Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Black Power and the Obongo Police State

Recently a nigger walked into a grocery store, loaded up with shoplifted merchandise, then headed out the door. He was immediately nailed by several cops who were hired as security on their off hours, because the store is a regular victim of thieving blacks and illegals. When the cops tried to arrest Mr. Chimps, he pulled a large knife and started swinging with it. He cut a couple of the officers deeply, and even cut himself during the struggle. The worthless buck was finally brought down, cuffed and stuffed.

Personally I'd have delivered him to the station in a very tattered condition. While the officers were being sewn up at the hospital, it was discovered that this piece of crap had AIDS, and had probably infected the entire security staff with his blood. On top of that, there's no telling how many innocent women this worthless buck infected without bothering to even tell them he was sick. Typical black behavior. I think that any nigger caught deliberately passing on AIDS should be publicly castrated, then executed as an example and a warning to all the other maggots out there. We need to stop coddling these animals and start killing them with the same gusto they're destroying our society.

A 50-year-old father of three was at a stoplight, on his way home from another hard day's work. He was bone-tired and impatiently waited for the light to change. Suddenly the driver's door was yanked open and an ugly, plate-lipped nigger shot him in the face, without warning or reason, then snatched his wallet and fled into the night. Of course he was never caught. After all, they all look alike, and as we all know, monkoids will never squeal on each other, no matter how heinous the crime is. That evil piece of dung left the dead man sitting in his car at the intersection for the other Whites to handle, the ones that are still trying to hold together what's left of our society.

From what the authorities were able to put together, the man was killed for around $30. That didn't buy much crack at today's prices. No doubt ole' Buckwheat had to go back out a couple more times that night to get up enough money to make him happy.

Last year two niggers broke into a home in San Diego, beat the residents and stole their 18-month-old child. Neithey they nor the missing child have ever been heard from since. These types of evil atrocities are occurring all around us every single day on a genocidal scale. Yet almost none of these outrages are ever reported by the liberal-controlled media. That would go directly against all their years of intense brainwashing propaganda, who's goal is to get the public to smile when they smell crap and call it perfume.

I know for a fact that there's not one single person out there in my reading audience that hasn't either personally suffered at the hands of these animals, or knows someone close to them that has. Like trying to poke ten pounds of gunpowder into a five-pound metal tube using a crowbar, something's going to give, and violently.

White America is up to its gills in bullshit and has had all it's going to take. I've ranted and raved about blacks and other dark races for years in an attempt to wake up the Whites of this nation and planet before it's too late. Sometimes I sound like a broken record. The sad truth is that if there were more people like me out there preaching the truth, and more people believing it, I wouldn't have to write half the rants I presently produce. It's hard, time consuming, risky, draining, and sometimes I feel just like Chicken Little crying to an indifferent public that the sky is falling.

But then I'll receive a few letters of support from my readers, thanking me for opening their eyes, or confirming a suspicion, or clearing up some mystery that's been troubling them, and I know I'm doing the right thing. If I have a hand in saving some of my race by waking them up in time, then it will have all been worth it to me. But the real weight is on the shoulders of you, dear readers, because it's up to each of you to take the message to your friends, loved ones and peers, and have the heart and guts to teach them the truth, even if it means risking a friendship.

Want to know what real friendship is? That's when you care enough about someone that you're willing to risk losing them as a friend or loved one in order to save them. Humans are odd ducks. They get angry when they're told the truth about something they don't want to hear, even if they know they need to hear it. And far too many of us would rather risk seeing them dead or enslaved, than risk losing their love or friendship. Who's being selfish and self-centered now? Hmmm? But if you could have told them, but they died because you didn't for your own personal interests, would they love you for it? I think not. Doing the right thing is seldom easy or fun. We're fortunate when it is. But it's that trait that elevates us above the dark races. It's called altruism

Putting things off until tomorrow is what's going to get you and those you love killed. We're almost out of time. You can't procrastinate any longer. You're going to have to make up your mind now. Either do the right thing; the thing you know in your heart-of-hearts should be done, or accept the fact that you're going to be responsible for a lot of needless deaths because you didn't have the cojones to step up to the plate.

Do you love your people and race deeply enough to risk losing their approval and love, if it means saving their lives? That's the big question each of you must ask yourselves. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and all other dark races to varying degrees, have a culture steeped in CYA, or covering each other's asses. This trait is the real source of "black power" and why the government and law enforcement can't get a handle on them.

Long before that evil buck Tookie Williams started up the first gang in L.A., blacks had a long history of protecting each other. Any race that turns a blind eye to crime is bound to develop such a culture just for survival's sake. Just ask any detective that's spent any length of time talking to blacks or other minorities about the whereabouts of some killer. Regardless of what he's done, the people in his neighborhood will lie and protect him. This gives these groups a strength we as a race don't possess any longer.

Our old ladies can't wait to report suspicious activities at their next-door neighbor's house, and they're insufferable gossips. There's telephone, telegraph, and tell a granny. We all know the type; they're as common as Jews at a diamond expo. We not only tolerate this behavior, we laugh at it and think it's cute. And of course the cops praise the old busybodies because after all, cops love a good bust. We must stop rewarding and encouraging this kind of behavior, and in fact ostracize these people for betraying their own kind. It's high time for a little "White power."

In the days before the police state, communities dealt with their own problems and issues, and didn't involve the government unless they had to. But now the government encourages people to report to them about every minor thing. This is bad news and very, very stupid. We need to break the back of the dark cultures and restore our own. This can and must be done if we are to survive.

It isn't open for debate. It must be done. The evil being done to us is increasing exponentially, and the media is still refusing to let out a single squeak about it. Therefore we must learn to completely ignore the liberal media and rely only on our own people for news of events.

There's really no other options open to us. Never believe anything they tell you, except for shouts of alarm at our increasing numbers, and their fear of our growing power. Those are things they won't lie about. Fear has a way of doing that to people.

You and I know without a shadow of a doubt that if they wanted to, our government could stop all this nation's woes practically overnight. But considering the fact that they were the ones that deliberately created this mess in the first place, I wouldn't hold my breath for too long waiting for that to happen. The whole idea is to destroy our nation. Got that? Well face it. We can't negotiate with evil. It can't be done, so don't even entertain the idea. It's pure idiocy. You can only deal with evil one way, and we all know what that is.

No, I can't give you a set date when the government will strike. This isn't a movie. I doubt they even know themselves for certain. A whole raft of conditions have to be in place before they can do this. All I know for certain is that they will strike. Maybe this fall or winter when the heat turns off, or in the spring, when winter is far off in the future.

Keep in mind that they have spent billions on this project, and years preparing for the takeover. They have quietly constructed hundreds of rail cars, millions of coffins, dug hundreds of mass graves, and converted over a hundred old military bases into internment camps. They have manufactured an economic collapse, created a deadly flu in their labs, and made a "vaccine" to "save" us. And if you still believe that all this is just unrelated coincidence, I pity you and your family because you're all as good as dead.

Our greatest strength during the coming crisis is going to be our own brand of black power, where whites band together in bonds of loyalty that no other race can approach. We used to be that way. That's how we won the last great war against our racial brothers in Europe. We must return to the old ways and do it now. The family, the clan, the tribe, the nation. We stick together right or wrong. Or we perish.

-The Lone Haranguer



Anonymous Anonymous said...


Typical Dumb-Ass Fucking Niggers!!!


8:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't have an issue with their crime, in essence. It furthers our agenda in a way propaganda never could, it is the propaganda of the deed and they are doing it for us. It is unfortunate that we may come in contact with this but nature never fails. If you have taken to ever listening to 'their' music you will know it revolves around spending money, and degrading women. The beats are similar and so on. I find it particularly sad, but in keeping up with the West's decline that this song would be played on a national radio station: "hello motherfucker hai hi how ya dern', itz weezy f baby come to take a shit n urine on my toilet bowl bitches, bitch named crystal, sucked my pistol" I mean, pardon the language, but for a culture that once labeled "F**K you" as military talk, I think we know where this culture stands. Anyway, NF!

5:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly, this is not limited to just the Negro males...

Everyone who makes less than $25,000 a year and never finished high school (even grade school) is slowly losing their minds.

Death is not good enough for them, but what do you do when over 70% of the nation doesn't believe in capital punishment?

I'm glad I still have my guns, but the vigilance I use when I'm out and about doesn't protect me from the scum who apparently have it better off than me because they have free legal representation when the end up killing me and then their case is pleaded down to only manslaughter since their puny minds only thought killing me 30 before ever meeting me?

And as we all know, what's 5 to 7 years when for 'good behavior' they get out in 3?

I weep for this country, and it's dying slowly.

8:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The saddest/scariest part of it is that if you ever defend yourself or your family against a black during a crime, you'll probably be charged with a racial "hate crime."

10:40 AM  

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