Saturday, October 17, 2009

Coming To The Homeland

[We get a lot of inquiries from Europeans, South Africans, and Antipodeans about emigration to the Northwest Homeland.]

Dear Ms. [redacted]:

I will get an introductory packet out to you Monday. Experience suggests that it should take about a week to reach you in [redacted.]

Unfortunately, America's discriminatory immigration policy makes it almost impossible for Europeans to come here legally any more. Some years ago, I tried to get my New Zealand girl friend into this country legally, a woman with skills and a work history that were in demand and easily economically justifiable. I was faced with a stack of forms that was literally a foot high, hundreds of dollars in fees (thousands if I employed an attorney) and a delay of one to two years, if we were lucky.

At the same time we have millions of mud-colored scum swarming over our southern border, America makes it clear that our rulers simply do not want White immigration. You must be very, very skilled or else very, very rich to come here lawfully if you have a pale skin. We make jokes about it being easier to paint your face brown with boot polish, change your name to Rodriguez, and swim the Rio Grande. Well, there's many a true word said in jest.

The only hope I can realistically hold out is if you work in a medically-related field such as being a doctor, a nurse, or a medical technician of some kind. But let me hear from you after you've received your packet and we'll see what we can come up with.



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