Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Walking While White

by Angry White Female

In Boulder, Colorado on August 29,1999, the media reported a "college student" had been the victim of an Asian gang rape. The race of the college student was not released until the trial, which is ongoing as I write. For some reason, the Kings of Tolerance and their media cohorts,along with the police department and Boulder prosecutors suppressed the information. I knew the victim was a kinswoman because a racial issue was not made of the atrocity.

Low and behold, two of the six (thankfully, one killed himself) perpetrators are being charged with "1st degree sexual assault and kidnapping" which means they will serve less time than a White male convicted of the same race crime.
I am not jumping the gun here in calling this a hate crime, the perpetrators have admitted the motive was racial. The victim was walking alone at 3 am on Canyon Blvd., when she was spotted by the yellow racists and forced into a minivan. There, she was forced to suck one of the racists' penises. She briefly escaped, then was tackled on the ground, while all the men started "screaming at her, calling her names and hitting her." I have to wonder if the "names" were actually racial slurs, which I am 99% positive they were. She was then put in a headlock and drug back into the van and raped repeatedly. It was a "free-for-all" according to a detective on the case. "The suspects in the rape of a University of Colorado student targeted her because one of them wanted to have sex with a white woman" according to testimony reported in the Inside Denver newspaper.

Conspiracy of Silence

The victim was afraid of retribution, so she didn't testify. There was no White community there to support her and give her the courage to testify, nor did the civil rights groups offer her any support or plan marches for racial tolerance on her behalf. They hate White people, and if they cannot say it outright, they show us through their inaction and deafening silence.

The yellow supremacists put the barrel of a gun to her head and threatened to "cut and burn her" if she squealed on them. In my opinion, the entire police department, the prosecutors, the reporters and the Governor of Colorado engaged in a cover-up to protect the racist perpetrators from being charged with the hate crime, rather than giving full justice to the victim. The denial of justice was clearly based solely upon her race.

I expect this kind of anti-White activity, since it is so common. What is outrageous and intolerable is the "code of silence" regarding the racist motive (and against someone from an alleged protected class) that led to this brutal, racially motivated gang rape. The code of silence was perpetrated by those we pay to protect us equally under the law. For the civil rights groups and law enforcement, it must have been like the dilemma wildlife managers face when one endangered species is eating another. White women have clearly been put in the "less equal" category, that of a frog.

If the victim had been yellow and the perpetrator White, here is what would have happened:

1) At the onset, "civil rights" groups would have demanded to know the race of the victim and it would have sparked a nationwide media campaign against hateful, White males.

2) New laws would have been debated nationally on behalf of minority women.

3) The words "racially motivated," "racism," "hate," "White supremacist," and "tolerance" would have become buzz words and the media would have freely employed all of them, creating a new wave of hate, hysteria and retribution against White males.

4) The perpetrators all would have been charged with hate crime, their sentences doubled.

5) The race of the victim would have been used in all subsequent newspaper reports, instead of "college student."

6) The race crime would have been mentioned on a monthly basis for the next five years whenever the issue of hate crimes and laws was raised.

Rape As A Hate Crime?

There is another dilemma with this kind of crime, for us. If rape is added to the list of hate crimes, as it has been in California, racially motivated rapes against White women will go down as a gender crime, further skewing and distorting the fact that the vast, vast majority of interracial rapes are minority on White. Whites choose black victims just 2% of the time. Due to F.B.I. statistical compilation methods, I do not know the national percentage of "other" on an ethnic basis, but on a local level, White perpetrated hate crimes are well below our proportion of the population.

The Silenced Majority

Apparently, it is a "free for all" against my kinswomen, and Whites, who have become the "Pillsbury Dough People," ready to be pinched, kneaded and rolled over because the are too intimidated to protest. No one else will speak out in favor of the "silenced majority" since we have been projected into the racial heretic role.

They have us over a barrel and depend upon our silence to keep us "in our place." Thus far, we are meekly complying.

Perhaps the biggest problem for us, and the reason so many are learning to "hate" is the fact that "civil rights" groups routinely ignore these types of crimes, and don't even protest when we are victims, as if they are "paying us back" for something with their silence and selective indignation.

I submit that no innocent person of any race should be excluded in practice from equal protection under the law, but I have been forced to face the fact that European-Americans are discriminated against by the very people who are paid to protect our civil rights. It is clear Whites must now face the threats, emotional extortion, racial intimidation and community blackballing that occurs when we form race-based groups.

We have no other choice but to face the fact that our civil rights are being violated under the guise of equality and tolerance. We need funding and lawyers to challenge the systematic denial of equal protection under the 14th amendment of heterosexual Whites in the prosecution of hate crimes.

The Anti-White Establishment

The current civil rights regime is made up of anti-White hatemongers bent on racial revenge-who make a whole lot of money reinforcing (through selective outrage) the stereotype that Whites are the only race that can hate, and the only race exempt from victimhood.

In fact, we are far less likely as a race to commit hate crimes (rate wise), even with 90% of all Brown perpetrators listed as "White" in the FBI hate crimes perpetrator column. Another 90% is the number of interracial crimes committed by those classified as "black." The facts do not support the stereotype of the inherent White hater, and anyone who tries to expose this will be blackballed and called a neo-Nazi.

We shouldn't let that deter us, for if we do, things will get much worse for us. It is time to become intolerant of the pogroms. If we don't our children will have it twice as bad as we do.

A Call to Action

What the anti-White hatemongers expect (and profit emotionally and financially from) is our silence, our adherence to liberal taboos and fears of name-calling and ostracism.

Unless we want a race war, I suggest that whenever a crime such as this occurs, the immediate neighborhood be pelted with non-racist literature asking open-ended questions and pointing out the double-standards in the classifying and prosecution of hate crimes, complete with Justice Department data that shows White heterosexual victims receive no justice.

A straight news report of the crime should be attached to the plea for equal protection. We should attempt to gain enough support to have civil rights rallies/marches and demand that we be protected equally under the law. Minority neighborhoods should not be leafleted, since that will put the volunteer's safety at risk, as anyone who has ever lived in a minority-majority neighborhood knows. It is imperative that anti-minority literature NOT be distributed since it would classify all concerned parties as exploiting the issue to promote racism. That is their ace in the hole. If one White racist can be connected to the distribution of European-American civil rights issues, other Whites will be intimidated into remaining silent and the whole effort will be neutralized.

Realism, Not Racism

As a European-American woman, I know what it means to live with the threat of racially motivated gang rape.

There have been two very serious instances in my life where I have had to make the right decision to save myself. Both occurred while walking alone after dark. The first time, I was in my late teens. I was walking past a group of black men and they ogled me until after I had passed them. Then one yelled "Hey baby, give me some of that White pussy." Luckily, there was a lighted area nearby, which I rushed to.

The other occasion happened two years ago. I was followed by a group of brown males while walking. I had to increase my speed and take many turns in an effort to lose them. They followed me for about a mile, until I walked to an area with lighted homes and pretended to walk up to one of them.

I have never been threatened in this manner by White men, despite spending my early teen years in a mostly White neighborhood, and associating mainly with White men. Living in a "diverse" neighborhood has taught me to never leave my house alone at night. Anti-White racism is a reality I and many other single, "economically deprived" White women have to live with.

I hear about racially motivated crimes often, thanks to White civil rights activists across the country. I know I am not alone and I want other White women to know they are not alone and it is not their imagination or "subconscious racism."

Be assured that the only way for us to get this anti-White hate crime information is through our own networks. The ADL and other anti-White-gentile groups are presently working to make sure the web sites that expose hate crimes against Eurofolk are shut down. I understand some of them actually do promote hatred, but the true intent is to prevent a White community from forming in defense of their folk. If we are vigilant and form our own non-racist civil rights groups, we will prevail. The power unity is awesome, and is the key to securing a safe future for our kinsmen and women in a society hostile to us. United, we will never again be road kill exposed to vulturous predation against our bodies.

Dead White Males

I appeal especially to my kinswomen. Our "Angry White males" have been disinherited, disempowered, slandered, libeled and spat upon by all in society. They are now "dead White males" in a figurative sense. We as European-American women are the next target, since the majority of our menfolk have been spiritually, emotionally and mentally neutralized. Slowly but surely, we women and economically disadvantaged Whites are being taken out of the protected class, now that we have served our purpose in neutralizing the only barrier they thought they had to committing slow genocide against us, the men of our tribe.

WE must take a stand, like the feisty frontiers women in the pioneer days who guarded their homesteads while the men were away. It is up to us to have the courage of our revolutionary ancestors and those "dead White males" of our ancestral homelands who gave their lives to protect the folk from ethnic cleansing.

Ladies, Do Not Be A "Sitting Swan."

The Kings of Tolerance and their lapdog ruling class have taught White women that regular safety precautions are racist. It is now "prejudicial" and an unforgivable thought crime to assume you could be raped by blacks or gangs of yellows or browns if walking alone at night in a "bad" neighborhood, despite statistical data on interracial and multi-assailant crime.

As a precaution, I must insist that White women do not walk the streets alone at night or expose themselves by drinking in unprotected circumstances or using drugs. White women should not walk in dark parking lots or any unpopulated area without an escort (or Smith and Wesson).

We should be as well armed as the law allows. If you cannot get a concealed weapons permit, carry a knife within the legal size, oven cleaner, pepper spray or a large auto club or magnalite in your vehicles. The knife and magnalite should always be on your person, for both are necessary in total darkness. If a criminal sees you have a magnalite, that may deter them from choosing you as a victim, knowing the magnalite serves the dual purposes of lighting and weapon. If you are attacked and forced to use your weapon, do not use racial slurs (i.e. don't call your attacker a wet back) or you will be charged with a hate crime. If he calls you a White whore, he will probably not be charged with hate crime, unless you make a public scene. I suggest you do just that, even if you have to harass the authorities and threaten a lawsuit. All racial intimidation and racist vandalism should be reported.

There is a syllabus available through "Resisting Defamation" that lists all racial slurs used against us. Many, like "redneck," which we have been trained to think are just slang, are actually racial attacks of a very serious nature, and are often employed during acts of violence against us. We must pressure police departments to question White victims in the same manner as others and probe the backgrounds of the perpetrators to determine their racist activities or past usage of racial slurs against Whites. Equality is what we are aiming for here.

We have a problem in our community with under reporting of these hate crimes. Whites are convinced hate crimes laws serve only the non-White population and we need to change that misconception so happily reinforced by our enemies in the anti-White disempowerment movement. A European-American hate crimes committee may soon be formed to take complaints. If a minority is charged with hate crime, the prosecutor and law enforcement will be pressured politically to suppress the racial motive, as we have seen in countless cases recently. Pressure must be applied to counter this kind of hateful and racially-motivated meddling.

A Last Word of Advice

If at all possible, if you are poor and White, leave the city and move to a rural town. Remember, you live in reality, but those in charge of your destiny make too much money to understand your circumstances. The ruling class does not have to face the harassment poor Whites do.

No, no one cares to fund your education, you are the wrong color. Face your circumstances (you are poor, man!) and act for your safety and the safety of your children instead of staying in the city, trying to earn enough money to live in a gated community. Also, support other internal White refugees by giving them a place to stay until they can afford to get established in a new, safe area.

Above all, think White, not brown, black and yellow. Failure to "be White" has led us down the path of racelessness, which has made our people Afro-centric and in utter denial over the lot of their own folk.

"This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle of strength descends upon those in its service." - Francis Parker Yockey, Imperium


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