Friday, January 05, 2018

The Denny Broadwill Poject

[Last weekend I posted the first chapter of The Brigade on the Thoughtcrime blog and left it up for a couple of days. One of our comrades in Oregon was inspired to write this song or poem based on the plot line of that first chapter. Okay, Shakespeare it ain't, but it has a kind of Bob Dylan-like air to it, I think. Makes as much sense as any modern lyrics.

Now, any chance we could make this a project? A) Select a tune for this song; B) Some of you with Morrakiu-like computer sound-editing skills far superior to mine strip existing lyrics from said tune, leaving the instrumental only; C) We find somebody who can actually s ing, not howl or mumble, i.e. carry an actual tune and enunciate lyrics so they can be understood by listeners; and D) we have our first Northwest rebel song for YouTube. Refer "Fashy Lullabyes", that Flogging Molly rip-off I played on the December all-music show.

If we are ever capable of professionalizing to that level, with an actual staff with the necessary skill sets here at my side working in an adequately equipped, stable and secure work space, then we could produce a whole string of Northwest Rebel Songs based on the Irish versions. I already have the lyrics for some of these written out in some of the Northwest novels.

Anyway, take a look at this and let me know your ideas on a tune. - HAC]


The soul of Denny Broadwill drowned
The night he learned his life was done.
He'd been cuckolded then was crowned
With public shame and gossip's fun.

His wife was Denny's big concern,
An ice-cold heart with looks to kill;
A blonde she-snake that wise men spurn.
Her daddy's lawyer wrote the bill.

The tide runs out when the moon is down;
The tide runs in when the moon is round;
When tides are right then the lost is found.

A no-fault break-up was her plan;
The experts told her to begin:
"First take the kids and wreck your man,
and bring a lezzie lover in."

He heard the rumors and loose talk
That Leah Weiner beds his wife;
But there were signs he couldn't block:
Her PC rants and endless strife.

The tide runs out...

Then Denny caught them on the couch.
He said some words I won't repeat.
The cops were called, the cops can vouch:
A hate speech charge on Denny's sheet.

The trap was sprung, the prey was caught.
A racist, homophobic jerk;
No judge would side with him they thought;
Now Susie's lawyer went to work.

The tide runs out...
But someone thought this wasn't fair;
This someone had a loaded gun.
He went at night to hunt the pair;
The deed was done before the sun.

In jail poor Denny heard the news,
And there was nothing he could say,
But no divorce meant he could choose
If he would go or he would stay.

The tide runs out...

It Takes A Village was to blame;
The hate-speech charge was made to stick.
The legal system played its game
And Denny's girls were taken quick.

Denny left town; he left a note
That life was now beyond his reach;
"My soul has drowned," is what he wrote.
His car was found down by the beach.

The tide runs out...

The night was dark and no one saw
A man there in a pick-up truck;
A man who's wanted by the Law.
He said his name was "Donald Duck."

Denny got in; they drove away.
They went to see the commandant.
That night he joined the NVA;
Next day he went to Altamont.

The tide runs out...

Now Denny's story isn't real;
The history isn't written yet.
It could be you who has to deal
And pay for altruism's debt.

So count the words you cannot say,
And how you fear the censor's frown.
I hear you pray, "Hold back the day;
The hour in which my soul must drown."

The tide runs out...



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