Saturday, February 03, 2018

Idabro's Migrant Paradox

I was pondering on Covington's Paradox when another paradox struck me concerning organic migrants and self-identifying White Nationalists.

Organic migrants flee to the Homeland at every opportunity to escape from diversity, queers, from the teeming hordes of non-Whites, the unbearable taxes, the filth, depravity and economic destruction that is a natural consequence of the progressive/liberal worldview and politics. And yet these people would suffer death rather than admit that they are fleeing from all those vile things they claim to love and revere.

On the other hand, White Nationalists and potential Northwest migrants will boldly proclaim how much they hate living around multi-racialism, fags, feminists, and all the other forms of  Amurrican rot--but they would rather tolerate and live in the midst if these things than suffer the inconvenience of putting aside petty bellyaches and moving to a place that is not only whiter and brighter, but which may save our race on this continent if enough of us ever move here.

That's my thought for the night.  Perhaps you can condense the message into something pithy and tweet sized.


Hmmm .... how about:

"Organic migrants talk liberal and act racial. White nationalists talk racial and act liberal."


Anonymous ThurstonCountyComrade said...

The only WN's i seen that act liberal live in Idaho.

5:06 AM  

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