Monday, January 14, 2008

You Know...She May Have Screwed Up

Okay, this is just idle speculation, I alone in getting the impression that the Sea Hag has managed to seriously piss off the media and they're turning on her?
I notice all of a sudden Matt Drudge is running some really nasty photos of Mommy Dearest on his site, and he's emphasizing the race issue between Barack and The Bitch all of a sudden. This is a major no-no for the Establishment media (Drudge is now Establishment and has been for a long time.) Officially, race does not exist in this society, and it requires a real stirring of the fecal substance to cause "connected" media like Drudge to admit that it does.

Admittedly, there's no love lost between Drudge and the Clintons due to the Sea Hag having one of her Jews harass and annoy Drudge in the courts for some years, but still...I'm seeing some signs of this elsewhere as media fems and Reds like Maureen Dowd and Camille Paglia turn on the Sea Hag like vicious dogs spitting rabid froth from their muzzles.

Hillary's little ballot box-stuffing exercise in New Hampshire made the pundits look silly and dumb. They are, of course, but they will never forgive her for showing them up. She may have made a serious mistake there.

The fact is, no one particularly likes the Sea Hag, and many in her own party regard her with a frenzied loathing which I suspect is behind the whole Obamanation phenomenon--I really would like to know who's really putting that nigger up to this.


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