Friday, May 19, 2006

The Culture of Death

[from Resistance, #122, July 14th, 1997]

I believe it was Pat Buchanan who first coined the term "the culture of death." It is hardly an original observation to say that we are now living in a complete moral vacuum, but some of the ways in which this fact is demonstrated on a daily basis are sufficient to make anyone with any vestige of personal decency want to vomit.

The latest fad among our Clueless Valley Girls, the female equivalents of Beavis and Butthead, is to kill their illegitimate babies at birth and toss them into the nearest dumpster or garbage can. For some reason this fadseems especially popular in New Jersey; the two most prominent examples have occurred there. True, one of the girls involved was Jewish, Amy Grossberg, but the father of the child was White and should have known better. Apparently the wretched Melissa Drexler, who had her baby in the girls' bathroom during her senior prom and then returned to the dance floor after dropping the little corpse into the trash can, is a Gentile.

At the other end of the scale, Dr. Jack Kevorkian has whacked out another couple of elderly women "patients". After his latest acquittal any pretense of using the law to stop Kevorkian has now come to a halt and he will be allowed to go his bloody way unmolested. He's killed how many, now? Fifty people? No one really knows, but "Doctor Death" has racked up a string of notches on his gun, so to speak, which surpasses the total of most Mafia hit men.

I always find it ironic that we National Socialists are accused of advocating genocide, being mass murderers, denying the humanity of our alleged victims, etc. We now live in a society, created by fifty years of liberal democracy and political correctness, which accepts and indeed encourages the deliberate death of certain people who have been officially designated as useless, or in the case of fetal infants, have been declared as not human at all but "pieces of tissue".

These "kids without conscience", as People magazine calls them—-girls who throw newborn babies in the trash can, brain-dead teenage thugs who murder their parents over a video game, etc.—-are the logical product of the world which liberal democracy, political correctness, and soulless Judaic materialism have created. The father as breadwinner and head of the household has virtually vanished, hence removing the main source of moral guidance and discipline from the home. Even when there are two parents, both must work in order to maintain the middle-class lifestyle which they have been taught they have a "right" to, and both are too tired to bother with their children at the end of a day’s rat race.

They have been called "latch-key kids", kids who come home after school to an empty house and who have been raised by the TV and the computer. The result is skyrocketing teen suicide rates, drug addiction, aimless waste of young lives, and dead babies in garbage cans at the senior prom.

"This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle ofstrength descends upon those in its service." - Francis Parker Yockey, IMPERIUM


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