Friday, May 04, 2018

More "De-Platforming"

Grittings, dewds:

Hokay, José, it would appear there's another round of "de-platforming" on the way. Not sure why this is happening right now; I guess the results of the first wave of suppression, post-Charlottesille, are starting to recede because our people have found serviceable work-arounds and we're sliding back onto the Net.

Yesterday Richard Spencer's website's domain name registration was canceled by GoDaddy. He was given 48 hours to find another domain registrar. The official reason was "inciting to violence against an identifiable person or group of persons," specifically commenters on the site---commenters, not Spencer himself---advocating that Border Patrol officers lawfully use deadly force to prevent the forcible entry of the "caravan" migrants into California. (158 have been allowed in by anti-Trump judges and bureaucrats so far.) Apparently advocacy by others that the law of the land be enforced against people with dark skins is now "incitement to violence" for which a complete non-connected individual who has been politically targeted must be punished.

I've also been informed that the New Order out of Wisconsin has had its bank account of 20 years canceled, and the funds frozen. First time I've heard for sure about an actual bank account being canceled, although I recall there were Net rumors of the kind back during the summer Charlottesville frenzy. It kind of happened to me back in 1995 when First Union refused to open one for me due to my unsavory public past Back In The Day in Raleigh. This information came, interestingly, in a paper bulletin from the New Order somebody sent me. TNO are a bunch of old-school guys like me who are still hooked on paper and postage stamp, which may turn out to be wise if this crap of trying to drive us off the internet continues.

The New Order is the remnant of the late Matt Koehl's cult of the numeral 8. It consists of about four or five elderly men and one old woman who was Commander Rockwell's former secretary (unless she's dead now), plus whatever internet following they may have picked up. Their Twitter account was canceled last summer in the frenzy and they apparently haven't even bothered to open another one. They are the most utterly harmless and ineffective group of Induhviduals imaginable. Why they would be targeted for victimization I can't fathom.
Are any of you making any contingency plans as to what you will do when the System finally goes berserk and simply pulls the plug on all our internet, Constitution be damned? Websites, Twitter, YouTube, they shut down Gab, etc.? I remember how to do things the old way, but most of you never even knew. 

I could if necessary go completely net-less, and that's been tried, although not recently. I remember back in the late 90s, when I was being actively cyber-stalked, I had to get a new ISP and e-mail account every couple of weeks.

I honestly don't think it will get that bad again. Maybe I'll have to go back to C-Grams and Yahoo Groups? 



Anonymous Barney said...

We'll lose "our part" of the internet at some point, but we can hope our computers will still work, despite all those "vulnerabilities" built into the processor chips.

We need to download all the information we consider useful in informing people about the jew and it's numerous attempts to prevent people learning the truth.

DVD players will still work once "our" internet is no more, so it's worth downloading important videos and burning them to DVD while we still have that option (I've got several hundred so far).

USB memory sticks are cheap, and capacities are increasing all the time while their physical size keeps reducing. These can be used to distribute videos, e-books, anything we consider of value in spreading the message.

The internet has enabled a mass awakening, but we don't need it any more. The cat is out of the bag. People know the truth, and what we know can't be unlearned. Now it's up to us as individuals to continue what was started while we still had a fairly free internet.

It's the young who'll inherit the job of deposing the devil jew, and the subsequent clean up, so I'd personally like to get a few memory sticks (flash drives?) into the schools. Children naturally rebel against oppressive "authority", and are likely to share the information even if they're not entirely convinced of it's accuracy. There's also the fact that they'll never think to question what they're told unless and until they can be made aware that there's another "side" to the stories they're told.

Be careful though. It's all too easy nowadays for anyone befriending a child to be accused of having ulterior motives.

The important thing right now is to download everything we can.

The gulag archipelago
Mein kampf
The NorthWest quintet
William Pierce videos
Political truths
Medical truths
Racial truths

Anything any everything that will help to inform the people whose "job" it will be to fulfil the fourteen words of David Lane.

2:23 AM  

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