Friday, October 12, 2007

Got My NPA Intro Packet

Dear HAC:

I've read the material you sent me, and I have to heartily agree with most of it. The truth of it is inescapable.

I would have responded sooner, but I've been ill, and on top of that have been very busy with doctors, dentists and specialists, which is going to get only more frequent as the date for my open-heart surgery draws slowly closer.

To cap all that off, my PC died a horrble, painful death. It went into convulsions and started spitting up RAM chips and diodes at an alarming rate. Finally a huge cloud of black smoke issued from it's back-side and that, as they say, was that. So I had to go out and get a Pentium 4, which I detest because they run Windows XP, that abortion the consumer vampires created to gouge more money out of us with. It's a useless piece of crap software that doesn't work half the time.

Consequently I'm having to completely re-write the damned program to function, and that also has robbed me of a lot of online time, and I'm not completely done yet due to health limitations. I'll be glad when the operation is over. I'm at the point where I really don't care if it kills me or not. I'm tired of putting up with all the pain and fatigue and limitations.

But getting back to your material: I was impressed with your insight into the white mindset because I've looked at it exactly the same way for years now and I'm pleased to see someone with the intelligence to view the truth of the problem with such clarity. Most of our race are exactly as you paint them. Worthless, spoiled and totally unwilling to surrender their creature comforts. I also agree with your "Dr. Feelgood" analogy. Most of the people on the forums want exactly what you depicted, absolution and a painless way to salve their guilt over for not acting.

You know, I truly wonder just how many people that recieve your material actually read the stuff? People are such damned sheep. And like you, I'm far more disgusted with my own race than I am with the darkies. That's because the mud-races can be expected to live up to their lower natures, but we whites are supposed to be above that. We've dug our own grave.

I'll be sending you a letter in the mail shortly. I can say things in the letter that I can't discuss here on this forum for obvious reasons. I would have sent it much sooner, but I haven't been home enough to do much of anything until just s couple days ago, and I'm paying hell catching up with my obligations.

Thanks for all you do, HAC, and remember, none of us ever accomplish as much as we want, so we have to settle for as much as we can do and let the rest ride. Otherwise we'd go nuts from the frustration. Regardless, you've accomplished a hell of a lot.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Harold, I was looking for some advice on how extreme the penalty for refusal to pay student loans would be. You see, this is the one thing locking me in place at the moment and preventing me from the migration. Will they actually resort to sending a hit-man to hunt me down?

12:58 PM  

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