Sunday, November 23, 2008

Question for "The One"

Hey, nigger!

With the millions of Americans who are now being thrown out of work, and the millions more who will become unemployed over the next several years due to capitalist incompetence and Jewish greed under the last eight years of Jewish neoconservatism, how exactly do you intend to justify granting amnesty to the 30 million illegal aliens now in our midst? The illegal aliens who are now unlawfully holding down the jobs that Americans will not only be "willing to do" (as they always have been, for a decent wage and benefits) but jobs which American families will desperately need?

Hmmm....whuzzzay, Monkey Meat?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Within the next year both White people and coloreds will find out that they made mankinds biggest and most shameful mistake ever made. Obama and his handlers will usher in a new soviet union , they will start by merging mexico, and perhaps the whole middle america with the US and Canada. In the case of the soviet union , one may make this quoatation " history repeats itself , first as farce then as tragedy ".

7:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We too in England have been informed that 700,000 illegals/asylum seekers are to be given amnesty. The theory being that if given citizenship they will be paying taxes and working legally,instead of working cash in hand.
There has been no debate on the jobs they will take from us, the homes they will get, the health service they will use etc etc.
We are constantly having water shortages here, despite the fact it rains most days. This in my view is purely down to the huge influx of aliens using the resources. Thank the gods they are dirty bastards and are only drinking it!

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo mr White Dragon. 700000 you say.. It´s a hell of a lot people. Here in Sweden we are also drowned in a mud landslide of non-whites, raping our women and girls, killing and looting, and the brown bastards also procrate themselfes like rabbits, sorry to say. I have heard that your city of Birmingham is flooded by non-whites , sorry to say a lot of cities here in Sweden are flooded with those scums too. In our third biggest city, that is Malmö , the most common names among newborns are Mohammed, Fatima and Abdullah. Sweden is sinking faster than Titanic... :(

3:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've heard that Scandinavia is turning into a brown shithole, shame - don't the Scandi's care ?? Are the majority Nigger Lovers like most Americans ?

2:36 PM  

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