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The Essence of the Jew

Hi, guys:

The late Robert Miles made one of the most definitive and historic observations regarding our situation. He said "Judaism is a state of mind," and he pointed out that the worst Jews in the world have not a drop of Hebraic blood in them.

What is the essence of Judaism? Materialism. The entire Jewish religion is almost completely lacking in anything that other peoples would regard as a genuine theology. It has the least supernatural element of any of the major religions. There is very little about God Himself, almost no conception of an afterlife or an immortal soul, etc. The Jewish religion has been described by its own major rabbis as not so much a divine faith as a system of ethics for living (for the Jewish people only, of course.) Judaism has to do with this life, with this world, not the next.

How and where does Judaism thrive? What has caused such a purely material body of belief to survive for so many centuries?

Simple. Judaism thrives and exists on shades of gray. On moral relativism. On the lack of any such thing as absolute and inviolable moral values, other than the sheer physical survival in this world of the individual Jew. Judaism has been described as "situation ethics." The entire Talmud consists of lengthy sets of rules and then subsequent commentaries on the infinite variety of application of those rules, and when it is acceptable for the Chosen People to break them, change them, or bend them.

On the contrary, we Aryans have always done best at re-shaping the world and building new ones, etc. when we were in the service of some absolute ideal with some kind of moral foundation, sometimes a religion like medieval Christianity but sometimes a secular ideal like the Roman Empire, American Manifest Destiny, etc. Some ideal greater than ourselves for which we were willing to subsume our individual indentities and our private lives and sacrifice for the common good. This is what seems to bring out the best in our people.

Central to every Aryan civilization down through history has always been a set of core beliefs, and they are remarkably similar all across the globe for the past four thousand years. If you will pardon my borrowing a term from the Chinese, you might call them our Aryan taos. There have always been certain common denominators in these bedrock beliefs of White, Western culture:

Like NO HOMOSEXUALITY, for example.




Etc., etc.

We seem to have lost these basic taos of our race long before this. We can't even bring ourselves to discuss it, because to do so causes us pain, and we have been taught all our lives, since childhood, that pain is not an obstacle to be overcome but a threat from which we must flee. If it hurts, stop immediately and run away, to someone who can kiss it better.

The obvious conclusion stares us in the face. Even I cannot bring myself to utter it. Yet.

[Sigh...] I'm sorry. I know that many of you desperately, frantically, passionately want me to tell you that everything is all right, that we are as strong-jawed and mighty-thewed as an Arno Breker sculpture, and that we are moving forward from strength to strength, onward and upward, better living through chemistry, Excelsior! Some of you would do just about anything, I think, to hear me utter those sweet, sweet lies you so long to hear.

I'm sorry. Even now in my own personal desperation, I can't do it. That inability to lie to you is not exactly a virtue, guys. It may kill me. Literally. But that's another story.

We can do it, you know. We can still beat the bastards. That is the truth and I have no problem at all saying it.

But we can't beat them unless we change our behavior and change our thinking. We can't beat them unless and until we are willing to confront the things that cause us pain and overcome them. We have one hope left, one hope on earth. Sheer, pure, unvarnished truth. A crisis of civilization and a crisis of the human spirit cannot be resolved in any way that is predicated on lies.

I'll be here for you as long as I can.



Blogger Ray Seltz said...

What do you define as "changed behavior"? In what way? Just curious how you see it.


3:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the article, well written as always. You are well needed here on the net. :)

3:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chinese culture is heavily influenced by Buddhism and Taoism, which stress the individuals as the part of the whole; while American culture seems to more focus on the individuals that make the whole. So, in China, you write an envelop starting with the whole: the country – the province / state – the city – the street – the name; whereas in America, you start with the individual: the name – the street – the city – the state – the country.

Another notable example is the order of the first name and last name. Chinese put the family name first because it’s very important to honor the family and ancestors; while Americans put their own names first and family names last, because people may or may not know their ancestors. With a culture that is less hierarchical, some can even make up their last names.

I belive what ails us Harold is the break away from our much more ancient, vedic hindu culture.

Christianity should be grounded in this, not in the judeo materialistic form.

6:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you have to conclude that since Nov. 5, 2008 Whites on the North American continent are mere background noise - having abdicated their significance in ALL areas of society - sports, entertainment,politics, culture in general ? What took our forbears more than two hundred years to conquer and build slightly less than 4 generations gave it all up ! Weaklings ? Corrupt ? Just plain stupid ? I don't know - but screw the 60's generation - screw them to Hell.

8:15 PM  

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