Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Importance of Race in Civilization

The liberal intellectual is not wholly to blame for his misunderstanding of "racism", and his often emotional denunciation of anything that appears so chauvinistic, for after all, in this cosmopolitan era, he himself more often than not has associated with people of a different ethnic background than his own, whom he recognizes as having nothing more than a superficial difference from his own kin.

If he is a university student or graduate he is apt to be even fanatical in his scorn of racism, since here, in the seats of higher learning, must be positioned minds of great scope and understanding, which have no patience with out-dated brute concepts. And, of course, if one is particularly interested in the subject, there is an array of literature and opinions presented in everything from the press to scholarly thick volumes, to confirm the notion that racism is primitive, unsophisticated, and has no place in the modern world.

I shall hereby disprove these notions, and show that they are based on nothing more than emotional sentimentalism, supported by distorted facts, that have no meaning to a logical mind. In so doing we need have no fear of being cast in bad company, since Lincoln, Madison, Jefferson, Monroe, Jackson, Grant, Clay, Webster, Douglas, even the composer, Wagner, are some of the men who took similar stands.

The most glaring departure which all persons affected by the idealistic, humanitarian conceptions of brotherhood make from the instincts of the man in the street, is that of condoning mixed marriages, since to these far sighted intellectuals, racial suicide is not committed. The America of the future, they believe, belongs to the new breed of men which will arise from the glorious intermixture of ethnic odds and ends thrown together from every corner of the earth, blinding themselves to the evidence that this has been the general course of events throughout the world, in Latin America, the Mediterranean and Near East regions, in southern Asia, and nowhere is the plight of their precious humanity so desperate as in these same areas.

On the other hand, the peoples which have saved themselves from extreme out-breeding — the Germanic Caucasians, the Chinese, the Japanese — are similarly the ones which aspire to greatness...

an excerpt from The Importance of Race in Civilization
by Wayne Macleod.
Paperback, 90pp
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