Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Disarming Lie

The liberal media has been intensifying their push for gun control lately, to coincide with Obama's recent announcement of his own anti-gun agenda, in direct violation of his campaign promise not to mess with gun rights. At the time he made that promise I warned everyone not to believe that lying chimp, but idiots always seem to win out, and he got the presidency anyway.

The show I saw today was put together by Jews (of course) Democrat politicians, and rabid liberal yuppies, who used isolated incidents as examples of why we need gun control and blew them all out of proportion. They even used footage from the time that nut in San Diego stole a tank and crushed cars with it, as if that had anything whatsoever to do with gun control. Talk about desperate.

And I'm sure this will come as no surprise to any of you that there wasn't one single black perp shown or discussed, though 98% of all gun crimes are committed by blacks. They must have had one hell of a time finding enough white footage to talk about if they had to stoop to using that tank, as if unlicensed tanks were a problem (I wish).

We all need to keep in mind at all times, that gun control is key to Obama's agenda to take over the country. Down through history gun control has always been the last step before a takeover. Every single time.

Obama and the evil bastards that control him have a totally different fate in store for us. We can piss and moan all we like, but it's going to come down to either obeying the regime and handing over your ability to defend yourself against our benevolent government and the vast mud hordes coming, or becoming a wanted fugitive and outlaw in the eyes of this corrupt gang of thugs now in control of our nation. They're not going to leave us any wiggle room. It's going to be one or the other, cut and dried. And sadly, far too many of us just don't have the stones to resist like we should. Most whites will humbly bow to their will and obey like good little sheeple, even a lot of our most vocal supporters on the Net.

I heard one of us recently say that people on the Net take on a whole different personality than the one they have in real life, and that all their talk and bravado is just I agree 100%. Most of the ones that crow for rebellion and resistance among us will be the first to crap their pants and hand over their weapons at the first sign of government goons. To be quite honest, most of my fellow whites sicken me.

Are their comforts so precious to them that they'd surrender their self respect, dignity, future of our race, and their freedom? Yes. Dammit, yes. That's exactly how lowlife most whites have become.

That's why I trust almost nobody. I've had tons of people talk a great game to me, but when I put them to the test, 95% of them suddenly have urgent business elsewhere. They don't seem to comprehend that they're going to lose it all anyway, and damned soon now to boot.

By going along with the government, all they're doing is postponing the inevitable, and not by much. The government's timetable for the takeover is a short one, and due to be implemented very soon now. Oh sure, I could be wrong about that, and so could all the hundreds of thousands of other whites that have seriously investigated every angle of this government's plans and activities over the past year. But there's really far too much solid evidence pointing to the fact they really will act.

And even if the Plague of Obama flu scam doesn't turn out to be the trigger for their plan for implementing martial law, you can rest assured that whatever it is, it's almost upon us. Too many very expensive, complicated, and far reaching preparations have been made for them to just do nothing. Get real. Only a complete idiot would still believe that it's all just a bunch of paranoid conspiracy BS.

All that crap they spew about the American people having the right to assembly and to form organizations is a bold-faced lie. It's just one of many this regime puts out every day of the week to pacify an increasingly fed up public.
The government knows it's running out of time. It sees the handwriting on the wall, and knows that the country is teetering on the brink of revolution. They also know that they're going to have to act before that happens.

What the media isn't telling you, including Fox News and all of the other news outlets we still trust to some extent, is that there are a great many incidents of civil unrest and resistance happening all over the country. It's simply that most of these go unreported due to government censorship, which has become almost as ruthless as Russia's. We may not know about these attacks, but rest assured the government does. And this only serves to spur them onward toward a quicker solution.

The reason they're preventing the public from knowing about these attacks is obvious. Even one of them could trigger the revolt. That's how all revolutions start, one single watershed event, usually something most people would consider unremarkable, ends up being the trigger to the bomb. As I've stressed repeatedly, the enemy is not stupid. They know this as well as we do.

For the present we all need to continue moving out of all major population centers, forming either lone wolf operations or small cells in quiet, remote places. Be quiet, unobtrusive, and discreet in your actions, words, and activities. Never tip your hand. For even the most harmless looking sheeple next door can get all of you killed. Keep your mouths shut! Don't go bragging about your activities to anyone, not even your family. Only the smart among us are going to survive this mess. No flags, signs, badges, uniforms, or rallies. We are at war, and it's time people acted like it. Stop waving a red flag at the bull. You will get gored.

The government, the media, and it's allies the Jews are on a lying campaign as never before. Propaganda is literally pouring out of every seam of the liberal media. Don't be disarmed by their lies or you, and everything, and everyone you've ever loved will be dead. Be wise, be discreet, and be victorious.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't understand the whole issue of the paranoia surrounding a government take over. Like in the Brigade, the Feds just assume further control via laws.

8:21 PM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

You American whites still have the means to resist ZOG. The rest of us have been disarmed and don't have your options. Those guns are all that prevent the kikes from shipping you 'anti-semites and racists' to the gulag or the equivalent of Lubianka. The non-whites are already waging a war on the indigent whites all over the white world, as the kikes intended when they imported them. Fight with all desperation or submit and die a slow, degrading death. That is the choice. The kikes realise that when the economy collapses and the ordinary whites are left starving then they might fight. If they fight they might win. If they win the kikes might have to pay for their vast crimes. So kikey must get those guns away from the hated whites. It will all come to a head soon.

8:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know where I stand, and my life is of no value when it is compared to the survival of my Folk. Too many of our women and children have been violated for me to ever think of anything but resistance-it is their memory and honor I stand

What about you???????

10:36 AM  
Blogger Ray Seltz said...

The "be sure you're armed" mentality is a joke. How stupid can one be when one figures that they can outgun tanks and laser guided bombs. Not sharp. And just another reason why the few whites who care or at least say they care, have not thought through what they really need to do.That's why this whole deal never gets traction or wheels.

8:02 AM  
Anonymous John Norman Howard said...

Never underestimate the effect of a motivated man with a rifle, Seltz.

The lessons of Vietnam and the Middle East are apparently lost on you.

Sure, many will die in the future conflict...

But Charlie, sitting in the bush with a cold bowl of rice and an AK-47, sent the big, bad White man (with his tanks, B-52s, napalm and Agent Orange) back home, crying to his mommy about combat stress syndrome.

7:37 AM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

The Iraqis and Afghans don't seem to be paralised by the vast arsenal of weaponry in the hands of the American and British mercenaries. I'm sure ZOG would prefer it if they didn't have to work so hard to steal the wealth of those countries. They want the Central Asian, Israeli-owned gas fields to pump across Afghanistan and Pakistan as soon as possible, and the Iraqi oil to pipe to Haifa without all the hastle of defending it against the people from whom they stole it. Tanks and laser guided bombs aren't much good if you have no target. That's the essence of guerrilla warfare. The overwhelming power of ZOG can't be taken on directly. However, hundreds of thousands of armed citizens can resist and wear down the beast if they are motivated and determined. The citizens of the Soviet system had no way of resisting the murderous monsters because the kikes made sure that they had disarmed the whole population first. They were then free to murder millions. The kikes certainly seem to think that it is important that they get guns out of the hands of white citizens everywhere. The US is the only place left where whites are still armed and the kikes work overtime to see that that situation is corrected and that you become like all other white nations. Ray, if you think that being armed isn't important then maybe you can enlighten us as to 'what whites really need to do.' Of course being armed is pointless if you aren't prepared to use those arms. A gun in your house is useless if you aren't prepared to shoot the nigger rapist and murderer who is climbing through your window. Jews being what they are it is most unlikely that there will be a peaceful solution to the plight that our race finds itself in now. It's got to be with guns I'm afraid.

9:31 AM  
Blogger Ray Seltz said...

I AM armed but until we pull our head out of our collective asses, hate to say it, but I put my money on the kikes.

4:40 PM  
Anonymous John Norman Howard said...

"I AM armed but until we pull our head out of our collective asses, hate to say it, but I put my money on the kikes."

I'll have to give that one... sigh.

12:52 PM  

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