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How NOT To Do It

[Dug this out of my Classic HAC collection, from about 1998, if memory serves. Being ten years old this is obviously a wee bit dated. Things have deteriorated even from that time beyond anything we thought possible, with a chimpanzee in the White House, and some mental updating and reading between the lines will be necessary, but most of it is still more or less valid.]

Our Movement has one great talent: we are absolute aces at demonstrating how not to go about resisting tyranny and genocide. That statement is only about half sarcastic; negative lessons can be of benefit if we can learn from them, an ability we don't seem to be able to develop.

The latest is that some "American militia group" has been busted in Canada, of all places, "training" out in the north woods somewhere, with (of course) an arsenal of weapons which has now been confiscated. Depending on the degree of corruption in the RCMP or provincial police units involved, the guns will either be destroyed or sold on the black market to criminals. Certain it is that not one single round from any of those weapons will ever be fired at the racial enemy. I don't know many further details, but I don't need to. We've all heard the story before.

Look, I know none of you militia or survivalist types or Order
wannabes out there are going to listen to me. I have come to accept down through the years that the gods have afflicted me with the Curse of Cassandra; I speak the truth, and it goes in one ear and out the other.

Nonetheless, it is my duty to speak on. I am going to tell you some things about guerrilla warfare. I am far more entitled to speak on this subject than 90% of you. I have served in two armies and two wars, and I have lived in three countries, (Rhodesia, South Africa, and Ireland) which were undergoing guerrilla insurgency, plus I study history and politics and revolutionary movements as a lifelong vocation. Acting on the highly tenuous proposition that you guys are serious if muddled in your intentions, and are not simply acting out middle-aged Rambo fantasies, I am going to give you a few pointers on how not to wage an insurrection against a powerful and entrenched regime.

Now, do I need to stick in the usual ritual disclaimers here, in order to advise you what not to do? Hmmm... probably not. Okay, we won't bother with the semantic fig leaves this time we generally use to try and pretend we're not really saying what we're saying. Now attend:

1. Direct action revolutionary movements do not have post office boxes.

They do not have newsletters. They do not have web pages. They do not solicit donations in the mail from right-wing mailing lists. They do not maintain mailing lists themselves or keep any written records of any kind for the enemy to seize.

2. Direct action revolutionary movements act. They do not talk.

I am presently fighting my own fight with words. I do not pretend otherwise. If I felt that armed revolt was appropriate for the place and time and for me personally then I would not be talking, I would be shooting. I would not be talking about how I was going to start shooting just any old time now when the spirit moved me.

Nor would I be sending people threats in the mail or leaving threatening messages on their answering machines and getting myself a lengthy prison sentence. This is the act of an idiot. Threatening someone at all is the act of an idiot. If you genuinely mean to carry out your threat then you are simply putting your target on his guard. If you don't mean to carry out your threat then you are a coward and a disgrace to the cause you purport to serve who makes us all look ridiculous.

A large part of the lack of respect our point of view commands in this country is due to the fact that so many of our people are quite obviously pompous blowhards who dress up in camouflage uniforms and wave their semi-autos in the air for the television cameras talking and bragging about all the valiant deeds they're going to do at some unspecified time down the pike. You might call this the Terre Blanche syndrome. We lost a whole country like that, South Africa. Please, please, PLEASE don't make fools of yourself and fools of the rest of us by doing this.

There's an old saying, "Don't talk the talk if you're not going to walk the walk". I disagree. Don't talk the talk at all, under any circumstances. Either do it and keep your mouth shut both before and after -- or just plain keep your mouth shut.

3. Do not stockpile weapons. Do not stockpile explosives. Do not stockpile anything at all.

Stockpiles are nothing but nice, juicy propaganda plums for the federals to seize. If you have a stockpile, given the poor quality of the so-called "guerrillas" the militias et. al. attract, some pale-skinned scumbag will eventually rat you out to save his own wretched hide. You will lose your stockpile and your freedom. There will be no other result from stockpiling, because the fact that you stockpile indicates that you are not serious. Serious revolutionaries keep their weapons in their hands, not in secret stashes where no one can get at them until somebody rats and the feds cart them away.

Yes, yes, I know the I.R.A. stockpiles guns and explosives. They also lose whole arsenals every year to the Gardai and the R.U.C., 150 Kalashnikovs at a time still in their original Libyan wrappings, that kind of thing.

The I.R.A. stockpiles because they have a long ingrained love affair with guns almost as intense as that of the American right, although theirs is based on the long-standing British policy of prohibiting all Irish people from carrying weapons of any kind. They tend to overdo it for psychological reasons. But the Provos never have more than about 50 people on "active service" at any given time in the North and maybe a dozen or so on mainland Britain and in Europe; their ratios of talkers to doers is almost as bad as ours, although at least they do have a few fighters, which is more than we have. They always have far more guns than they have men willing to pull the trigger.

I say again, weapons of war in a truly insurrectionary movement do not belong in stockpiles, they belong in the hands of revolutionaries so the revolutionaries can use them and will not be caught unarmed. A serious guerrilla team parcels out the weapons and makes each man responsible for his own armament.

Leave explosives alone unless you really, really know what the hell you're doing with them. The first explosives to start your people off with are hand grenades, not big huge truck bombs or strange concoctions your science nerd whips up in his basement. (Oklahoma City doesn't count; it is an exception to all rules until we know exactly who was responsible and why, which we probably never will unless John Doe #2 decides to come out of his hole in the piney woods and 'fess up.) Grenades are almost idiot-proof, which recommends them highly to American racial nationalists. Properly used, grenades can be a devastating weapon of urban guerrilla warfare. Don't fool around with anything homemade.

4. You do not need fully automatic weapons.

Do not buy them. Do not stockpile them. Expel from your group immediately anyone who offers to procure them for you: he is a police agent. Unless you are properly trained in their use, machine guns are more dangerous to you than they are to the enemy. Machine guns are not toys with which you may play John Wayne on the Sands of Iwo Jima; I once saw a stupid nigger at Fort Jackson come very short because he'd watched too many movies and thought his M-60 was a toy. Given the mentality of many of our "freedom fighters," the urge for them to play with automatic weapons if you have them will be too great to resist.

Automatic weapons have two specific uses in military tactics. One is for the defense of established positions. The other is as part of a highly-trained and properly led fire team, for use in fire-and-maneuver assaults. You are not going to be engaging in Rambo-like shoot-outs with police and troops --- at least not more than once. A large part of your guerrilla tactics will consist of striking at the enemy while avoiding such entrapments. You do not have that kind of skill and training level. (No, you don't.) You can accomplish anything you need to accomplish to attain the initial objectives of an insurrectionary movement with other weapons.

What weapons? Friends, the most devastating personal weapon for hand to hand combat ever invented is the lowly shotgun, sawed off as short as possible. When you start accumulating your initial weapons stocks, buy shotguns and handguns, a few good rifles with high-powered scopes and a few good semi-autos. (SKSes are junk; avoid them, but most any other semi-auto long gun will serve.)

Buy these weapons legally and store them safely, but do not stockpile them in barns or anything that hints at illegal intentions. Do not flourish them, brandish them, display them, or let anyone know you have them. A revolution is not third grade show and tell. Do not buy guns in excessive quantity, and do not saw off your shotguns below the legal limit until the Constitutional line has been breached and you're going to jail anyway simply for the crime of being born White.

5. The media and the police should not even know that you exist.

No press conferences, no press releases, no camera crews, no interviews, nothing that would tip your hand. When the time for direct action comes, the media are to be considered legitimate military targets. They are not our friends, not under any circumstances. Do not try to "use" them; they will use you.

Incredibly, the vast majority of American White "revolutionary" groups do not practice the most basic, rudimentary security precaution of all, keeping their membership concealed from the enemy. The worst possible catastrophe a fledgling guerrilla group can have is for one or more of its members to be identified by the government forces.

6. Do not wear uniforms of any kind.

If you do not understand why this is an absolute necessity, then do not attempt any kind of insurrectionary activity. You don't have sufficient intelligence to so do successfully, and you will die or spend the remainder of your life being sodomized in the shower by niggers, along with anyone stupid enough to follow you.

7. Never defend, attack!

The basic "strategy" of most militia groups, insofar as they have any(which isn't very far) is based on static defense of their farms, compounds, and communities. Against city niggers or outlaws in a Mad Max time of total social breakdown, that may be a feasible goal. Against the federal government --- the most likely attacker of any White community --- this outlook is absurd and suicidal. (Again, this assumes with a big suspension of disbelief that the present "militias" would resist at all instead of throwing down their guns and blubbering to the D.A. for a plea bargain.)

Never, never, never allow yourself to be pinned down in a "compound" of any kind. You are facing the most overwhelming concentration of military and police power in human history. To be surrounded is the end. Period.

8. Do not rob banks.

Or commit other criminal fund-raising acts (like writing Freeman-style bad checks) until you have already established your revolutionary bona fides by several very high-profile attacks against the racial enemy. We are supposed to be revolutionaries, not common criminals.

This appears to be what happened to the so-called "Aryan Revolutionary Army"; they wanted to be the Order but so far as is known, they never struck a blow at the enemy other than to rob banks containing the hard-earned money of White people which was insured by the FDIC. This is the worst possible publicity they could have received; the public in the Northwest now views Christian Identity people as criminals and bank robbers. Thanks a lot, guys.

How do you raise your initial funds? I'll tell you how, and I'm not joking. Sell the damned compound! Use the money to buy transport, vans, RVs, trucks, vehicles which can transport men and weapons and supplies for small fire teams who will move and strike and then escape and evade, then strike again, etc. You do not need land or anything else which may lead to your getting surrounded. Land is useless to you. Either you will (most likely) die and not need it, or you will win and you can then appropriate all the land you want.

9. Establish an achievable political goal before you begin.

You are supposed to be guerrillas, not Natural Born Killers on some kind of pointless bloodbath spree. Violence is a means to an end, not an end in itself. One of the reasons the I.R.A. has failed is they've been taken over by hate-mad psychos who have either forgotten this or never knew it.

10. The best idea yet--why not just forget the whole thing?

We have completely wasted the past thirty years, comrades. That is a fact. Some of this wastage was due to sincere and hopeful expeditions down some dead ends which, in retrospect, were pretty obvious. The Duck Club and electoral politics are two examples which spring to mind. We have also been plagued with a series of self-appointed leaders who have been corrupt, incompetent, dishonest, and in some cases barking mad. We are still plagued with some of these holdovers from the past. You can yell and scream and moan and spread rumors that I'm a government agent all you want, but that's a fact as well.

Had we not wasted those thirty years, it is possible that we might be in a position to engage in an armed insurrection against ZOG. We are not, and anyone who tells you otherwise is either a fool or a real police agent. I am telling you to get your heads together and learn. I am not asking you to die for your race. I am asking you to live for it, and even more difficult, I am asking you to work for it.

I know this is a message many don't want to hear. For the sake of our future, folks, you'd best take heed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wasn't it Patton who said a soldier's job was not "to die for his country" but rather "to make sure the other poor bastard dies for his"?

Aryan Revolutionary Army were NOT, repeat NOT, Christian Identity. They were a Jewish-infiltrated counterfiet, or "Mossad False-Flag CI" to defame the genuine article. All these years after the fact, we also know that the perpetrators at Columbine were kikes. Remember, kikes are the most racist of all races. Look up "Menachem Begin, Master Race" on any search engine to learn the truth. The Columbine kikes attacked goyim to achieve the typically-Jewish dual purpose of both KILLING goyim while also BLAMING/DEFAMING goyim.

2:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Savage Negro beasts stampede Wal Mart trampling worker.

6:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're right. Either we grow up and learn--fast. Or give up the idea now.

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again, your advice is fascinatingly insightful and quite valid when the 'hate the Jooz' ideology is removed.

My own thoughts:

"1. Direct action revolutionary movements do not have post office boxes." --- Heck yes. A P.O. box provides a prime stakeout point for the goons, with video camera evidence included.

"2. Direct action revolutionary movements act. They do not talk." --- Silence in this day and age is often preferable to speaking; it's getting ever harder to determine when your words might be recorded and someday be retroactively declared worthy of arrest.

"3. Do not stockpile weapons. Do not stockpile explosives. Do not stockpile anything at all." --- Not all of it in one place at least. In your books the revolutionaries broke stockpiles into smaller units, a wise move. Don't stockpile it - cache it.

"4. You do not need fully automatic weapons." --- WE HAVE A WINNAH! Full-auto guns are the tools of tip-top experts (which your group likely won't have) and spray-and-pray enthusiasts. I'd take a good rifleman with a Lee-Enfield over a dozen Rambos with Uzis or Mac-10s or whatnot.

"5. The media and the police should not even know that you exist." --- Bingo. For heaven's sake FORGET calling the news station from a payphone to claim "the such-and-so organization did this". No cryptic letters placed for the cops to find. Stoking your egos isn't anywhere worth the evidence pile you're handing the authorities.

"6. Do not wear uniforms of any kind." --- Uniforms identify you, and the last thing you want is to be identified by the wrong person. Wear something that will let you blend in with the two-footed scenery, so to speak.

7."Never defend, attack!" --- Waco and Ruby Ridge showed us what happens to staunch defenders: a modern-day Battle of Helm's Deep minus the rescuing cavalry. Defending should be only for delaying actions.

"8. Do not rob banks." --- Amen to that. Besides hurting the honest citizens whose support you so badly need, you'll end up dead. After the Southern California bank shootout, most police departments carry armor-piercing guns and ammo in their squad cars. Even Kevlar won't help you now.

"9. Establish an achievable political goal before you begin. " --- No goal means your group WILL degenerate into a bunch of thoughtless random killers, given enough time.

"10. The best idea yet--why not just forget the whole thing?" --- Painfully, painfully true. The chances of a white insurgent group 'winning' any real achievement - in any sense of the word - are slim to none at this point. And with the Big 0 in office they'll get slimmer still.

6:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Without the "hate the Jooz," as this character puts it, there's no point in any of it.

10:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, there's a LOT of point to it. Our government is corrupted and bloated to the point of near-uselessness; it's a miracle we're still functioning as a nation at all.

Our elections have given us three rotten apples in a row and there's no sign of a change in the pattern via the ballot box. That leaves us with two ways to turn things around: hope for a divine miracle or reach for the bullet box.

6:47 AM  
Blogger Ray Seltz said...

I meant to leave this at Thanksgiving: Us racially aware whites tend to see the glass as half empty. As awful as we think things are, I wouldn't want to live any other place in the world right now. I can do what I want, when I want, with whoever I want, any time I want. We need to dry the tears now and then and appreciate what we have. It won't hurt to get comfortable; Just look at sites like Stormfront who have seen a surge in the testicle-less masses (if racially aware whites have masses), talk about how bad things are, but won't do a fuck of a lick about it. Nothing, zippo, nada.

3:27 PM  

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