Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Backs To The Wall

[To stop me from getting all kinds of e-mails, yes, I know Glenn Beck is a Jew-loving Christian Zionist neocon. This is Lone Haranguer's column, not mine, and he apparently is willing to overlook the spectacle of Beck's lips glued to kosher buttocks. I'm not, but LH's viewpoint is fairly common. - HAC]

It doesn't take much anymore to get me really angry at those bastards in the media. All they do is pump out a continual, never ending stream of lies and propaganda. Actually, it's frustrating as much as enraging because all I'm trying to do is get some news; some simple facts about an event. I can't even get that. Everything, and I mean everything they report on, be it local or national, is twisted beyond all recognition in order to fit some current political agenda.

I usually have to go to the Net for the truth, and even then I have to resort sometimes to using overseas news agencies. Considering that America is the cradle of modern freedom, I find this outrageous, to put it mildly. And how many of you have noticed that whenever there's some heinous crime committed by some plate-lipped ape, the talking heads always seem to omit the pictures of the perp, and "forget" to say what race he is. After all, that wouldn't help improve relations between de' po' downtrodden blacks and their prey, namely white America.

The blatant hypocrisy both astounds and maddens me, and I wonder why the hell my people have put up with this crap for so long. Fortunately, there are a rapidly increasing number of resistance organizations and cells forming all over the union to counteract this evil. But our enemies know it, and it's putting fear into their black hearts; the same fear a rat has when it sees the exterminator coming.

Consequently their anti-white propaganda has once again taken another click up the scale. Sometimes in the evening, after a long, hard day, I'll lay back and surf the TV channels to find something mind-numbing to watch before I konk out. The other night I stopped at that new show, "Amazing Grace" which is about some rabid liberal feminist cop with the morals and ethics of a bitch in heat.

This particular episode was guessed it...evil white racist revolutionaries. The Jew writers did their level best to portray any white that kicks against the present evil system as a racist, terrorist, bigot, nut-job, villain. The hero of the show and her effeminate sidekick saved the day and arrested all the evil whites before they could blow up a building full of innocent children. Oh yeah, they did their worst to make us look like monsters. They know as well as we do that TV is a powerful propaganda weapon. And it doesn't matter whether or not the episode is pure fiction out of the mind of some perverted Jew; the public accepts it as fact. That's why the media is so dangerous.

Recent polls show Obama's popularity is tanking so badly that even the liberal media can no longer lie about it. Obama himself is irate over the new figures and was overheard saying "Dey racist!" Think I'm kidding? I'm not. Like I always said, he's just another uppety ghetto nigger.

Now the talking heads are saying the same thing, that white America doesn't like Obama because he's black. They're wrong, and they're right. The Left is always whining we don't like blacks because of the color of their skin. That's the most ridiculous claim I ever heard. It's what their color represents that we despise. I don't care if they're polka-dotted. Blacks are lowlifes as a species. History, along with every last statistic ever polled literally screams this at us. It's a fact, not an opinion, and no amount of propaganda is ever going to change that fact.

But as long as they can blame our hatred on something so superficial, they can divert America's attention away from the real reasons blacks are hated. Obama is bound and determined to leave his mark on the U.S., regardless of how much grief and damage he causes to do it. This is the identical thinking we always see in black despots around the world. That nigger is dangerous.

Now the bastards are going after Glenn Beck. Not because he's spreading lies about them and their liberal cronies, but because he's telling the truth! The House has no defense against Beck. That's because he names names, and puts dates and places and events together, and exposes their evil agenda. Millions of Americans now know the truth about this uppety, egomaniacal nigger and his evil plans for America.

In my book Americans deserve the crap that's happening. What the hell were
they thinking when they allowed those Democratic weasels to put a buck nigger up as a Presidential candidate? They should have demonstrated and refused to vet that monkey. How many millions of felonies, rapes, murders, robberies, and other evil deeds do blacks have to commit on them before they get it through their thick heads that no nigger can be trusted in any position of authority, let alone (my God!) as the President of the United States? That's like appointing MC Hammer as Secretary of Defense.

We are now facing a nightmare of black abuse of power, exactly as I warned, long before Super Chimp was ever elected. A coon is a coon is a coon. Period. It's built into their very nature to abuse power. They are literally millions of years behind us on the evolutionary tree. Just tonight that liberally poisoned network called The Learning Channel (gimme a break), ran a show on the roots of humanity, tracing us all back to some nigger ho' in early Africa. Yeah right. And my mamma eats chitlins.

The host kept repeating that "We are all 99.9% genetically identical!" BullSHEEEIIIIIT! What we have here is millions of extremely gullible Americans swallowing their crap hook, line and sinker, without even questioning that statement. The whole show was a subtle propaganda attack promoting diversity. The truth is quite different.

You see, what they didn't bother to tell their idiot audience, is that all life on this planet is 99% identical! Trees, fish, birds, reptiles, and people. We all have that much DNA in common. How? Simple. Almost all our DNA is to "build" life. We are all carbon-based life forms. We are all made of some type of flesh. We all have nervous systems, and we all burn food to live. All this data takes up most of our DNA. Plus, we also have an astounding amount of dormant DNA, left over from millions of years ago. As life-forms slowly evolve, they create new strands of DNA to allow new functions and traits, and they also shut down older, more primitive, or now useless genes. Nevertheless, they're still part of us all, be we a tree or an aardvark.

It only takes a minute amount of DNA to create a radically different type of life-form. DNA is powerful stuff. It's amazing how skillful these propaganda experts have become at twisting the truth to suit their agenda. Americans need to be triply careful in believing anything they tell you on TV anymore. I've even discovered some inconsistencies on Fox News as well. It seems that no place is 100% truthful anymore. If truth is to ever return to our land, we will have to do it.

We are being pushed to the point our backs are now against the wall. We have a choice to make. We can either submit to the new authority and say goodbye to truth and freedom forever in this country, or we can join forces with grim determination and fight, like our fathers would...and did. You have a duty to them, and all the millions of Americans that fought and died to give you the freedoms you've enjoyed all your life.

Freedom isn't free. Every generation must spill the blood of patriots on her altar, or she abandons them. Stop worrying about your house and your bills and job. You're going to lose all of that very soon now anyway, and you know it. Isn't it far better to do so on your own terms? Remember, we don't instigate anything. Let them make the first move. Then we'll make our enemies pay for what they've attempted to steal from us and our children. Pack your vital things, close up shop and join a group or cell. Get ready.

It's going to get really nasty soon. Do you want to be an unarmed sitting duck sheeple when they come knocking, or are you going to be far away from the big city? The test of your mettle is upon you. What will you choose white man? Slavery and death, or freedom and revenge?

-Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glen Beck did himself no favors when he backed down from Katy Couric when asked to define "white culture." You can find the clip on youtube with a little searching. He stammered, he babbled, he looked like a complete moron. Glen Beck is a good example of, I'm afraid, a lot of us. When push comes to shove, we lack the barbarous animalism of our opponent and go soft. We don't have the incivility of that ape priest who would shout "God Damn America!" Glen Beck turned and ran from that question like a monty python skit "Run Away!" when he should have just taken his lumps and stood up and gave a definition, ANY fecking definition, of "white culture." Oh sure, you say, they would have made him look bad no matter what he said. And sneaking off like a defeated feminazi before a 90lb lesbian skank with a butch haircut was better? Lots of whites are lining up behind Glen Beck but we need a better mouthpiece. One that will hold his ground when the going gets tough and not get scared when any opposition is met.

11:21 AM  
Blogger Ray Seltz said...

Glenn Beck is anti-liberal but has no leanings AT ALL about being "pro-white". It's easy for whites to confuse the issue.

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All the News and Vital Information that I use is Internet-based. I rarely bother to check "Mainstream" media like TV for news except when evaluation of Enemy propaganda is vital to exposing Enemy Psy-Ops activities for educational purposes. My latest recruits are about halfway through reading "A Mighty Fortress" and I'll probably assign "A Distant Thunder" next. That tentative sequence could change if the 500+ page length of "The Brigade" seems practical for the second reading assignment. Anyone have a suggested reading sequence and supporting thesis? These people all know "the basics" of the Struggle and can be effective spies within ZOG-friendly Educational, Media, and Corporate entities. They've already taken to calling me "Mr. Chips" amongst themselves. lol

11:16 PM  
Anonymous John Norman Howard said...

What's so hard about defining "White culture"? It's everything from the Sistine Chapel to Bach to Wagner to Goethe to Beethoven to Henry Ford to Neil Armstrong, and the intellect, creativity, and drive involved in the endeavors of all of the above. It's what makes Switzerland Switzerland and not Nigeria... it what makes Detroit of the 1920s rather than the 1990s... how hard is it to throw that back at a talking head like Couric for this so-called spokesmen of the Dispossessed Majority? Sheesh, no wonder we're losing this country and our place in the world.

7:12 AM  

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