Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Brother, Can You Spare A Billion?

If you ever have a yen to check out the glories of black rule, Zimbuggery is the place. Take a good look at what goes on there today; you see the United States in a few years' time.

According to Reuters: "Zimbabwe's central bank will introduce new higher-value 100 billion Zimbabwe dollar notes on Monday as part of a desperate fight against spiralling hyperinflation...Zimbabweans are suffering chronic shortages of meat, maize, fuel and other basic commodities due to the collapse of the once prosperous economy, which critics blame on President Robert Mugabe's policies, including his violent seizure of white-owned farms."

What kind of nation destroys its own food supply? Probably somewhat more primitive cousins of a nation like ours, that destroys its own energy sources by threatening to bomb and invade our primary suppliers.

"Central bank Governor Gideon Gono announced on Wednesday that inflation had surpassed 2.2 million percent, though some economists put it much higher. In a notice in the official Herald newspaper on Saturday, Gono said the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe would introduce 100 billion dollar special agro-cheques (notes), to help consumers who currently need to carry large wads of cash even for simple transactions."

Yeah, they'll cause a lot of aggro, all right.

"This new $100 billion special agro-cheque will go into circulation on Monday, the notice said. The central bank has been printing higher denomination banknotes to keep pace with soaring prices. The most valuable bank note currently in circulation is worth Z$50 billion."

"Gono said he was also considering raising the amount of cash people could withdraw daily from their bank accounts. The central bank has imposed a withdrawal limit of Z$100 billion, but this is only enough for two trips on an urban commuter bus or two loaves of bread -- if one can find a bus that's running or a shop with any bread for sale.

"The Zimbabwe dollar, which had been officially pegged at 30,000 to the U.S. dollar before exchange rules were relaxed recently, now trades at about 800 million to the greenback. Besides struggling with shortages of basic goods and services, Zimbabweans also spend long hours in bank queues trying to withdraw their money." (Like some American bank customers over the past year.)

"The central bank says the limits on cash withdrawals are designed to curtail a thriving black market in foreign exchange and basic commodities." (Give us time in this country, and we'll have dynamic black market economies just like all socialist societies.)

Reuters concludes: "Two weeks ago a German firm, Giesecke and Devrient, stopped deliveries of banknote paper to Zimbabwe following pressure from the German government amid international criticism of Mugabe's widely condemned re-election. Gono said Zimbabwe had made alternative arrangements."

In other words, they're getting their currency paper from their Chinese friends now.

When, oh when will ignorant savages like Mugabe learn that simply printing money as you need it leads to galloping inflation and economic destruction? And come to that, when will the Federal Reserve learn the same lesson?

You see, the Federal Reserve and the financial rulers of Wall Street are now doing exactly the same thing, on a more sophisticated scale, that Mugabe's Commie kaffirs in Zimbuggery are doing. It's just a bit less visible, concealed by a little more smoke and mirrors, and since we have more wealth to waste, it's taking a little longer.

In Mugabe's Zimbibbledy, the inflation is wiping out basic commodities everyone can see and feel and touch and eat, like bread and oil and gasoline and electricity and auto parts. When outfits like Bear Stearns and IndyMac go down, what happens is that the Fed "prints" (i.e. creates on a computer; they're probably not even bothering to actually print the bills any more) X billion or trillion dollars and then "loans" it to J. P. Morgan Chase or to the FDIC, as the case may be, in order to shore up the creaking and decrepit financial structure another few weeks until the next crisis.

The same thing applies to government bailouts. Where the hell do you think The One (or rather the Jews who are running him) got that trillion dollars in "stimulus" money from? They simply called up their Jewish buddy Ben Bernanke at the Federal Reserve and told him to fire up the printing presses.

But the effect is the same: more worthless paper (or computer terminal) money is pumped into the system, causing the price of everything to leap so vendors can get the same amount of value and profit per item sold or traded as before.

The ultimate result is "loss of confidence", i.e. all of a sudden something snaps, people realize that small green pieces of paper have no value at all except as toilet paper, and they say to the rich man, "screw your two million dollars, I want that sandwich on your plate and if you don't give it to me I'll plug you!"

Yeah, that's a bit oversimplified, but essentially, that's the deal. This always happens when governments (and the Federal Reserve, although a private corporation, has virtual governmental power here) inject essentially worthless money backed by nothing substantial into an economy to make up for the fact that the state and the people who run have pissed away all their money and the establishment is broke.

Always it happens. This is Economics 101 and it's impossible for these sharp Jews who run things not to be aware of the fact. The people ruling us are all so mega-rich and have their own personal wealth stashed in so many shelters and secure hiding places that they simply don't care what kind of damage they do to the economy or to the country or other people's lives so long as their books balance and the Balloon doesn't Go Up for good in some manner that will harm them personally.

If we're going to do something about this, people, we damned well better get on with it. We don't have a whole hell of a lot of time left.


Anonymous brian boru said...

It doesn't take that long for hyperinflation to take hold. People in the English-speaking world have not experienced it yet, unlike the Germans, Hungarians, Yugoslavs and Russians and the various wog countries. It will come as a great shock to the average American or Brit when their dollars and pounds become recognised for their true worth, ie nothing. What will they do when the merchants refuse to accept the pieces of coloured paper for tangible goods of real value? How will the vast majority of them get food and fuel?
Despite the terrible suffering that Russians experienced in the early 1990s after the collapse of the kike communist experiment and the theft of the wealth of the country by the same vampires who inflicted the vile system on them in the first place, ordinary people did manage to cope. They had decades of experience in managing to cope with shortages and all the miseries of a communist system. The average American or Brit is not prepared in any comparable way. They will really suffer big time. The nigger in the White House and his kike managers know what is coming and it is hard to imagine that they have not made plans accordingly.

2:49 PM  
Anonymous John Norman Howard said...

Brass and lead are the new precious metals, boys.

5:46 AM  
Anonymous John Norman Howard said...

For the discriminating collector, you can pick up a Zimbabwe 100 Trillion Dollar bank note on eBay for $1.99, with FREE shipping.

Makes a wonderful stocking stuffer this holiday season, especially for that hard-to-shop-for, well-intentioned-liberal friend who has everything.

6:01 AM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

On the internet it states that the worst hyperinflation on record occurred in Hungary in 1946 and was deliberately induced by Soviet kikes to destroy the middle class. It is not clear whether the rate in Zimbabwe has exceeded that yet, but it is probable. At least Hungary had valuable infrastructure available despite the fantastic destruction of 1945. The infrastructure of Rhodesia has been destroyed except for the mines which the multi-nationals keep running to exploit the mineral wealth and which provides the main nigger with cash.

8:21 AM  

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