Saturday, January 06, 2018

The People, Not The Constitution

by Bill White

I remember the first time that the FBI tried to approach me, back in 2002 or 2003 or so.  I got an email out of nowhere from a fellow who assured me that he was a “patriot” and that he wanted to meet with me to work with me to advance common goals, or some such nonsense. I googled the guy and found out that he was a black FBI undercover agent who had just won an award for infiltrating an Earth First! type group in California.  I responded to the email, noted that I was not a “patriot” and noted, too, that I had no interest in working for the FBI.

This approach, though, an appeal to patriotism and the Constitution, I have found is a pretty typical recruiting pitch for the security services. As I listen to the babbling on CNN I find that similar arguments are being made by Judæo-occultists who want to make it clear that Donald Trump should have absolutely no power whatsoever over his own government.  The phony pitch, the pitch that all of the poor deluded souls that serve in the U.S. military or in the corrupt and decadent agencies of the failing U.S. government buy into is that they are not loyal to anything in the United States except the Constitution. The people of the United States, and more particularly the White nation that is the core of the American population, receives no mention at all.

When one hears George Bush or one of the Judah-cultists that worked in his Imperial administration declare that America is a “creedal nation,” one is hearing the kind of misplaced loyalty to a code of laws that began as the defining trait of Judaism, but which has been transferred over to the illegitimate entity of the United States. 

The worshippers of Thoth-Judah adore the Torah;  the worshippers of America adore the Constitution. Both of these cult followers adore not the Law itself but a peculiar interpretation of the Law that has been handed down to them, in the Judah-cult by rabbis, in America by an internationalist Judæo-occult élite.  

The messages come at these am-ha’aretz Americans by many means: through lawyers and,judges, through the Judaic mass media, through false Judæo-Christian religion, through their superiors in the government, and through Judaized educational institutions.  But the message as to what the Constitution means is always the same:  it has nothing to do with what is written on some ancient scroll, but instead means whatever the cult leaders says it does.

Of course, none of this has anything to do with a real nation. A legitimate government is a government that represents a people. It emerges from their national character, the character that they possess through their common participation in a single ethno-cultural entity, and it is connected to the divine through the person of a leader drawn from the highest caste and chosen as an avatar.  

Laws are always secondary to a legitimate government. A legitimate government creates laws to serve the people. When those laws cease to serve a people, a legitimate government discards them and replaces them with something new. In direct opposition to the American system, the laws are not the source of the government’s authority, but the product of that authority. The source of legitimate government authority is service to the people.

One of the ironies of the past several decades has been the extent to which the White working people of the United States have been blind to this situation. By far the most popular opposition doctrine in the United States under the reigns of the Bushes, Clinton, and Obama has been constitutionalism, heavily leavened with bizarre pseudo-legal theories and justifications for whatever unusual behavior the constitutionalist in question has wanted to engage in. 

These Constitutionalists sit in relation to the Constitution in practice much as Judæo-Christians do to the Judah-cultists that they idolize. Like the Christians, the Constitutionalists claim adherence to the law, even as actual practitioners of that law with their secret interpretations and nullifications sneer at them.  Much of the weird behavior from so-called Constitutionalists and patriots, as among the Judaeo-Christians, comes from the insertion of unusual doctrines into their politics by their cultic enemies. 

Thus, there are those Constitutionalists who believe in things like the secret bankruptcy of the United States, the replacement of the government by the corporation, and their existence as “sovereign citizens,” none of which are true and much of which is encouraged by the very federal government these doctrines claim to oppose. It is after all much easier to arrest someone who blatantly commits a crime like mailing in a phony lien, believing that it is legal, than it is to prove a case against a criminal attempting to avoid capture.

Both of these kinds of Constitutionalists, those who serve the federal government and those who are misled into thinking that their odd doctrines oppose rather than complement it, fall into the same error. Neither speaks in terms of the interests of the people. Many in both movements oppose any kind of “racism” or authentic nationalism.  Both have been taught to think of any challenge to the concentration of wealth and economic power in the Judæo-occult elite as verboten. Whether as a form of socialism or, as some other form of extremism, it must be fought. 

Try to speak to a Constitutionalist about the interests of the White working class, and suggest that if the federal government was legitimately constituted it could legitimately tax its population and provide the social services that are necessary for a society to prosper, and the self-proclaimed “dissident” won’t even be able to process what you’re saying.
Similarly, suggest that the legitimacy of a government doesn’t come from the votes of random collections of hundreds of millions of foreigners with no common ethnic core, and the only question for the federal servant will be what kind of bad guy caricature to shove you into.

The divorce of the United States Constitution from any origin in a people, and its elevation as a source of authority, and loyalty per se, is the fundamental error that is causing the power of the United States, despite its wealth, to dissipate into nothingness. The federal government, even under Trump, is an imperial entity ruling over a conglomeration of peoples with nothing in common, there being no such thing as a “common humanity.”  Its Constitution was created for the purpose of governing over a homogenous nation of white Europeans, and it was created to serve a people who despite their division into various feudal entities, had a common history and culture to draw upon. 

The modern United States, particularly under Bush, Clinton, and Obama, clung to that Constitution while trying to exterminate the people who created it, replacing them with random people collected from around the world.  In so doing, the U.S. government lost its basis in the people and became an alien entity, seeing its goal as upholding what it was told the Constitution represented, i.e. a Judæo-occult world government, without any regard to the welfare of its people at all.

The election of Donald Trump was a signal that this illegitimate entity has to be rethought. The principle that the government serves its people, not all people but the specific people that created it, has to be restored. And if Donald Trump is unable to drive out of the United States the 100 million plus non-White persons and Jews who do not belong here, which he probably cannot, then it is time to think about ending the U.S. experiment and dividing the territory of the United States amongst its component nations, so that each group comprising the United States can live in a manner suited to them as a people, rather than in the artificial manner demanded by a globalist slave-state.


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The government really doesn't care about keeping political prisoners like Bill White incarcerated. That only makes them martyrs. What they go for and what will get you released is admitting that what you supposedly did was wrong and you start apologizing to anything that can hear or read. That is the prize they seek not keeping someone in their prison system. Bill would have been released on some pretext years ago if he had rolled over and publicly accepted his racist guilt and apologized .

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