the largest immigration raid conducted in American history." The people who say this apparently never heard of the Palmer Raids of 1919, when the U. S. Attorney General's office rounded up several thousand foreign-born Bolsheviks, almost all of them Jews including Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman, loaded them all onto a ship and sent them back to Russia whence they came. That's one precedent no one in the government wants to talk about--rounding people up and putting them on a ship? But that just can't be done! Can it? But I digress...where was I?

Anyway, it turns out that the ultra-Orthodox hebes at Agriprocessors were employing virtually no American labor at all lower than management level (all the managers were New York Jews, of course.) The ICE arrested a little over 400 people as illegal aliens, including some illegal Israelis, which is a twist.

Then as icing on the cake, there was the crystal meth lab the Jews and Mexicans were running right out in the open on the killing floor. That probably had something to do with all the pollution was welling as filling out the Rubashkin family's bottom line, eh?

Be interesting to see if these hebes re-open their plant with American labor paid decent living wages and benefits, or if they go back to New York in a huff where they can find an endless supply of spics to do their bloody work torturing animals for them. Kosher slaughter is a horrific way for an animal to die; they are strung up upside down without stunning or anesthetic and their throats are cut by a shochet or kosher slaughterman, whereupon the animal is left hanging to bleed to death. Maybe one reason these kikes use illegal aliens for their floor crew is Americans couldn't stomach that kind of cruelty day after day.

By the way, if you want to see a good anti-Jewish web site run by a Jew and dealing among other things with the viperous Rubashkin family of animal torturers, check out


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