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The Northwest Idea: Making Headway

New America Says:
10 October, 2007 at 9:00 pm

As I read Dr. Oliver's letters, I remain amazed that the White Nationalist ideal has made so little traction in America, and, in part, I would like to quote (well, closely paraphrase) Alex Linder: "Absolutely no one in this `Movement' is to be trusted absolutely." The best ideal, the best ideas, and the damnedest group of incompetents, fools, idiots, half-wits and perverts are out there as the public face of what we all espouse, and support.

I'm sorry Dr. Oliver felt the way he did towards Harold Covington. He is certainly entitled to his beliefs. He is certainly wrong.

For all we can criticize Covington for on a personal level, usually only hearing his opponent's side of the story, we cannot argue with the belief that the Northwest Republic encompasses every good idea concerning White Nationalism, frame it in whatever terms we may choose, and comprises the perfect analytical framework for any analysis of our current state of affairs, and, virtually uniquely, what can be actually done about them.

Taken together, essentially, all of Covington's detractors have accomplished pretty much nothing of substance.

Oliver? Suicide, after having been neutralized by the damn Jews while with the Birchers.

Klassen? Suicide.

Pierce? Died virtually alone, virtually unmourned, and did not leave a functioning organization behind, despite all of the godwill he had built up over the years.

Anyone who wants to criticize Covington usually criticizes him for some personal shortcoming, real or imagined. Let any - or all - of them do half as well as A Distant Thunder, and then they can talk all damn day.

Incidentally, speaking of Dr. Oliver, did Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom ever call in with her declaration of what happened to Dr. Oliver's library?

Now, to brass tacks. I have spent more time than I should have trying to answer one quetion: Why have we, essentially, made virtually no headway at all on any substantial front?

Rallies? No one shows up.

Flyer drops? No one responds positively to us.

Demonstrations? Ignored.

What do all of our ineffective activities have in common? I see two factors at work.

One, our focus should be on the Vanguard, and a focus of quality, over quantity. People will only pay attention to anything we have to say when they are literally faced with desperation.

Two, we must start where we are, and be what we want the world to become. None of our leaders are coming back to save us. Rockwell, Pierce, Oliver, you name who you will (David Lane?) all gone, and none coming back. So, it's up to us. I have a lot more to say about this in the context of an alternative history biography I have been working on centered around the late Dr. Sam Francis, but let me close with this comment.

Covington is succeeding, where his detractors have failed, because the Northwest Republic Trilogy - especially A Distant Thunder - define a positive definition of what is possible, where we don't worry about our opponents.

No. They worry about us. It is our power, our energy, our drive to the stars, our creativity, that they have captured and harnessed against us, and with which we have been unwitting co-conspirators against our family, and our race. Metzger had it right; the parasite is only performing its natural function, feeding off of dead tissues - the places we chose to abandon, for whatever reason.

Until we become focused on who we are, what we are doing, why we are doing, and can answer all of those question in the analytical framework of our family, as the microcosm of our race, our race as the macrocosm of our family, and race as the living bridge between family and culture, we are allowing our racial enemies to define not just the terms of engagement, but even who we are, and what we are.

I suspect if Oliver was alive today, I could sit down with him for a day or so, and convince him that the analytical framework of Covington's Northwest Republic had all of the answers, if we only have the courage to ask the proper questions. We keep looking to the past, that never was, the safe, comfortable past of our childhood. We must look to the future, and build the future we wish, for our family, our posterity, and our race.

Open question for the class: What would Rockwell, Pierce, and Oliver do today?

Bonus question: how would they accomplish these goal(s), and why would they chose those goal(s) over other goals?

Extra points: What differences would these be between the goals and solutions of Pierce, Rockwell, and Oliver, and why?

Final question: What could you do about it, and why aren't you doing that tonight?

New America
An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The biggest problem would have to be the lack of visual results from the movement. Maybe if we could actually witness family photos or mpeg clips of the families which have made the migration, then we could have some hope in the movement. Nobody out there really thinks a neo-nazi punk group will ever be taken seriously by anyone. Whites do not want to be part of some little under-ground organization when we can have so much more in mainstream politics. Here's a tip -- DROP THE ANTISEMITIC NAZI BULLSHIT! White people are MUCH more likely to follow a group that is not foreign and as extreme as the National Socialist ideology. Nazism is the biggest handicap for our people because it separates Whites based on how Germanic they are. You think the beautiful Polish and Slavic White people will join a pro-White group that considers them to be degenerates? We need unity among ALL indo-European people at this point, and the White population will never unite under a movement that represents a group which has persecuted them and conquered their homeland. You're running off the Poles, Harold !

8:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed that interest in the Northwest migration seems to track the economic news? I look at hits on the website every few days. I notice that interest in that site has increased greatly in the last two months. Additonally, daily hits appear to go up when the House of Cards stockmarket suffers its latest arrest, at least until the Fed gets out the shock paddles.

12:44 PM  

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