Monday, October 26, 2009

How Jeff Hughes Died #2

Again, I can't source this absolutely, since people are sent to prison in Canada for harboring doubts about the country's racial and political situation. But apparently the RCMP had been informed that the resident of Apartment #101 in the Selby Street complex was a "neo-Nazi white supremacist" or some such moo, and was therefore to be considered armed and dangerous purely on the grounds of his political beliefs.

This would make absolute sense in Canada, a country where politically incorrect thought is criminalized. It would also be in line with Jeff's recent visit from Sergeant McGowan of the Hatecrime Squad. He was known as someone whose mind was not completely under control, and under normal police procedure his address would have been red-flagged or whatever they call it in Canada.

It has now been over three days since Jeff Hughes was slaughtered on the street, and the authorities have still refused to offer any official account of what happened or any explanation at all of the RCMP's homicidal behavior. They have not identified the female officer who allegedly fired 10 bullets into Jeff because she "felt threatened," whatever the hell that means, nor have they identified her race.

If the woman was black or brown and confronted by a so-called "white supremacist" whom she had been told was some kind of ravening Stormtrooper armed with a machine gun, that might explain what happened. Or it might be a neat little way to set up a political murder.

Wonder how Dominic Da Vinci would have handled this? Unfortunately, Dominic Da Vinci is not real. The Canadian Zionist regime is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The female cop probably wasn't told he was a neo-nazi or white supremicist. They probably told her he was heavily into raping and torturing young girls with large metal objects up private parts. Said policewoman was told this because, according to her personnel file, she had been abused and raped as a child. So, long lurid accounts of Mr. Hughes "crimes" were told to her as she was sent out to 'apprehend him'

And after that, as the saying goes, "Justice took her own magestic course."

5:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the female cop that emptied 10 rounds into jeff huges while he was asleep. Ms. Joan SELBY from the City of Burnaby Planning Department, she works at the rcmp office. not an officer, just pretends to be one, we do believe she was responsible for the dealers from downtown vancouver being taken into stanley park to be beaten. weve been tracing the orgin of why local dealers are getting robbed by police officers. in some cases they go missing. she is responsible for the shooting death of a 4 yr old girl in vancouver in 1980, which was covered up. they have been using the baitcar vehicles and old VPD uniforms, i do belive she is responsible for the strange happenings to the chiefs kash heed and jamie ghram. that 4r old girl was a friend of jeff huges family. the truth is in the NAME. Im not anywhere near close to being white, ive lived on this land for 34 years, without leaving. not even one day. everyone who dies, thier conciousness jumps into me. i was in meditation when i saw the echo of the event. Jeff huges lived on SELBY street. like i said. the truth lies in the NAMES. I do believe that she is responsible for the deaths of the women from the highway of tears cases.

2:57 AM  

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