Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Philosopher of the Plains Speaks

In speaking of the nature of White men today, we tend to forget that their responses to life - in fact their way of thinking (or not thinking) have been brutally engineered. For their entire lives their minds have been bombarded with propaganda. They are intentionally geared against any sort of ethnic identity insofar as their own Folk are concerned. They are convinced that they are somehow inferior to all other races, and are in the fact the cause of the poverty, crime, and perversion exhibited everywhere by so-called minorities.

In short: they cannot think independently. On the other hand, they cannot act in unison with one another. This presents something of a quandary, but it is not insoluble.

The very fact that the enemy of our people continues his unrelenting barrage against White ethnic identity and unity is sufficient proof that the tendency for our people to unite and thereby become victorious is inherent, still there, still the most fearsome threat our enemy can imagine. We need only to overcome these seemingly all-powerful external influences and learn how to act naturally in our own best interests, and we can do that. We will have to get out of the box we are in, first, and that is the biggest hurdle.

But once we get ten of us out of the box, one hundred will follow, etc. The organic imperative required for our survival, freed from the systemic poisons designed to keep it at bay, will then bloom, and feed itself, and overcome. We will do this by regaining control of our minds, of our collective unconscious, of our soul, of our destiny.

We will not need to reinvent the wheel in order to do this, because the technology is already available to us, the science behind it is sound. Some of us have all the tools we need to make it work, on our computers. We just do not know what we may accomplish with it.

Here is a link, just the tip of an iceberg:

There are more, but this is sufficient for now, just to get some folks thinking about the way to unlock the inner White Man, the nightmare that will not let our enemies rest.

-John Wesley Hardin


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We could certainly use common sense to awaken the masses, but the subversive message plan is a scam for A.M. infomercials to make a buck or two. As of right now, I would say that the "mainstream" Whites who are actually living the dream lifestyle would now be the Amish, Cajuns, Afrikaner-Boers, and maybe a few Acadian farmers in northeast Canada. As for the rest of us Whites in North America, it appears that consumerism and self-gratification is more important that having a place to live for our overall protection and well-being. Self-reliance for the Europoid ethnic community is the only way to make it happen, without that desire there can be no realistic chance of getting the couch potato motivated.

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