Sunday, November 16, 2008

Resist The Obamanation At Every Turn

Remember the palmy rite-wing days of the Clintons? Remember the huge cottage industry that sprang up all over America among various right-wingers, Christian groups, etc. opposing and exposing them? In a liberal democracy the Right always seems to do better in opposition, since they seldom have any actual program themselves except naked greed.

That is all going to happen again now, only much more intensively, now that the Obamanation is coming to power. I see signs that it has already begun. And unlike the Right, we do have a program--a free and sovereign Homeland for White people in the Pacific Northwest.

To put it bluntly and cynically, we need to cash in on the coming anti-Obama campaign. It is a superb "hook" upon which to base our argument that the United States of America is a failed political entity and it is time for the geopolitical breakup of the North American continent.

I was never one of those who thought “it might be a good thing if Obongo were elected in order to wake white people up”—to me the shame of having a monkoid squatting and shitting where George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson once stood outweighed all that. Sometimes honor is more important. I do, however, accept that the coming reign of the Funky Monkey does present us with an opportunity, if we can take advantage of it. But you know the Movement—we blew Skinhead, we blew the internet. We never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Now we’re out of time.

Since Black Tuesday, numerous people have asked me “is this the Balloon finally Going Up, Harold?” Well, maybe. We’ll have to see how Monkey Meat does, once whoever is really behind him steps out of the shadows a little bit so we can see them more clearly. So far it looks like SOSDF—Same Old Shit, Different Flies. The head of the transition team is Rahm Emanuel, son of a former Irgun terrorist who murdered Arabs and British people in the 1940s in Palestine. So much for Obaboon allegedly being a closet Muslim.

This business of Monkey Meat and his cult votaries screeching “racism” every time someone criticizes him is going to get very old very fast, and people will become very weary of living in a police state where anything even mildly critical of the primate who is President is met with retaliation and oppression. Given the way his rent-a-mob acted during the election, I think we can safely say that’s on the cards. Obongo’s new taxes are going to bite into people’s wallets, always a problem with Americans who are more concerned about their money than anything else, and his incompetence actually to govern or decide anything will become manifest soon enough.

We need to capitalize on these things. It's very simple. Everything this nigger does is wrong, wrong, WRONG! (As it no doubt will be. Remember, Monkey Meat is his own worst enemy. His black skin ensures that.) Everything that goes wrong is his fault. The lefty-libs did it to Jug-Ears for eight years, again with reason. So now it's time to see how these blue-state morons like a little taste of their own medicine.

Crucify this nigger at every opportunity. Spit on him in public every chance you get. Never let him or the people in power forget that he is an ape who has temporarily escaped from his cage into the White House.

Never stop fighting the 2008 election--his bogus birth certificate concealing the fact that he was born in Kenya and therefore constitutionally disqualified from the office he has stolen.

Never stop trying to locate the source of those millions of dollars that were slipped into his pocket over the internet, from what source no one yet knows.

Never let him forget that he won by stealing three key states through millions of fraudulently registered votes.

Never cease to mock the phenomenal ugliness of Michelle My Belle, or cease to refer to the fact that her carcass is apparently infested with fleas, to the pont where a posh New York hotel once complained about having to fumigate her room when she left.

The Northwest Migration movement is going to have to hitch a ride on the anti-Obama movement in a number of ways, propaganda-wise and recruiting-wise. Let’s see if we can’t find some way to respond besides crying in our beer, wringing our hands in despair, and going tap tap tap tap tap on these goddamned machines, eh?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Resistance to this mangy ape can unify our country and our race.

3:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Americans will have to internalize that we are now living in a Marxist dictatorship and ruled by a Muslim enemy, and adopt an attitude of total resistance.

10:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I only assumed that once Obongo won the election that all the black hype would infect the low lifes that are sucking us dry through welfare. I would have hoped that the infection would have driven them off their porches and off of the street corners, but woe is me they still are just as sorry as before. I think the middle class have already experienced the spreading of wealth. We have had ours spread around for way too long now. Who needs racial equality? I have never lost any sleep over it. The tables are turning and not in our favor. We need a revolution, and we need it sooner than later.

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barack Hussein Obama is not President. He never will be President. He is just a Chicago street nigger. That is all he is, and all he will ever me, and he seems to be married to a heffalump.

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Use every opportunity to ask blacks and white liberals why Obama is staffing his cabinet with whites and jews, many of them retreads from the Clinton administration. Ask how come he doesn't have a cabinet that "looks like America"...

5:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lot of people I see comment about this thing Obama - tells that he´s a muslim or something likewise. But since his mother was a jewess - I reccon that this thing - Obama - also is a kike. He´s first move since he ursurped the presidency was to appoint a fag greasy jew - who is also the leder for the Northamerican wing of the mossad. I guess the US is now a occupied territory..

3:12 AM  

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