Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The 12 Days of Thanksgiving

[Some classic Alex Curtis from 1998. Jeez, has it really been ten years?]

Giving Thanks for "Your Community"

At this season of Thanksgiving, you whites out there might wish to show you are not racist in the slightest. Why don't you welcome into your household for Thanksgiving Dinner appropriate representatives of the society around you?...that society of tolerance you wish your children now in public school to grow up and be a true part of...You might therefore invite:

1 nice young black man (with a prison record for violent crime);

2 black crack-addict welfare moms (with their aggregate 16 born-addicted chillen);

3 undocumented person/illegal aliens (and their little latrinos, latrinacitas, and latrinas as numberless as the sands of the seashore);

4 "victims" of AIDS (now on their very last open sores, together with their surviving "special friends");

5 boatgooks and boatwogs from various lands of oppression (all trying to get over that new TB resistant to every antibiotic, while learning the nuances of western toilets);

6 homeless bums (all claiming to be clean and sober...since an hour after this morning's meeting ended);

7 insanely depraved and demented or retarded violent-talking street people (who make these funny jokes about slitting the other guests' throats);

8 cross-dressers (most with healing scars from dissatisfied - and surprised - sex customers);

9 transgender persons (who incessantly talk about their various cuts and implants - real, desired, and/or imagined - throughout the meal);

10 misunderstood male and female "lovers of youth" (who variously leer at and/or drool upon your young son and/or baby daughter);

11 Holocaust survivors (who insist on telling you in pornographic detail during dinner how each and every one of their six zillion relatives was variously gassed, steamed, fried, baked, boiled, broiled, poached, roasted and/or broasted, all while they ask your family to contribute $200,000 to the noble causes of "Holocaust education" and "Holocaust reparations"); and

12 Jewish lawyers (who successfully represented 120 now-freed murderers, rapists, and torturers of white people in your actual community, any number of which might have made their way to your home today.)

"Welcome, welcome, you are all welcome! (Aside: after all, who wants to live f'in forever!?)" Just remember that you must be Brave to venture into this New World, with such...... creatures in it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happened to Alex?

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, one have to be very brave or utterly stupid to create such a mess for oneself, unfortunately people believe that the politicians want to better society, when they just want to utterly destroy it...

4:27 AM  

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