Saturday, January 19, 2008

Migration to the Homeland


I'm from England (born in Wales, of Celtic/English descent).

I myself have worked as a graphic designer since leaving school, but rising levels of blacks, Muslims and other foreign races have been coming to my country and taking every job I get by offering lower costs.

Is your dream open to just Americans? Because i would certainly love to move over to Montana or another of these low-nigger states.

I would obviously need help, not so much financial, since I can afford the basics to get over there, but would need to marry into an American family pretty quickly. I'm totally up for any type of career - I really want to work on a farm or ranch. But this is all a dream for me just as it might be for al ot of people who don't really have the contacts/knowledge to bring it to a reality.

I'm still young (19) and although I have little knowledge of how I myself can help, maybe I can help in our revolution. Look forward to hearing from you,


Dear Chris:

The Northwest American Republic to come will be a homeland for all White people the world over. Although this is a bad comparison, the Republic will serve the same function for White people that Israel purportedly serves for the Jews. Unlike the Jews, though, we will see no need to retain a caste of brown slaves within our borders.

The first step towards emigration is to place yourself in contact with the Northwest Pioneer Association. E-mail me at with a name and postal mailing address, because the first thing that must be done is you need to get a Northwest Handbook and introductory literature packet.



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