Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Hear You Cry

Okay, I have been taken to task by several of you for not posting enough of my own decompositions here, or at least very infrequently, and posting mostly stuff from other writers and other sites.

Well, fair dinkum. But in mitigation, I have to point out that

A) My own personal blog on Northwest-related subjects is at

So it's not as if I am completely silent, and

B) There's just so much great, must-read stuff out there. You just want to rub people's noses in it and jam it by force into all those skulls full of mush.

However, vox populi, vox dei, so I will yield to public demand and scale back on the outside contributors (with the exception of the inimitable Lone Haranguer, who will continue to make frequent guest appearances) and begin substituting mine own raves, both modern and classical.

And by the way, I appreciate the input. It's nice to have fans.


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