Monday, July 21, 2008

Now Watch Jug-Ears Flub It Again

The price of gasoline is slowly begin to creep back downward; some places are now offering regular for $3.99 per gallon.

Why? The main reason is a news "leak" that the U. S. is allegedly engaged in back-door negotiations with Iran. The idea is that while we're talking to the Persians, even if only covertly, Jug-Ears will keep his palsied, alcohol-trembling fingers off that goddamned button. I don't know about that. With a rational person, yeah, you might could assume that, but Jug hasn't been in his right mind for some time now and God knows who is whispering in his ear these days. Mini-Me is notorious for agreeing wholeheartedly with the last person he spoke with.

Now watch this. Watch Jug-Ears flub it again. Watch that drunken little moron rattle his saber and threaten Iran again, driving the price of crude oil and hence gasoline at the pumps right back up. Bet he does it within a week.


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