Monday, October 15, 2007

Pentagon Draft Denial Lacks Credibility

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According to Breitbart news: "The Pentagon sharply rejected Monday a key general's assertion that a return to the military draft has always been an option on the table and should be considered. 'I can tell you emphatically that there is absolutely no consideration being given to re instituting the draft,' said Bryan Whitman, a Pentagon spokesman. 'The all-volunteer force has surpassed all expectations of its founders.'"

Well, you see, here's the problem with that statement: it just plain isn't true, and it's not likely that this spokesman really believes it either. Sounds like he's just being a good soldier and following orders.

*A whole raft of senior officers, both retired and active duty, as well as numerous politicians and commentators have characterized the United States Army as "broken" and "scraping the bottom of the barrel."

*The Pentagon has lowered enlistment standards until the lowest of criminal and drug-addicted scum can join, and recently dropped the demand for even a high school education or GED; indeed, a special recruiting program is now targeting high school dropouts as cannon fodder.

*Enlistment bonuses have been raised to as high as $45,000 for someone with a college degree--with no takers.

*Army recruiters are faking results, practically stalking high school seniors to fill their quotas, and the Pentagon keeps fiddling with their statistics to "meet" quotas on paper.

*The Army is suffering from a critical "brain drain" as experienced NCOs and officers are leaving in droves, tired of the constant back-to-back deployments to a pointless war in Iraq that is already lost and should never have been fought in the first place.

Breitbart again: "Lieutenant General Douglas Lute, a White House deputy national security adviser" (sometimes referred to as Bush's War Czar) "discussed the draft in a radio interview Friday in which he said military leaders were right to be concerned about the impact of repeated deployments on military morale and readiness. Lute, who is in charge of coordinating the US war effort in Iraq, said the all-volunteer military is serving 'exceedingly well' and the administration has not decided it needs to be replaced with a draft. But he said, "I think it makes sense to certainly consider it, and I can tell you, this has always been an option on the table. But ultimately, this is a policy matter between meeting the demands for the nation's security by one means or another," he said in the interview with National Public Radio."

Oops. Letting the cat out of the bag there, General?

Look, anyone with the intelligence of grapes can see that there is simply no way that the United States can pacify Iraq and Afghanistan without at least a million troops on the ground there, never mind attack Iran as it seems to be Bush and Cheney's crowning ambition to do.

Bush seems to be turning over in what passes for his mind this ridiculous idea that a country the size, wealth, and power of Persia can be bombed into submission by a few jet flights off an aircraft carrier, and a few missiles that might hit anywhere.

Unless everyone else around him has completely lost their mind as well (a distinct possibility) then somebody has to explain to Bush at some point the facts of life, that conquering and holding down another country long enough to loot its oil and natural gas resources means boots on the ground, millions of them, and that these boots have got to come from somewhere.

The trashed-out, bone-weary and demoralizing U. S. forces in Iraq are on their last legs and everybody seems to realize it but Bush. When at last this fact finally sinks into his Jug-Eared skull full of mush, he is quite capable of ordering the draft revived just as he leaves office (If he leaves office, big if.) And Hillary will come in and find that she's so sorry, but she just can't possibly cancel the draft due to circumstances beyond her control, blah blah blah.

So in 2009 there will sit Hillary with a multi-million man army at her disposal and all that lovely Bush-era "security legislation" to use against her critics and opponents. Luvverly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I would personally enjoy watching The System try to enforce a draft in this era, that would truly be entertaining. The draft enforcement would lead to the fragmentation we would need to claim our land. They would certainly have their hands full trying to enslave American youth to send over to the sand-land of Iraq/Iran.

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