Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Coils Tighten

I don't know how many of you are aware of what's going on around you in this country, but I doubt very seriously it's very many; including some of you more aware White activists. I say this because I almost never hear any of them discussing any of the assaults our beloved regime has been doing on a great many White Nationalists and White activists of various types.

All over the country there have been hundreds of gunfights, SWAT assaults, Homeland Security assaults, arrests, bombings, stings, shootings, etc. And almost none of it hits the news. Consequently most of us don't know squat about it. Even the ones that do know, are keeping their mouths shut for fear of their own safety, instead of warning the rest of us. This goes right back to my biggest beef with so-called White activists; cowardice. They talk a good game, but whenever it looks like they might actually have to do something, they fold like a card table.

Consequently, even word-of-mouth is cut off in many instances out of pure cowardice. This leaves us blind and unprepared in many cases where a little forewarning would have gone a long way. Let me give you a graphic example of this:

Yesterday a whole section of one of the major streets here was blocked off by Homeland Security forces along with the local fuzz. It looked like a pork farmer's convention. A full quarter-mile section of the street was barricaded off at both ends, and all the cars and people forcibly evacuated. In the middle of this large dead zone were at least two dozen bomb squad personnel, SWAT, FBI, and assorted other high muckety-mucks of various secret police branches. A lot of people parked and ogled from a distance, but curiously there wasn't even one news truck or cameraman to be seen anywhere.

And this was news. Any fool could see that. I smelled a big fat, government rat. I parked and snuck as close as I could (which was a heck of a lot closer than most, and close enough to get my ass arrested if they'd seen me), and I saw a great deal of activity going on in front of one of the apartment buildings on that block. I heard what sounded from that distance like gunfire, then, after quite a bit of silence, a small group of cops carrying something or someone quickly out of the building and into one of the white HS vans.

A second item was carried out a few minutes later, and it sure as hell looked like a large bomb to me. In fact I wouldn't have been surprised at all to discover it was a nuclear device. But I'll never know. I do know this much however, they hauled out three white guys in cuffs a few minutes later, and threw them roughly into one of the other vans. I was positive at first that they'd busted a bunch of crazy rag heads that had snuck through at the unprotected Mexican border, but when I saw the Whites I realize that they'd just busted a lone wolf cell. And I never knew they were there.

I seethed. Someone or something had betrayed their presence. Either they'd slipped up and left a clue, or some supposed ally or lover blew the whistle. The feds pay big bucks now for any information on lone wolf cells or outposts anywhere in the country. Why? Because they're scared shitless of us. Their bosses know how dangerous pissed off and dedicated Whites are, and they'll do anything it takes to nail them before they can get off the ground.

Now I knew why there were no cameras or news crews. They'd been told to stay away and not cover this. If news like this were to routinely reach the rest of the White populace, which is already seething like a boiling pot about to blow, it might be the straw that broke the camel's back and start the revolt before they're set up to deal with it. That could be bad, very bad for Mr. Kike.

Few realize just what a stranglehold Jews now have on the American media. Hell, they run it! Nothing gets by them without their approval, which is to say, the government's approval, which anymore is one and the same in many instances. Policies have been laid down by these creeps, and the government follows them.

I can't impress upon you folks enough the dire straights that many of our brethren are finding themselves in right now, simply because we have inadequate lines of communication, and unreliable methods for weeding out informants and traitors which is forcing many fine cells to operate completely alone, without any outside support or allies of any type to supply them with critical intel that could save their butts from busts like this one. We desperately need to standardize our methods of screening and make it a universal method among ourselves, so that we can start building networks of trusted members that can go from cell to cell or group to group, and pass on vital information, supplies, or other critical items, and we must do this now.

So I put it to all of you to send me your ideas on how we may accomplish this vital task. It must be a practical, and financially feasible method, not some hair-brained method that costs a fortune and yields us questionable results. So think on it guys. We need your brainpower. The enemy's coils are tightening quietly around us, and we must react accordingly, and fast. I don't ever want to see another scene like the one I witnessed yesterday, ever again.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are one hundred percent correct.

The media and the government have it figured correctly.

There was an experiment I once heard of where there was a well-fed antfarm, and all of the drones, workers and queen were all one big happy family.

All you had to do was take away the sugar and chaos ensued.

There were ant wars over the few pieces of sugar left, unending violence on each other and eventually it led to cannibalism and death.

We are ants.

They (the government and the media) are taking our sugar (freedom of speech and bear arms, among other freedoms).

We will kill each other off little, the weakest going first as the pressure cooker builds.

The media will keep it quiet, except when to weekly mourn the little black child who was standing out in the street at 3am but was an honor student and was going to college in the fall (wink wink).

They will get us to give up the guns one way or another.

Defenseless, more people shall be killed and the news will give the piled up bodies all of 30 seconds.

Eventually, neighbor will turn on each other and the government will let us kill off entire blocks of our once quiet neighborhoods and then sweet in and kill off the few standing.

Meanwhile, the no will care, apathy will soar and the once mighty nation known as the USA wil die with not so much a war but with a quiet peep.

I'm keeping one illegally purchased gun and enough bullets for me and my family.

Cormac McCarthy was right.

Watch out, man.

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Mr. Skinhead said...

I'm sorry, but I have a hard time believing something like that. I imagine something like that would at least be on the local news of the area it happened. If you are telling the truth, maybe disbelief is another problem you'll have to deal with. Many White racialists may simply not believe that the kind of things you are claiming are happening really are, and they consider such claims to be kook talk.

8:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This only proves that the kikes KNOW they're losing and are now lashing out like desperate, wounded beasts. Kikes ALWAYS over-estimate themselves, over-play their hands, and accelerate the inevitable Victory of their Aryan would-be "victims" over them!!! This is why the kikes have REPEATED this History so many times; they are incapable of learning the obvious lesson that they may be able to repeatedly "bruise the heel" of the Aryan Race, but the Aryan Race will always tire of having its heel bruised and will invariably "crush the head" of the kike serpent eventually. Our problem as Aryans is that we have yet to find the serpents' nest and destroy the eggs before the next kike serpent can hatch to torment us.


3:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To "Mr. Skinhead" - apparently you don't understand the level of control TPTB have over ALL forms of communication, especially the news media. This includes the internet, whenever they want, as they can pull the IP address of anybody's server from the appropriate database at a moment's notice. So this leaves ONLY word-of-mouth as a secure, and free, form of communication. Even then it's not always 'secure', since any cameras nearby can pick up and record faces. If the video resolution is sufficient, then the image of at least one of the people (whoever is facing the camera) can be analyzed later for content by anybody adept at reading lips.

This is why what HAC said in the most recent message about being careful is paramount. This is not to say we can't talk to one another - just be more careful then usual. These events will eventually leak out, as is demonstrated here. But (and this is directed to 'Lone Haranguer') we could all benefit from more detail. Exactly WHERE did this happen? We all know you're in So Cal, but at least the city (maybe also cross streets?) woud be nice in such a report. How about a date, as well? After all, there ARE those of us who could do a little research and figure out what went down.

Perhaps this is an example of why scanners should become a part of our arsenal, along with cell phones with cameras. They do it to us (surveillance) - isn't it time we did it back to them?

2:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

" 'Mr. Skinhead ' wrote:
I'm sorry, but I have a hard time believing something like that. I imagine something like that would at least be on the local news of the area it happened. (Emphasis added.) If you are telling the truth, maybe disbelief is another problem you'll have to deal with. Many White racialists may simply not believe that the kind of things you are claiming are happening really are, and they consider such claims to be kook talk."

Here's how it works:

"Editor, this raid was part of an ongoing investigation into terrorist activity. If you publicize it, and the big target gets away, you'll be prosecuted for aiding and abetting terrorists. If anyone asks, tell them it was a raid on a meth lab."

You are right; disbelief is a problem we'll have to deal with...right now. Right now, they're picking off the "radical fringe." When it gets to the point of, as HAC has written, "What's that White boy looking so chipper about?" it will be too late.

Dave 10122009 / 1638

4:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe it can be hushed up, Mr. Skinhead. When I was living in Arkansas, a Walmart store got knocked over (turned out to be an inside job by an ex-night manager who still had keys to the safe office) in Fayetteville. It was NOT on the local news... ever. Walmart, basically _owning_ the State of Arkansa, called the local news station KHOG and told them that there would be NO story on one of their stores getting robbed with all the bad press and jeering that would entail.

Now, if Walmart (which is pretty powerful in their homestate) can squelch a local news story, dont you think the Federal Government can? They not only have the time, money, and manpower that Walmart has, but they have guns, tanks, planes, lots of things that go BOOM! I totally believe they could tell the local station that there will be NO story.

7:25 PM  

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