Friday, November 21, 2008

Zack Hatfield's Soliloquy

[Zack Hatfield's soliloquy from the H. A. Covington novel The Brigade, Chapter Two]

“Yeah, official paranoia is rampaging, all right,” replied Morehouse with a chuckle. “They’re starting to wake up to the fact that they didn’t get us all when they stormed into Coeur d’Alene in November, and some of us are still fighting. Fair enough. But before we get down to cases, I’d like each of you to tell me in your own words what has brought you here tonight.”

“I guess I’ll start,” said Hatfield. “I’d some idea of what the Party was doing behind the scenes, of course, that preparations were being made. Some of it you told me, Red, and some of it I figured out for myself. I was starting to turn over in my own mind whether or not I wanted to join you when the time came to pick up the gun. I knew that time had to come, if any of us in this country had one spark of manhood left in us.

“We have tried everything else,” Hatfield went on grimly. “For generations we have dutifully trooped to the polls like sheep and voted in elections where we were given no meaningful choice, and where not one single candidate or party represented the white man’s racial interests. Nothing changed except the politicians grew more and more coarse and corrupt, more cynical and contemptible.

"For almost a hundred years now we have been betrayed at every turn by the men we voted into office, and we have been ravaged and bled dry by these alien creatures called Jews. We have tried every single peaceful avenue of redress, every non-violent method we could think of to try and change the world, to try and make these sons of bitches wearing the suits stop doing what they are doing. None of it has worked worth a tinker’s damn. We have shouted and screamed NO at the top of our lungs, and we have been ignored and spat on and called haters for our trouble.

"We tried the internet and spent years tapping to one another on keyboards, because we bought into this idea that ‘education’ was the answer, and if we could just get the truth to people, then things would change. Well, education without action isn’t worth a bucket of warm spit. We got the truth to people, all right, and it turned out to be nothing but a bunch of noise that was simply ignored, because the internet was where it stayed. Nobody ever did anything except tap on keyboards. That was fine with the bosses. Tapping on keyboards was no threat to them, we just let off steam and nothing changed. It is now crystal clear to any white man with two brain cells to rub together that the only thing which will make these dogs in power hear the word NO is the sound of gunfire.

“But I didn’t make up my mind finally until that night when I took care of Steve King’s problem for him,” Hatfield continued heavily. “I never realized just how damned good it would feel to strike back! It wasn’t like Iraq at all. I hated those hadjis because they were killing and maiming my friends and trying to do the same to me, but I knew in my heart that we had no business there, that the reason they were trying to kill and maim me was because I was trying to take from them their little patch of the world and the oil that was underneath it. I was a thief who had come into their home to rob them of their land and their goods and their dignity, and they had every right to try and shoot and bomb my ass off. To be honest, those Iraqis were doing what I would have been proud to see Americans do if we were ever invaded and occupied.

"We never said such things, of course, and most of us I don’t think even thought them out in our own minds in so many words, because we knew how dangerous those thoughts were, but we all knew that we were the guys in the black hats over there.

“I got back home and I somehow understood, as I never had before, that we are an occupied people. Occupied by our own government, occupied by the same goddamned Jews and politicians and business executives who sent me over to Iraq to steal what little those poor people have. Then came the business with Steve and Liddy King, when I used the skills ZOG gave me for my friend and for his children, for my own people and not for a monthly paycheck from the Jews. It felt right. I find that I like the feel of that white hat on my head, and I want to keep it there. That’s not very articulate, Red, but that’s the best I can tell you right now.”


Blogger Ray Seltz said...

The quote from above, "Well, education without action isn’t worth a bucket of warm spit", is dead on. I wonder if there will ever be a time when whites stop shopping at Wal-Mart, K-Mart or Safeway. Or stop buying american beer or Frosted Flakes or Band-Aids. Or Chevrolets or Remington rifles. At what point do we start to get it?? And then when some new kid comes into the fold, we send them out to stick propoganda under windshields. When someone leafs my car-for any topic, I get quite pissed. Play ball or get the fuck out, is my mantra. 88!

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every White patriot needs to own and read this book and memorize it cover to cover.

8:26 AM  
Blogger SoldierofYah said...

Education IS working in that many people ARE awakening to the truth. But an awakening among the people cannot transfer (peacefully) to political change because the electoral process is totally fraudulent and rigged.

For instance, we really did have a thing going with Ron Paul, and he WOULD have won if the primaries (and the election) really counted our votes.

By the way, I now know that Ron Paul is a Judas Goat (because he played along with the voting fraud, supports the "bin Laden" did it & war on terror fraud, etc). But the point is that we had a somewhat decent candidate who was perceived by the masses as an "anti-establishment savior", the masses are yearning for anti-establishment, anti-NWO policy.

Because they have rigged the voting box, they leave us no other choice but to vote from the cartridge box. The time is not there quite yet, but it's getting close. So let's keep on educating our brothers and sisters, so that we can get a "critical mass" of people for our "army", and then when the time is right (and it'll be obvious) we'll unleash our wrath, and take down the entire jewish power structure.

Thanks for posting the section of the book. Looks good. I'm going to look into purchasing.

12:26 PM  
Blogger Ray Seltz said...

Settling for someone is not the answer. Remember when Pat Buchanan had support of whites a few years back even though he had a darkie running mate? Ron Paul carried his own racial baggage. David Duke was in politics for a while, but after he turned on his own (whites) a few years ago, he has not been an option. When David Lane exposed the truth about Christian Identity, it enraged a handful of supporters, but most just put their head in the sand and ignored him as "some kook from the past who became delusional in jail". We need leadership, PLEASE, SOMEONE!!

5:32 AM  

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