Thursday, January 25, 2018

Is Trump Getting Serious?

by Bill White

The first year of the Trump administration has been unexpectedly pleasant.  The power of non-Whites is on the wane, and the real hatred that the African-Communist clique installed by Obama has for what is happening spews out daily from television sets across the country. The latest remark to set the Judaeo-occultist elite on fire was Trump's denunciation of shithole countries as shitholes, a remark followed by declarations even by Trump's own allies that the President was a "racist."  Even Haitian Congresswoman Mia Love, representing of all damned places Mormon Utah, appeared on television flustered, trying to stammer out a reason why her unwanted people should continue to deal with a "racist" in office.

Trump's hard line on immigration negotiations is perfect.  For a moment, some thought that Trump would do like Nixon in China, and give in on everything he had campaigned against, signing into law a DACA legalization and creating a "path to citizenship" for the foreign hordes that the globalists have brought into the United States to replace ethnically cleansed White workers.

The "shithole country" remark put an end to this speculation and appears to have put an end to any chance that the unwanted DACA foreigners have of getting legalized, which is good. As every Trump supporter knows, we'd rather have actual non-White people leave the United States than a wall that left them on the wrong side.

But the fact is that while non-border related deportations are up massively, to 68,000 in the first eight months of the Trump administration, they are nowhere near high enough to actually address the problem of the 30 million non-DACA, non-TPS illegals that have colonized this country, never mind the 1.2 million more non-Whites who are about to join those illegal ranks. At the rate of 8500 deportations a month, over four years, Trump will get rid of just over 400,000 unwanted people. 

While a few hundred thousand more have already fled the country, potentially pushing the number of departures into the millions over Trump's first term, this just isn't enough immigrants leaving fast enough. There are about 90 million non-whites in the country (not to mention Judah-cultists, and, hard-core White traitors), and even driving out a million of them will deal with only about 1 percent of the problem.  Trump needs to be driving non-Whites out of the country at about 30 times the current rate, or about 250,000 a month, if he is just going to get rid of illegals plus DACA plus TPS in four years, and, he has already burned up a year of his time to do it.

Thus, the fight over DACA is really just a fight over semantics if there is no will to eliminate the non-White peoples who are being denied legal status. While symbolic wins like a wall and revocation of legal status are nice, they aren't what Trump really wants or needs. There are currently 900,000 illegals nationwide who are already subject to final deportation orders, but Immigration and Customs Enforcement can't locate them to immediately remove them.

As the Homeland Security Secretary testified to Congress, the major problems with the other 10 million is that they have the right to an administrative court before they leave. Unlike say in almost every non-White country of the world, years of legal proceedings have to be completed before an illegal foreign invader can be forced to leave the country.

The only way that Trump can solve this problem is if he increases the size of his immigration force by a factor of thirty.  Frankly, that isn't going to happen. ICE is trying to recruit local and state law enforcement to help them, but in the states that have most gone over to the invaders, like California, local an  state law enforcement are being ordered not to cooperate.

The same too is true with immigrant havens like Chicago and New York.  Thus the first logical pool of supplemental labor just isn't there.  The disloyalty of Trump's FBI, his security forces, and in the wake of Charlottesville his senior military officers, has been on display. Even if Congress authorizes a large amount of additional funding for Homeland Security, they just aren't going to be able to increase their forces thirty times over and increase the administrative and legal support necessary to remove 30+ million people by 2020.

The only way that Trump can expel the "illegal" portion of the unwanted non-White population is generally mobilize White citizens as the militia and authorize this private force to extra-judicially expel these alien peoples. Such a force would have to be organized privately, with private financing and on largely a volunteer basis. It would have to operate outside of existing law enforcement, security, and military control, and would have to be granted the extraordinary powers that come with a national emergency, as Congress will never authorize funds or powers for such a group of citizens.  Creating and calling up such a force is something that only the President can do, and once done it is something that neither Congress nor any court, could de-authorize.

The first role of such a militia would likely be to seize power from local and state authorities who defy the federal government. Trump would likely have to start in the Midwest and Appalachia, sending citizens from rural Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, and Kentucky, into cities like Chicago, St Louis, Indianapolis and Louisville, to remove from power their current mayors, men like Rahm Emmanuel, and current police leaders, and to nationalize their administrations. From there, such a force could spread into the south and northeast, eliminating the traitors in the northeast corridor from Washington, DC to Boston.

Lastly, there would be an invasion of California, the arrest of Jerry Brown and more or less the entire state legislature and upper bureauvcracy, and a giant push of Mexicans out of southern California and southern Texas, back into their native land. Once this had occurred then, and only then, would the invaders be on the right side of the wall.

So, is Trump serious? Or, is this a fantasy scenario? Trump has gotten into office by talking a good game, and he has continued to impress by only giving half-hearted denials that everyone knows he doesn't mean. But he hasn't really taken the action that he needs to take to win.

Putting Jeff Sessions into the Justice Department was a good start, but not enough. It is, after all, still a Justice Department shaped by a quarter century of Clinton-Bush-Obama; populated by veterans of those presidents' losing wars; polluted by a mentality of globalism, multi-culturalism, and an interpretation of the Constitution as perverse as rabbinical Judaism's interpretation of the Torah. There has not been the kind of "Saturday Night massacre" necessary to clear out the corruption that tried to derail the Trump campaign, and which is still threatening a coup against the Trump family.

If Trump is serious about solving the immigration problem, not just jawing about it, he needs to take serious steps.  He needs to mobilize the people and remove from power the traitors that have plotted the extermination of America's White workers. If something like this doesn't happen soon, then the question of legal or illegal won't really matter. No matter what the status, these invaders will still be here. And the forgotten man the forgotten founders of this country, still won't be able to do anything about it.


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Thanks Harold. A perfect summary of what is going on in the US.

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