Thursday, September 24, 2009

Idiots On Parade

Ever taken a good look at Jimmy Carter? The guy looks like a shaved weasel with AIDS. And talk about stupid. This guy makes Gomer Pyle look like Einstein. Come to think of it, I can't name one Democratic president in the past forty years that wasn't either a stone moron or more crooked than a boar's dick.

You'd think the public would learn by now that you do not vote for liberals. I mean Jesus! Carter, Johnson, Clinton, and now Super Chimp? Criminy!

Just yesterday Carter started his usual moronic crap by publicly stating that all the resistance to Obamacare was "racist." That senile old chimp hugger is a black wannabe. It's actually beyond me why the media even prints anything that idiot says, anyway. I mean who cares what that retard has to say about anything?

The liberals are already milking his statement for all it's worth, using it as their new banner to try to get that Obamanation passed. And I can tell all of you right now that no matter how much opposition those idiots in DC get, they're highly likely to go ahead and pass the damned thing anyway. That's called hubris. They're so drunk with their newfound power that they think that we can't throw their rotten asses out on their ears and arrest them for high treason, which should have been done decades ago.

But then, that's coming soon enough from the looks of things. I see one hell of a revolt coming down the pipe. It's going to be one very nasty, bloody mess, and our beloved nigger prez and his commie cronies are going to start it with their attempt at hoisting a false flag crisis to get us all rounded up in camps. Trouble is, too many Americans are now wise to the government's lies and antics, and most of them..even the idiots among us (and God, we've got a bumper crop of those!) have now woke up to the fact that even 9/11 was caused by our own government with the help if the kikes, who we actually have on videotape hooting and celebrating as the towers fell.

The goons are going to demand that "civil order be restored" at all costs, which means they will kill as many Americans as it takes to prevent them from losing power and getting their asses shot for treason. And if you think for one second that this government would have any qualms whatsoever about shooting you, you're dumber than I look. The really great part about this is that they've forgotten just how dangerous a pissed off Aryan really is. Once the shooting starts they'll head straight for the capitol, and those miscreants will pay hell to escape in one piece. Few know that the White House has a secret escape tunnel with a train in it, just like in the movies, that dumps out at the Capitol building helo pad. I have no doubts the patriots will hit that first to make sure those roaches don't leave the apartment before the fumigator arrives.

At present however, I never cease to marvel over the sheer stupidity of liberals and their army of brain damaged bootlicks. If you can think of something vile, or immoral, or perverted, or weird, or sick, or silly as a fat middle-aged man in a tu-tu, you'll find a liberal in the thick of it. Everyone's a victim except the victim.

Thanks to liberals, the criminals have far more rights and protections under the law than their poor victims. Common sense and life experience are pronounced racism, and any fight with a lowlife black is automatically a hate crime. Never mind the fact that you'd have beat him senseless even if you'd been blind and never seen a black man. You're supposed to like being victimized by blacks or there's something wrong with you. Can I get a yaaazzuuhh??

Just the other day we had three public figures, all niggers, go on chimp-outs. And of course the liberal media pronounced that they were being discriminated against for being black, when the truth was that they were simply showing their spoiled, worthless asses like all niggers love to do. Then we had a busload of bucks beat a poor white kid half to death for being white, but no hate crime charges are pending. And yet another murderous coon is due to be executed next month for killing a dozen people.

When I turn on the TV, all the cop shows are starring niggers who have just brutally murdered someone, usually over a few dollars, and the action videos are mostly monkoids committing robberies and assaults. And yet the liberals act as if America is racist for finally waking up and asking "Hey! Where are all the white perps..huh?"

There's a big difference between being racist and being aware of what's going on right in front of your face. The liberals want us all to play "The Emperor's New Clothes" and ignore the murderous monkoids all around us. And they start foaming at the mouth when we refuse.

Tough. If they don't like it they can resign their positions and move to nigger town. Odds are they won't have to, because our people will soon have most of them behind bars awaiting trial for treason. Believe me, I can't wait. I also can't wait to see the look on their idiot faces when the cuffs are slapped on them and they're hauled off, kicking and screaming and spouting threats. It'll be a day of celebration, let me tell you. That Tea Party was just the warning shot across their bow. From this point on, things will get nasty. I hope you're preparing.

We have a ton of idiots on parade right now, all acting as if there's never going to be an end to their evil and corruption. This nation reminds me a great deal of Sodom and Gomorrah just before the great destruction. One thing about parades though, is that they all end. And then it's somebody's job to clean up the mess.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Fireyeyedpegasus said...

I hope I am the one who gets to pull the lever on the scaffold when they drop. I'll fight for that right.

As I pull that lever and watch them drop I will be reflecting on all the misery and suffering those corrupt liberal bastards have inflicted in my world and how they have destroyed everything I have ever worked for with my sweat and blood.

I will be thinking about how they choked me off in every business I have ever started with their endless paperwork, taxes, fees and licenses. I will be thinking about how they tried to destroy my country and my race with multiculturalism, homosexualism, feminism and most of all the putrid zyonism that has created and promoted these destructive elements with their endless lies and tyrannical media control.

I will be thinking about how they locked so many of us up who were in reality not ever criminals in their for profit gulags.

I will be thinking about every dirty trick they have ever done, are doing and plan to do. I will use a short rope impregnated with fish hooks. I will spend the rest of my life hunting down each and every one of them when the time comes.
They will feel the rage they have created by using me as cannon fodder and treating me like one of their barnyard animals for so long.

I will be thinking about how they have poisoned me and my family in our water, food and medicines to profit off of the sickness they inflict upon us for their monetary gain.

I will be thinking about what they have done to our kids with a corrupted education system designed to make them all stupid and dependent upon their handouts via the "state".

I will be thinking about the hopelessness and fear they have made me feel for so long. I will be thinking about all the sleepless nights spent thinking about the gross injustices they have done to us for profit.

I will be thinking about how they crashed through my door and stuck their guns in my face on completely fabricated lies to criminalize me and to make me a ward of the state and a non-citizen for the rest of my life.
I will be thinking about how I will never forget or forgive them as I happily pull that lever. I want them to know that there are consequences that they will indeed one day have to suffer for their sick and evil ways they have chosen in their thirst for power and money.
They will come to understand how prolonged fear and oppression turns to rage, hatred and extreme anger obliterating any fear left in those who at one time were never that way. They will see how they have created the very army that will destroy them one day.

Yes on that day I will be thinking what a great day it is I pull that lever under the flag of a new nation created from the rotting carcass of what was once the u.s.a.

A new nation of the most intelligent and educated human beings to ever walk the planet.
This new nation will become the envy of the world and of those who would destroy us.
We will succeed as failure is not an option. Our race depends on it and especially our children of the future.

10:38 AM  

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