Sunday, October 18, 2009

Be Prepared

[This author may be paranoid, but remember: just because you're paranoid, that doesn't mean they ain't out to get you. Paranoids have enemies too. -HAC]

Personally, I simply do not trust anything the government tells me concerning any issue you care to bring up. I base that on their string of lies and deceit dating back 175 years. Almost from the very inception of our “Republic” it has been about power and money. Nothing more, nothing less. Those who rose to power were allowed to do so, by anointed elites both in our nation and in Europe. Nothing has changed.

We are simply seeing the final act played out as most of us bury our heads and promote this insidious and lethal combination of communistic worshipping simpletons, and a government all too willing to use these idiots. They are too far gone on the government gravy train to know or to ask any questions at all. Those of us (and thank God for patriots) who act as human shields for the keyboard warriors who whine and complain but add nothing to the effort to defeat this express train to hell are weary from years of battle. When the camps begin filling and the roads are mostly empty, the truth of what we have all been saying will cut to the marrow like a razor.

I have advised tens of thousands to have a plan and prepare. If you have done that, you are light years ahead of the ACORN crowd who are betting their miserable and corrupted lives on ACORN’S former legal representative Barack Obama. [I note that like most kosher conservatives, this guy is still too frightened to come right out and mention the racial issue or the Jews. - HAC]

If you do not have a plan and are not prepared, then you are already a casualty. Hear that mournful music—it’s the gravedigger and he’s moving your way.

I have also advised people to think defensively and strategically. [In contrast, the Party advises White people to think offensively and aim for revolution and a new, free nation for White people on this continent. Sorry, I'll stop interrupting. - HAC]

I continue to do that, but the time is coming when that will shift to other strategies that Jefferson admonished us about using when dealing with tyranny. [ he wandering in the direction of Thinking the Unthinkable and maybe even Speaking the Unspeakable? Let us see...]

That day is just ahead dear friends. I believe there is no way now to avoid it. It almost must come, for the evil that surrounds us cannot be destroyed any other way. In a perfect world, we could talk it out. We could reason and reach a moral and logical agreement.
But logic, morality, truth, common sense and accountability all went down with the Republic. Vicious evil and its legions must be eliminated. The time for debate is over. The legacy to our children and grandchildren will be utter defeat and evil upon this world unseen since the days of Noah, or a bitter struggle that will stamp out this cancer on our nation, and stand at the doorstep of a new Republic. (The gravedigger is waiting for our response.)

If I had a very short list of the most essential items to offer you, then this common sense effort might help. It is basic, but a point to start from. [Ah, nuts! He almost made it there, but now he's back to "run off and hide in the woods."]

1. Do not be immunized. Resist if you have to.
2. Begin buying “original” (real) foods from reputable growers.
3. Use meat products from the same sources.
4. Familiarize yourself with “home remedies” and stock those items
5. Buy only the gold and silver necessary to barter your mortgage, etc.
6. Stock food, food, food and ammunition. They will be invaluable.
7. Create home church and Bible studies along with prayer groups.
8. Start moving off the grid and plan how you will live without power.
9. Stockpile quantities of gas, kerosene, diesel, water and candles.
10. Create your plan of defense and protection for your home and area.
11. Sharp-shoot practice with your weapons and prepare to use them.
12. Re-locate to a more rural area near resources and a clean water source.

I intend to do everything in my power to see that our family’s cemetery plot remains unfilled for many years. The gravedigger is not welcome here.

Dedicate every available moment from now until this great struggle is over toward planning for your survival and your availability to help remedy this nation’s horrible situation. Together, I believe we can do this. Easy? No. Necessary? What is the alternative? When there is nothing left to lose, then you will have your answer. I have mine. I just told the gravedigger to go to hell, and take a bunch of these Obama lunatics with him.

From a column by Greg Evensen, NewsWithViews. com

[Weeelll...I'll give him a B-minus. He briefly tiptoed up to the solution, was frightened by what he saw, and then fled back into the safe, comfortable old "hide in a cabin in the woods with ten years' worth of freeze-dried lima beans and piles of guns and ammunition which will never be fired at the regime" routine. But at least he did tip-toe up to The Unspeakable, which is more than most conservatives ever do. Yeah, B minus.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are correct in your analysis. The main problem with this guy is that he has not twigged to the fact that you cannot win a defensive war. Even so-called 'defensive' victories in history have been made by the defender going on the counterattack once the attacker had exhausted themselves.

12:54 PM  
Blogger Ray Seltz said...

Bible studies? Who's bible? The Jews??? (Christianity) Please say it so, Greg. LISTEN TO WHAT DAVID LANE SAID, PLEASE!!

4:43 PM  

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