Tuesday, January 23, 2018

HAC On Price Tag Attacks

[This is an excerpt from Radio Free Northwest, January 25th, 2018]

Okay, now I want to talk about a very sensitive subject indeed: price tag attacks. This is another one of those cases where I am going to have to choose my words with very great care, because I know I’m being monitored and catalogued by assorted NGOs and I can kind of sense that at some point in the future, anything I have to say on this topic will be thrown back at me. 

Price tag attacks is a term I have openly and unashamedly stolen from the Jewish settlers on the West Bank, and it refers to the price tag that American society periodically has to pay for compelling White men to live under political correctness, when some White kid or middle-aged man has finally had enough of being forced to swallow Salon and Huffington Post horse shit, picks up a gun, and comes in the door smoking. 

It’s a price tag that the liberals themselves almost never pay. The dead are almost always street niggers or Sikhs with funny turbans who clearly don’t belong on this continent at all, or wogs who stole a parking place for the umpteenth time, or women who insulted the White man concerned in some particularly humiliating way, something personal like that. Every now and then there are exceptions; seems to me a few years ago some judge in Texas who had fucked a White man over particularly bad got hit outside the courthouse, with the shooter of course being immediately tracked down and killed as well, or else killing himself, I can’t remember now. 

But the people who are the driving engines in this toilet, the everyday liberals in the carpeted, air-conditioned offices with the government or George Soros paychecks, the men and mostly women with petty power over White people’s lives, these almost never actually pay the price tag for their behavior and the way they live, and for what they are doing to the rest of us. The ones who get killed are basically bystanders, if not necessarily completely innocent bystanders. The low-level liberals themselves always pirouette away on tiptoe untouched, like Tinkerbelle. 

Until 2017.

The two cases of price tag attacks I want to rap to you about today are Jeremy Christian in Portland and a 17 year-old-kid named Nick Giampa in Reston, Virginia. Christian is awaiting trial, and Giampa may be dead or he may not be; I saw one article from the SPLC stating that he was dead, but I can’t find any confirmation at all on the internet. The whole story seems to have just vanished. The latest reference of any kind I can find to the Giampa case is January 4th, when the boy was finally publicly identified. Then for three weeks, nothing. It seems to have been flushed down the memory hole since then.

For a variety of pragmatic reasons, I will not discuss these individual cases in detail. I’ll let you guys Google them. Let us be crystal clear: for the record I do not applaud or approve of what either of these guys did. By definition it was self-destructive, literally it destroyed them, and we really need to stop doing self-destructive crap. Besides, neither of them accomplished any real change in the biopolitical situation on this continent. They say price tag attackers are our suicide bombers. Well, we don't need suicide bombers. We need Michael Collins, not Dylann Roof.

All of that having been said, I think it will be possible for future historians (if there are any left to write history) to record these incidents as for-real acts of significant resistance, due to the possibly paradigm-shifting target selection, the biggest area where our suicidal dumb-asses have always fallen down. For the first time, most likely by accident, the concept of the high-value target seems to be making its appearance. We’ll have to see if this is a trend and if it continues.

Okay, these are not Soloheadbeg-style paradigm shifters, and I don’t have the time to explain to you what Soloheadbeg was, so you’ll have to Google that as well. Jeremy Christian can be said to have acted in self-defense, although his case is complicated by what may be a genuine psychiatric condition. If anything the mainstream media says can be believed, which is problematic, then it’s possible this guy really does have a few screws loose.

With Nick Giampa it looks like a case of muh dick, muh dick, one of those examples where White males will commit really rambunctious deeds of direct action but only for their own personal reasons, classic feeling and not thinking. 

However, once we obtain state power and control our own media, and we can start beating the enemy’s media people to death to lower their volume so we can be heard, the Nick Giampa thing could be spun into a love story, depending on how the girl shakes out in court or in public. If she bawls and weeps and wrings her hands and renounces hate and all that bellywash, a great romance probably won’t fly even when we’re making the movies. If she stays true or at least stays silent, something might be made of it.

The significant thing here is that the "victims" were actually enemy targets of mid-level value, practicing left-wing liberals who deliberately interfered in a White man’s life and tried to deny him his essential social equality, liberals who basically stepped up to these men and said, “I’m better than you and so I get to tell you what to do with your life, how you should and how you should behave, and there’s nothing you can do about it because we both know you’re a pussy and you don’t have the balls.”  

Well … sometimes mental illness or just plain dumb seems to immunize a Whiteboy from the social engineering, and leave his basic instincts intact. The lifetime of brainwashing never fully takes, and in an emotional crisis his soul remembers who he is, even if he doesn’t, and he raises his hand against an enemy like the thousand generations who came before used to do.

Okay, these cases didn’t happen directly in those words, but that was the dynamic that was in play in both instances. The thing I’m getting at is that these were not just street niggaz or wogs stealing reserved parking spots. You might say they were actually enemy foot soldiers, instead of scavengers following in their wake. Mere lowly pawns on the board of political correctness, true, but at least they were on the board. 

Now, here’s where it gets tricky. Let me make some purely speculative observations on these incidents. 

In 2017, for the first time in donkey's years, some small element of risk attached to being a liberal or progressive or SJW or antifa or Democrat or general George Soros flack. There was at least some remote chance that what slopped out of their filthy gobs might have consequences in the real world. 

Yeah, yeah, I know, both these cases are problematic and nowhere near Michael Collins or Dan Breen stature, but we don't seem capable of that yet. So we're stuck with the funny little men who hear voices in their heads or dumb-ass kids who think ten seconds ahead on a good day. I really wish they wouldn’t do this kind of thing and throw their lives away, but most of these people have no idea who I am and they clearly are not into listening to anybody else. Too busy feeling and not thinking.

Now, suppose ... just suppose for the sake or argument, pure conjecture, certainly not trying to incite or suggest anything or violate the sacred Law of our Masters and Mistresses, them whut is so much better than me ....

But just suppose that this became the norm rather than the exception? Suppose it became for-real real-world dangerous to be a liberal or progressive or antifa asshole? Or any of the political, bureaucratic or enforcement flacks who enable same and make the world safe for their filth and their soul-corroding poison? Suppose certain things got done at night by mature, intelligent, on-the-ball White men who did not have their heads up their asses and who did not get immediately caught?

How do you think that would change the Amurrican paradigm, class?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would shift the paradign like an 8.0 Richter scale earthquake.

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