Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Liars' Club

I'm angry, really angry. I'm fed up with the lies and bullshit spewing out of the National Bullshit Network here in America aka CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, and PBS. All of these networks are owned and operated by bootlicks of Obama's regime and the criminals behind it.

This morning I got a cup of coffee and sleepily turned on the toob to catch the news. I flicked past MSNBC on the way to Fox and heard some blond bimbo talking head tell about her personal experiences on the way to the studio that morning. She rode a commuter train and said she talked to a lot of people about the healthcare reform bill that the liberals are desperately trying to jam down our throats. This cow lied through her teeth about how the American people feel about that abomination. She says, "People aren't against it, they just want more information-more details. They support it and want healthcare reform."

How the devil can she look right into the camera at 30 million people and lie her ass off like that? I've come to realize that liberals in this country aren't just stupid, they're degenerate. No morals whatsoever. They'll say and do absolutely any stinking thing they want to further their agendas. Nothing is sacred. Nothing.

She and her male crony at the news desk said that 76% of people support Obama's travesty. The truth is a far different thing than that lying slut is spouting. All the polls, with the obvious exception of the NBN polls, report that 88% of Americans are violently against this bill. These clowns played some highly edited clips of a half-dozen town hall meetings where Americans were eating their reps alive for supporting the measure against their wishes. To hear it from this bootlick, all of these people were, and I quote, "The lunatic fringe of the conservative party, who make them look bad because they too, support the bill."

What the hell? I came out of my seat and stood in front of the TV with rage, wishing to Holy God I was in that studio, and not to kiss her either. It's bad enough to lie to me, but it's beyond what I'll tolerate to bold-faced lie to all of America about something so important.This bitch deserves an ass kicking of the first rank. In fact she just bought a large economy size can of whoop-ass that I would love to deliver, and I've never hit a woman in my life.

This evil propaganda machine the liberals glibly call a news network has been spewing out a non-stop stream of bullshit and propaganda at an increasing rate for the past fifteen years, until finally it morphed into something that would make a third world junta proud. First they were saying that the protesters as the meetings were part of an artificial action that's being financed and orchestrated by the Republican party.

When they saw that America wasn't buying that line, they switched to "lunatic fringe." Well, we all know that anyone that disagrees with the liberals is either a potential domestic terrorist, or part of this lunatic fringe. Obama himself and believe it or not the White House as well, has sank to the point of openly threatening people and organizations that disagree or resist his will. He's now publicly telling politicians to shut up and cooperate, others that they're walking on thin ice, and has even installed a snitch section in the White House website for people to report their neighbors for disagreeing with him. Any guesses where those names will go? How about the regime's "to be eliminated" list when the camps open?

What did we think would happen when they put that coon, any coon in a position of power. There has never been a black in history that became a political leader that did not become a dictator! This is a hard, historical fact. Power is like crack to a black. Once he's tasted it, he won't. He can't let go.

You know how they catch monkeys in the Congo? They take a glass jar with a mouth large enough to allow a monkey to stick his hand in it, and they bury it in a chunk of concrete too heavy for the monkey to carry. Then they stick a banana in the jar..and wait. The monkey spies the banana and reaches in and grabs it. But when he tries to retrieve it, he discovers that his full fist is now too large to remove through the neck of the bottle. The hunter simply walks up and grabs the monkey, no sweat, no fuss.

Well why doesn't the monkey simply let go of the banana and beat feet, you ask? Greed! That ape will scream and fight and kick, and try to pick up the jar, bite it, beat it, but it will not let go of that banana. Even when it sees the hunter walking up to it and thinks it's about to get eat, it still refuses to let go.

And guess what: That stupid trap works every time. Those monkeys are so greedy that they'd rather face death than let go. Niggers are the same way with power. Remember that. If you think for one second that Obama is ever going to leave office in your lifetime, you're not listening. He's going to have to be removed by the American people.

I hate a liar almost as badly as I hate a thief, and I'll happily kill a thief, then go back to eating my lunch. And the chief product from the NBN is lies.

In my entire life I've never seen anything like this in America.
Oh sure, I've seen this kind of political corruption in Third World banana republics, but I never dreamed I'd see communists controlling the American media. There's something that Americans need to always keep in mind; Communists have no morals. They're capable of saying and doing anything to further their agenda.

That's because they don't care about or even understand the concept of right and wrong. To them it's simply a matter of what works for the moment. If the truth won't get you where you want to go, then you lie. It's really that simple to them. The last generation and the one coming up were both raised by the NEA, which is the educational arm of the liberal propaganda machine. Both of these generations were brainwashed from the time they hit kindergarten to believe only the party line and be good little liberals.

To be anything else, like a conservative or Christian brands you are traitor, a freak, a moron, and a misfit in school. Even your grades suffer no matter how well you really do in your studies. You'll find that the only kids on their honor rolls are young liberals. The stories of harassment, cruelty and rejection I've heard from conservative and traditionalist parents would make your hair stand on end. I even know of one case where a liberal history teacher had a couple of niggers beat the crap out of a student after class for disagreeing with the twisted history this creep was teaching the class. Fortunately the kid had been home schooled most of his life from old textbooks that had survived the liberal book burning that took place fifteen years ago. He knew the truth.

I don't care how hard it is, or what you have to do or sacrifice. If you love your kids, you'll jerk them out of those schools and home school them. If you don't, they'll grow up to be just as hopelessly amoral and twisted as that stupid bimbo on the NBN. Between the NBN, the ruthless NEA, and the White House, we have a liar's club of criminals that are telling Americans one thing while they're quietly doing another.

These are classic communist takeover tactics. And if we don't rise up and take back our country, and do it soon, you're going to wake up some bright, sunshiny morning soon now, and discover the United States is now a communist nation.

-Travis McGee



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this really happening in America? I mean, I can't believe we have a negro president and Europe is being hijacked by Arabs. It is like the worst nightmare to civilization has come true. What's going on in this world doesn't make any sense. People (White people) are laying down and stuck in a state of shock. The whole fucking world is out to get us and NOBODY in the "maintream" has the cajones to step up and do shit about it. What a fucking disgrace!

9:46 PM  
Anonymous Fireyeyedpegasus said...

I quit watching tv 4 years ago and it was the best thing I have ever done along with being the hardest thing I have ever done.

I can still get all the latest commie propaganda from the internet and I don't have to listen to all the bullshit they are trying to sell me with their disgusting and endless commercials.
With the internet you can just watch the meaty parts and scrap all the rest.
Once one has studied the true history of tv and the effect it has on the human brain it becomes easy to avoid. Once you have quit tv it becomes very hard to even be around those who watch it anymore.

Most tv watchers suffer from cognitive dissonance because their minds are locked into a state of flat brainwaves that makes them seek entertainment instead of wisdom and knowledge of reality.

Quitting tv is far more difficult than quitting smoking. That impulse to flick that switch is more ingrained into the American psyche than apple pie or football.
It is as natural as going to the bathroom and one does not realize the effect it has on their mind until they been off the heroin for awhile.
I can spot a tv watcher within the first sentence that rolls out of their mouth. There is nothing that comes from that joobox that is worth wasting time on anymore.

It takes about 4 months to get over the withdrawals of tv and then like magic....you cannot even stand to be around it anymore once you get your mind back. I was absolutely amazed at what I went through. There is much more that comes out of that tv than meets the eye. It is a smorgasboard of subliminal frequencies and mind control that few are even aware of until after you have been off of it for awhile.

I dare anyone to try and go a month without turning it on. Very few are able and it has been proven that only one in ten can do it. TV is the joos greatest weapon of control that is why they pushed so relentlessly for its creation many years ago. That is also why is was declared a national security item when it was first developed. TV has a very dark history especially in its beginning stages of discovery.

11:29 AM  

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