Monday, January 29, 2018

Radio Free Northwest - February 1st, 2018 

HAC rambles on about turnover in White nationalist circles and why no one can seem to find what they’re looking for.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

No, You Wuzn't Kangz

The latest "blockbuster" movie Black Panther posits a mysterious Hidden Kingdom of Super Niggaz which purports to show what Africa would be like if White colonialism hadn't destroyed it. It's as ridiculous as you might expect, but the "we wuz kangz" gibber has become increasingly strident among our duskier fellow citizens for several years now. Apparently they are tired of being portrayed by Hollywood as "victims", i.e. slaves.

"The first ever genetic analysis of mummies found that ancient Egyptian kings were more closely related to West Asians than Africans, according to a study published Tuesday by scientists at the Max Planck Institute. The research found that ancient Egyptians were most closely related to Neolithic Levantine, Anatolian and European populations. The mummies tested did not share strong genetic links to Africa often found in modern Egyptians."

(By the way, the fact that ancient Egyptians were not negroes has been known for several centuries, since Egyptology as a science began, due to the depiction of real negroes in hieroglyphs and frescos on the walls of ancient temples and pyramids, as well as in scrolls and other remains. Blacks are indeed depicted---as slaves, battle captives, etc.)

“This suggests that an increase in Sub-Saharan African gene flow into Egypt occurred within the last 1,500 years,” Wolfgang Haak, who led the research team, said in a statement. “The genetics of the Abusir el-Meleq community did not undergo any major shifts during the 1,300 year timespan we studied, suggesting that the population remained genetically relatively unaffected by foreign conquest and rule,” Haak said.

"It’s further evidence that ancient Egyptians were genetically different than modern day residents. Scientists largely agree that ancient Egyptians were indigenous to the Nile area, but a vocal minority of Afrocentric scholars claim that the area’s ancient population was entirely African. Those scholars claim ancient Egyptians were similar to Sub-Saharan African cultures, arguing that famous Egyptian rulers, including Tutankhamun and Cleopatra, were more African than Caucasian."

(Uh .... no. Like so much liberal horse shit, that is simply not true, and no amount of ooking and eeking and Twitter-shaming and threatening scientists' and academics' careers if they don't toe the line can make it true.
We have statuary portraits of Tutankhamen and while he wasn't exactly a Viking, neither was he a negroid. Cleopatra wasn't even Egyptian, she was Ptolemaic Greek and probably didn't even speak the language of the common people of the nation she ruled. Contemporary accounts by Roman chroniclers who met her personally when she was living in Rome for a time, after Caesar but before Antony, describe her as a blonde. There are surviving coins bearing her likeness, and while it is crude and probably not much good as a portrait, the likeness is that of a Caucasian woman.)

"Researchers analyzed ancient DNA from mummified Egyptians who lived from 1400 B.C. to 400 A.D., establishing that mummies can be a reliable source for genetic material to study the ancient past. The study could open the door to further genetic testing of mummified remains. More than 151 individual mummies were examined during the research. Scientists recovered mitochondrial genomes from 90 individuals and genome-wide data sets from three individuals."

I myself only needed to examine one unwrapped mummy, at the Chicago Museum of Natural History. One look at the skull and the desiccated lips and nose, and you know this guy was no porch monkey.

Judging from the representations on the aforementioned temple walls, etc. the ancient Egyptians probably looked a lot like today's Mexicans, although some of the brown skin portrayed in the stylized art may be due to simple suntan. In fact, Mesoamerican Indians such as the Maya and Aztecs were the only other known pyramid-builders in world history. There has been a lot of speculation about links between the two cultures, although I don't buy it.

[Sigh ...] No, the Egyptians were not black and you wuzn't never kangz, Jamal. If anybody actually cares for the truth, which fewer and fewer people do.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Is Trump Getting Serious?

by Bill White

The first year of the Trump administration has been unexpectedly pleasant.  The power of non-Whites is on the wane, and the real hatred that the African-Communist clique installed by Obama has for what is happening spews out daily from television sets across the country. The latest remark to set the Judaeo-occultist elite on fire was Trump's denunciation of shithole countries as shitholes, a remark followed by declarations even by Trump's own allies that the President was a "racist."  Even Haitian Congresswoman Mia Love, representing of all damned places Mormon Utah, appeared on television flustered, trying to stammer out a reason why her unwanted people should continue to deal with a "racist" in office.

Trump's hard line on immigration negotiations is perfect.  For a moment, some thought that Trump would do like Nixon in China, and give in on everything he had campaigned against, signing into law a DACA legalization and creating a "path to citizenship" for the foreign hordes that the globalists have brought into the United States to replace ethnically cleansed White workers.

The "shithole country" remark put an end to this speculation and appears to have put an end to any chance that the unwanted DACA foreigners have of getting legalized, which is good. As every Trump supporter knows, we'd rather have actual non-White people leave the United States than a wall that left them on the wrong side.

But the fact is that while non-border related deportations are up massively, to 68,000 in the first eight months of the Trump administration, they are nowhere near high enough to actually address the problem of the 30 million non-DACA, non-TPS illegals that have colonized this country, never mind the 1.2 million more non-Whites who are about to join those illegal ranks. At the rate of 8500 deportations a month, over four years, Trump will get rid of just over 400,000 unwanted people. 

While a few hundred thousand more have already fled the country, potentially pushing the number of departures into the millions over Trump's first term, this just isn't enough immigrants leaving fast enough. There are about 90 million non-whites in the country (not to mention Judah-cultists, and, hard-core White traitors), and even driving out a million of them will deal with only about 1 percent of the problem.  Trump needs to be driving non-Whites out of the country at about 30 times the current rate, or about 250,000 a month, if he is just going to get rid of illegals plus DACA plus TPS in four years, and, he has already burned up a year of his time to do it.

Thus, the fight over DACA is really just a fight over semantics if there is no will to eliminate the non-White peoples who are being denied legal status. While symbolic wins like a wall and revocation of legal status are nice, they aren't what Trump really wants or needs. There are currently 900,000 illegals nationwide who are already subject to final deportation orders, but Immigration and Customs Enforcement can't locate them to immediately remove them.

As the Homeland Security Secretary testified to Congress, the major problems with the other 10 million is that they have the right to an administrative court before they leave. Unlike say in almost every non-White country of the world, years of legal proceedings have to be completed before an illegal foreign invader can be forced to leave the country.

The only way that Trump can solve this problem is if he increases the size of his immigration force by a factor of thirty.  Frankly, that isn't going to happen. ICE is trying to recruit local and state law enforcement to help them, but in the states that have most gone over to the invaders, like California, local an  state law enforcement are being ordered not to cooperate.

The same too is true with immigrant havens like Chicago and New York.  Thus the first logical pool of supplemental labor just isn't there.  The disloyalty of Trump's FBI, his security forces, and in the wake of Charlottesville his senior military officers, has been on display. Even if Congress authorizes a large amount of additional funding for Homeland Security, they just aren't going to be able to increase their forces thirty times over and increase the administrative and legal support necessary to remove 30+ million people by 2020.

The only way that Trump can expel the "illegal" portion of the unwanted non-White population is generally mobilize White citizens as the militia and authorize this private force to extra-judicially expel these alien peoples. Such a force would have to be organized privately, with private financing and on largely a volunteer basis. It would have to operate outside of existing law enforcement, security, and military control, and would have to be granted the extraordinary powers that come with a national emergency, as Congress will never authorize funds or powers for such a group of citizens.  Creating and calling up such a force is something that only the President can do, and once done it is something that neither Congress nor any court, could de-authorize.

The first role of such a militia would likely be to seize power from local and state authorities who defy the federal government. Trump would likely have to start in the Midwest and Appalachia, sending citizens from rural Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, and Kentucky, into cities like Chicago, St Louis, Indianapolis and Louisville, to remove from power their current mayors, men like Rahm Emmanuel, and current police leaders, and to nationalize their administrations. From there, such a force could spread into the south and northeast, eliminating the traitors in the northeast corridor from Washington, DC to Boston.

Lastly, there would be an invasion of California, the arrest of Jerry Brown and more or less the entire state legislature and upper bureauvcracy, and a giant push of Mexicans out of southern California and southern Texas, back into their native land. Once this had occurred then, and only then, would the invaders be on the right side of the wall.

So, is Trump serious? Or, is this a fantasy scenario? Trump has gotten into office by talking a good game, and he has continued to impress by only giving half-hearted denials that everyone knows he doesn't mean. But he hasn't really taken the action that he needs to take to win.

Putting Jeff Sessions into the Justice Department was a good start, but not enough. It is, after all, still a Justice Department shaped by a quarter century of Clinton-Bush-Obama; populated by veterans of those presidents' losing wars; polluted by a mentality of globalism, multi-culturalism, and an interpretation of the Constitution as perverse as rabbinical Judaism's interpretation of the Torah. There has not been the kind of "Saturday Night massacre" necessary to clear out the corruption that tried to derail the Trump campaign, and which is still threatening a coup against the Trump family.

If Trump is serious about solving the immigration problem, not just jawing about it, he needs to take serious steps.  He needs to mobilize the people and remove from power the traitors that have plotted the extermination of America's White workers. If something like this doesn't happen soon, then the question of legal or illegal won't really matter. No matter what the status, these invaders will still be here. And the forgotten man the forgotten founders of this country, still won't be able to do anything about it.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

HAC On Price Tag Attacks

[This is an excerpt from Radio Free Northwest, January 25th, 2018]

Okay, now I want to talk about a very sensitive subject indeed: price tag attacks. This is another one of those cases where I am going to have to choose my words with very great care, because I know I’m being monitored and catalogued by assorted NGOs and I can kind of sense that at some point in the future, anything I have to say on this topic will be thrown back at me. 

Price tag attacks is a term I have openly and unashamedly stolen from the Jewish settlers on the West Bank, and it refers to the price tag that American society periodically has to pay for compelling White men to live under political correctness, when some White kid or middle-aged man has finally had enough of being forced to swallow Salon and Huffington Post horse shit, picks up a gun, and comes in the door smoking. 

It’s a price tag that the liberals themselves almost never pay. The dead are almost always street niggers or Sikhs with funny turbans who clearly don’t belong on this continent at all, or wogs who stole a parking place for the umpteenth time, or women who insulted the White man concerned in some particularly humiliating way, something personal like that. Every now and then there are exceptions; seems to me a few years ago some judge in Texas who had fucked a White man over particularly bad got hit outside the courthouse, with the shooter of course being immediately tracked down and killed as well, or else killing himself, I can’t remember now. 

But the people who are the driving engines in this toilet, the everyday liberals in the carpeted, air-conditioned offices with the government or George Soros paychecks, the men and mostly women with petty power over White people’s lives, these almost never actually pay the price tag for their behavior and the way they live, and for what they are doing to the rest of us. The ones who get killed are basically bystanders, if not necessarily completely innocent bystanders. The low-level liberals themselves always pirouette away on tiptoe untouched, like Tinkerbelle. 

Until 2017.

The two cases of price tag attacks I want to rap to you about today are Jeremy Christian in Portland and a 17 year-old-kid named Nick Giampa in Reston, Virginia. Christian is awaiting trial, and Giampa may be dead or he may not be; I saw one article from the SPLC stating that he was dead, but I can’t find any confirmation at all on the internet. The whole story seems to have just vanished. The latest reference of any kind I can find to the Giampa case is January 4th, when the boy was finally publicly identified. Then for three weeks, nothing. It seems to have been flushed down the memory hole since then.

For a variety of pragmatic reasons, I will not discuss these individual cases in detail. I’ll let you guys Google them. Let us be crystal clear: for the record I do not applaud or approve of what either of these guys did. By definition it was self-destructive, literally it destroyed them, and we really need to stop doing self-destructive crap. Besides, neither of them accomplished any real change in the biopolitical situation on this continent. They say price tag attackers are our suicide bombers. Well, we don't need suicide bombers. We need Michael Collins, not Dylann Roof.

All of that having been said, I think it will be possible for future historians (if there are any left to write history) to record these incidents as for-real acts of significant resistance, due to the possibly paradigm-shifting target selection, the biggest area where our suicidal dumb-asses have always fallen down. For the first time, most likely by accident, the concept of the high-value target seems to be making its appearance. We’ll have to see if this is a trend and if it continues.

Okay, these are not Soloheadbeg-style paradigm shifters, and I don’t have the time to explain to you what Soloheadbeg was, so you’ll have to Google that as well. Jeremy Christian can be said to have acted in self-defense, although his case is complicated by what may be a genuine psychiatric condition. If anything the mainstream media says can be believed, which is problematic, then it’s possible this guy really does have a few screws loose.

With Nick Giampa it looks like a case of muh dick, muh dick, one of those examples where White males will commit really rambunctious deeds of direct action but only for their own personal reasons, classic feeling and not thinking. 

However, once we obtain state power and control our own media, and we can start beating the enemy’s media people to death to lower their volume so we can be heard, the Nick Giampa thing could be spun into a love story, depending on how the girl shakes out in court or in public. If she bawls and weeps and wrings her hands and renounces hate and all that bellywash, a great romance probably won’t fly even when we’re making the movies. If she stays true or at least stays silent, something might be made of it.

The significant thing here is that the "victims" were actually enemy targets of mid-level value, practicing left-wing liberals who deliberately interfered in a White man’s life and tried to deny him his essential social equality, liberals who basically stepped up to these men and said, “I’m better than you and so I get to tell you what to do with your life, how you should and how you should behave, and there’s nothing you can do about it because we both know you’re a pussy and you don’t have the balls.”  

Well … sometimes mental illness or just plain dumb seems to immunize a Whiteboy from the social engineering, and leave his basic instincts intact. The lifetime of brainwashing never fully takes, and in an emotional crisis his soul remembers who he is, even if he doesn’t, and he raises his hand against an enemy like the thousand generations who came before used to do.

Okay, these cases didn’t happen directly in those words, but that was the dynamic that was in play in both instances. The thing I’m getting at is that these were not just street niggaz or wogs stealing reserved parking spots. You might say they were actually enemy foot soldiers, instead of scavengers following in their wake. Mere lowly pawns on the board of political correctness, true, but at least they were on the board. 

Now, here’s where it gets tricky. Let me make some purely speculative observations on these incidents. 

In 2017, for the first time in donkey's years, some small element of risk attached to being a liberal or progressive or SJW or antifa or Democrat or general George Soros flack. There was at least some remote chance that what slopped out of their filthy gobs might have consequences in the real world. 

Yeah, yeah, I know, both these cases are problematic and nowhere near Michael Collins or Dan Breen stature, but we don't seem capable of that yet. So we're stuck with the funny little men who hear voices in their heads or dumb-ass kids who think ten seconds ahead on a good day. I really wish they wouldn’t do this kind of thing and throw their lives away, but most of these people have no idea who I am and they clearly are not into listening to anybody else. Too busy feeling and not thinking.

Now, suppose ... just suppose for the sake or argument, pure conjecture, certainly not trying to incite or suggest anything or violate the sacred Law of our Masters and Mistresses, them whut is so much better than me ....

But just suppose that this became the norm rather than the exception? Suppose it became for-real real-world dangerous to be a liberal or progressive or antifa asshole? Or any of the political, bureaucratic or enforcement flacks who enable same and make the world safe for their filth and their soul-corroding poison? Suppose certain things got done at night by mature, intelligent, on-the-ball White men who did not have their heads up their asses and who did not get immediately caught?

How do you think that would change the Amurrican paradigm, class?

Monday, January 22, 2018

Radio Free Northwest - January 25th 2018

HAC on the League of the South mailing list theft, price tag attacks, and some crystal ball gazing. He also stirs the misogyny/feminism pot again.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Radio Free Northwest - January 18th, 2018

HAC on the Twitter purge and stochastic terrorism; some Aryan history of the French Revolution variety; Andy, Gretchen, and double Trucker.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Problem Pasts In White Nationalism

[Excerpted from Radio Free Northwest, January 11th 2018] 

I’m going to be getting into some serious stuff in this episode, including some material on the abominable Edgar Steele case, so let me just leap right in on a topic that’s been batted around on racial Twitter for a while, which I think I need to expound on verbally for a bit. It’s something that's going to be coming up a lot in the future, and we need to figure out a protocol to deal with it.

How do we as White nationalists and separatists deal with the undeniable fact that many of the younger White people who are now coming to us and wanting to become involved with the 14 Words have, shall we say, less than pristine personal track records and the odd racial, sexual, or criminal skeleton or two in their closet from their pre-racial awareness days?\

I am referring now not to certain scam artists I could name, nor to the people with hidden agendas who are clearly attempting to infiltrate our wee little Movement out of ulterior motives. I’m talking now about a small but significant number of essentially bona fide and sincere White men and women, mostly on the younger end of the scale. They were raised and mentally engineered in this completely amoral and unnatural society, and so in their teens or early 20s, which in America is still adolescence, they did amoral and stupid and grotty things out of genuine youthful ignorance.

Later these people became racially aware, and came to understand that what they did in their early life was wrong, and now they are sincerely regretful and ashamed and want to make up for their past transgressions. So what do we do with these repentant sinners, so to speak? Exactly where do we draw the line? What can be overlooked and what is unforgivable?

Okay, let’s be completely honest here. This whole topic is basically a big, steaming bowl of shit that I really would rather not get into at all, because every one of these cases is going to be pretty much sui generis, that is to say something that is completely unique to each individual concerned, and which will require an individual, tailored solution, like a bespoke suit.

Also, the people in what I will loosely refer to as "leadership" positions, or at least positions of cyber-prominence, will all have different standards. Frankly, from what I have seen, far more slack and forgiving standards than I apparently do.

Let me give you an example of the way I handle these things. Probably the best published review ever done of my Northwest novel series was written about nine years ago by a man who later turned out to be a screaming, open faggot, and yet who still insists on acting as if he is one of us. Before this was conclusively proven to me, I heard the rumors but I refused to believe it or to act without some kind of proof, or at least evidence. In the meantime I used the book review far and wide; I even distributed printed copies with Northwest Front introductory packets which a few of you may recall receiving.

Eventually things reached the point when I had to ask this man point blank if he was light in the loafers. Since he had not yet come out of the closet (which he has done since) I did not get an immediate and categorical denial, I got waffle, which made my spidey sense tingle. But in the absence of outright proof I continued to distribute the review on the usual excuse that regardless of possible pooftery, this person was “doing good for the Movement.” 

Inevitably, the time came when I was confronted with this man’s written confession that he was a pervert, and I couldn’t pretend not to notice any longer. Once I could no longer extend any benefit of the doubt, and only then, I stopped using his book review. I will not condemn anyone without proof or evidence amounting at least to a moral certainty, which realistically is as far as you can get in a lot of these cases where the legal system is in the hands of the criminals.  But once that moral certainty is arrived at, there is a duty to act. I do, and I expect everyone else to as well. One one occasion I supplied the evidence and testimonry that sent a notorious Movement pervert to prison for seven years, for all the so-called “good” he did the Movement, which was in fact substantial. But contrary to one of my snappy little tweets, some ends really don't justify the means.

The question I am constantly asked is “Hurrold, Hurrold, what is unforgivable, what is the line that can’t be crossed, just how nasty and groady do you have to be before you are cast into the Outer Darkness beyond the 14 Words?”

Realistically, what we’re talking about is certain sexual, racial, or criminal situations, and like I said, everybody’s going to have their own ideas as to how much ignorance excuses misbehavior in one’s youth. I really hesitate to get into details because this would just be my personal view, and I understand that not only am I not some moral giant philosopher king who has the right to impose my standards on others, but no one would pay any attention anyway. But here goes:

I’m actually a lot more tolerant of past foibles than most people give me credit for. Criminal records, for one thing, because I simply don’t consider the legal authorities and the courts in this country to be morally competent to decide who has done wrong and how they should be punished. Not when there are abominations like the Edgar Steele and Johnny Logan Spencer and Bill White cases. So the mere fact of having done time in jail is not at all a bar to participation, although of course it depends on what for.

I have several personal points of no return, so to speak. Anything to do with homosexuality, that’s just a no. Anything to do with harming a child, either sexually or through child abuse, or kiddie porn, no, beyond the pale. 

Race-mixing is something I probably shouldn’t comment on because on the one hand, I feel a deep and sickening loathing for it in women, while my attitude toward it in men is highly disapproving but nothing near as visceral, which I recognize is indeed quite sexist and hypocritical. I suspect this is pretty much typical of most White men, having to do with the remnants of our actual biological instincts. This is why I have such difficulty getting any traction on Andrew Anglin’s residence in the Philippines where, to use his own words, when he’s not working on the Daily Stormer he is “sport-banging brown pussy.” So that’s the first problem with me shouting the odds on miscegenation. 

With very great reluctance I have been compelled to accept that this is the old view of things which I got from growing up in the last of the Old South, and that younger White people simply don’t seem capable of feeling as strongly about it as I do. Not surprising, since the ultimate goal of the entire Jewish and liberal agenda for the past 70 years is to get young White people, especially girls, to do that very thing. They have been socially engineered into that form of bestiality from birth.
I frankly don’t know what’s going to happen there with people that far gone; I can only point out that my references to the problem in the post-victory Northwest Republic in my novels had a distinctly ropey motif.

Informing to the enemy, testifying against our own people in court, that should obviously be a line-crosser, although that one kind of went by the board when at least parts of our wee little world welcomed back the loathsome Frazier Glenn Miller from his stint in the Witness Protection Program. That whole Miller thing set a bad, bad precedent, not to mention in my view completely disqualifying Alex Linder from any further Movement participation, but again that’s just me and my ageing, Puritanical standards. Miller testified against his own people in not one but two, count ‘em two! capital cases, as in possible death penalty, and then he gets welcomed back? Jesus Christ on a raft!

The thing is that ever since the resurrection of Glenn Miller back in the early Oughts, our moral standards in White nationalism have become so notoriously slack that anybody can pretty much do any damned thing he pleases, then just wait a while for the sound and fury to die down and the short American attention span to kick in, and subsequently be welcomed back with open arms, all being forgiven.

Then there is the matter of financial chicanery, where our standards of what’s acceptable are apparently also abysmal. I personally would have booted David Duke out of the fold when he pleaded guilty to embezzling $235,000 dollars in White people’s contributions and gambling it all away on riverboat casinos and gambling junkets to the Bahamas. I said so at the time and was completely ignored, as always.

Duke did his prison time, hit the ground running when they opened the gates and never looked back, The entire White nationalist movement didn’t so much as forgive, it just forgot. I can’t even remember the last time I saw any reference to Duke’s peccadillos on any of our websites or in any of our publications; the man stole $235,000 from us all and it’s like the whole incident just never happened. Dear God, what I could do with that 235 grand!

None of which gets us any closer to developing a protocol on dealing with these things. Here are my suggestions, based on our wee little world as it is, not as I would like it to be.

First off, for what may be loosely described as our leadership, insofar as we have any, I would suggest we start with a policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Yes, I know, that can come unglued, but in some of these cases the old saying of least said, sooner mended applies. Don’t you be the one to kick off all the endless, obsessive round-and-round of cackling on the internet. So don’t ask, unless something pops up that you just can’t pretend you didn’t see.

More importantly, for all you dubious Induhviduals out there who might have a problem with your resumé:  let’s do you the courtesy of presuming you are sincere and you really do have the good of your race and the 14 Words at heart. Just as the leadership should not ask, you shouldn’t tell. Don't come running to me or anyone else gabbling out your confession, and forcing us to deal with this aforementioned steaming bowl of shit yet again for the umpteenth time. Keep your teeth together and say nothing at all, for the rest of your life. Unless: 

Unless, like so many young Amurrican dumb-asses, you left a digital or paper trail behind you, especially on social media, which never dies. (As Chris Cantwell and Lauren Southern found out.)

The internet is forever. A criminal record is forever, so if you have one, don’t lie about it or how you got it. Don’t tell people you did time for something honorable like a gun charge when it was for selling dope or breaking and entering. Most mainstream media is there forever; MSM stuff can occasionally be explained away or buried, given their decay in credibility, but it's still damned hard. 

If you know for a fact that there is a ticking time bomb in your past, and the proof is just lying out there on the internet for anybody to find, you must accept that you have fucked up, for life, and you can never be a leader or a public spokesman. You can participate on the internet under a pseudonym, and you can send money. Depending on how bad your dirty little secret is, that's probably about it.

If it's something really bad, something so groady it would cause massive sound and fury if it were found out, then you voluntarily leave the Movement completely and never be anywhere sufficiently near us to embarrass us. (Are you listening, Dan Burros? Are you listening, Kevin Alfred Strom? Are you listening, Tom Metzger?)

There are so many problem people in the past who could have spared us so much heartache and tribulation down through the years, if they has just had the genuine humility and true devotion to the cause to recognize that however it happened, their own fate was sealed, and the best thing they could do for the 14 Words was to go away.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Northwest Noir

I normally don't stoop to things like movie reviews, since Hollywood is 100% corrupt and there is no health or cleanliness in it, but this one might actually be worth checking out. I streamed it off Netflix last night. The flick is called Blackway. It's a variation on one of your basic old John Wayne-style cowboy-movie plots, but acted and shot in a modern setting in a neat, terse little 1940s film-noir style. Think one of the better Marlowes. 

The movie is set in an unnamed logging town in the Pacific Northwest, where a former cop-turned-local-drug-kingpin and general bad man named Blackway (Ray Liotta) stalks and harasses and eventually "insults the honor" of the female lead Lillian (Julia Stiles.) It's unclear to me from the scene whether he actually rapes her or not, but anyway, you get the idea. 

Lillian tries to get the local sheriff with a spine of jelly to intervene, but all this hapless fool can do is advise her to leave town. Seems the sheriff and his men are terrified of his psycho former deputy and afraid to take him on, almost like he was NVA or something. Yeah, I know, so far this sounds all very feminist and predictable, but wait for it. It's actually a subtly politically incorrect film, if you know how to read the nuances. In fact, I'm a little surprised this made it through the many content filters in Tinsel Town in this quietly subversive shape.

Anyway, what the idiot sheriff eventually does recommend is that Lillian go to the local logging camp and speak to Whizzer, the foreman, and ask him to lend her the services of one Scotty, who is supposedly the only man in town not afraid of Blackway. Lillian goes to the office of the logging camp and meets a bunch of old geezers sitting there yakking, telling Sasquatch stories and reminiscing about Back In The Day. All that's missing is a pot-bellied stove and a cracker barrel. 

This is where that subtle hint of political incorrectness begins; after all, old White men are supposed to be the cause of all evil in the world past, present, and future, always enemies trying to do down and re-enslave Modern Womyn. To depict a Modern Womyn forced to go to old White men for protection is highly sexist; she should be trying to summon Wonder Woman or decking herself out in bandana, torn T-shirt and M-60 like Ms. Rambo. But this film is actually based in the real world, to an extent the rest of Hollywood is less and less these days.

It turns out that Scotty isn't in camp, but two of the office loungers speak up and volunteer to be Lillian's White Knights (pun kind of intended.) These are Les, played by Anthony Hopkins, who was 78 when this was filmed and looks every day of it, and a younger guy named Nate [Alexander Ludwig] who is quiet and has a bit of a stutter, is home-schooled, and at first reminds you of Daryl and his other brother Daryl. You don't think he has a chance against the Bad Man, but Nate soon displays a talent for throwing down in a psycho manner equal to Blackway's, when the occasion demands.

The three of them stop by Les's house, with a lawn covered in whirligigs, to pick up his old uncle's goose gun he left to Les, and then they go off in a rusty old pickup truck to hunt down the Bad Man, working their way through assorted disreputable people and places, barroom brawls with Blackway minions, exploding meth labs, etc. All jolly good fun. I classify this movie like I classify most others I like: I won't be adding it to my permanent collection, but it's well worth watching once.

But the reason I'm recommending all of you check this flick out if you can is the cinematography.  Blackway's strongest believability comes from the terrain in which it is set.

I used to tell people that if they wanted to see what the Northwest Homeland was like, warts and all, they should check out the first Twilight movie, disregard all the vampire silliness, and look at that countryside around Forks where it was filmed, which is about 40 miles from where I sit tapping this now. Blackway is much better for that purpose. It was filmed in some small town here in the Homeland or up in B. C., in the dead of winter, and if you're seriously contemplating coming here you need to know what this part of the world is like at its worst, which is about this time of year. 

I try to warn incomers about our winters, and I get people telling me "Oh, pshaw, Harold, I'm from Wisconsin or Pennsylvania or Colorado, I know winter, your Northwest can't throw anything at me in that regard that I can't handle!" Big mistake. The Northwest winter is something I can't really make comprehensible to those who haven't been through one, the kind of endless, energy-sapping, depressing, gray and nasty-ass wet chill and dripping rain that can and does drive people to insanity, suicide and murder up here every season, even people who have lived here all their lives. 

I can't describe it, and so it's best you watch Blackway and see it. No, not trying to scare you away, just trying to prepare you. If you follow my advice and move your family to some small town in the Northwest, you won't regret it--if nothing else, the summers more than make up for the winters. Usually, anyway. There is a saying: "Every Northwest summer is different. Every Northwest winter is the same." That sameness is something you need to try and wrap your minds around, so either make your scouting trip in January, or watch Blackway.

Monday, January 08, 2018

Radio Free Northwest - January 11th, 2018 

HAC on what can be forgiven in a young White person’s past and what cannot. He also discusses his Edifice Complex.  We hear Edgar J. Steele’s last interview.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

The People, Not The Constitution

by Bill White

I remember the first time that the FBI tried to approach me, back in 2002 or 2003 or so.  I got an email out of nowhere from a fellow who assured me that he was a “patriot” and that he wanted to meet with me to work with me to advance common goals, or some such nonsense. I googled the guy and found out that he was a black FBI undercover agent who had just won an award for infiltrating an Earth First! type group in California.  I responded to the email, noted that I was not a “patriot” and noted, too, that I had no interest in working for the FBI.

This approach, though, an appeal to patriotism and the Constitution, I have found is a pretty typical recruiting pitch for the security services. As I listen to the babbling on CNN I find that similar arguments are being made by Judæo-occultists who want to make it clear that Donald Trump should have absolutely no power whatsoever over his own government.  The phony pitch, the pitch that all of the poor deluded souls that serve in the U.S. military or in the corrupt and decadent agencies of the failing U.S. government buy into is that they are not loyal to anything in the United States except the Constitution. The people of the United States, and more particularly the White nation that is the core of the American population, receives no mention at all.

When one hears George Bush or one of the Judah-cultists that worked in his Imperial administration declare that America is a “creedal nation,” one is hearing the kind of misplaced loyalty to a code of laws that began as the defining trait of Judaism, but which has been transferred over to the illegitimate entity of the United States. 

The worshippers of Thoth-Judah adore the Torah;  the worshippers of America adore the Constitution. Both of these cult followers adore not the Law itself but a peculiar interpretation of the Law that has been handed down to them, in the Judah-cult by rabbis, in America by an internationalist Judæo-occult élite.  

The messages come at these am-ha’aretz Americans by many means: through lawyers and,judges, through the Judaic mass media, through false Judæo-Christian religion, through their superiors in the government, and through Judaized educational institutions.  But the message as to what the Constitution means is always the same:  it has nothing to do with what is written on some ancient scroll, but instead means whatever the cult leaders says it does.

Of course, none of this has anything to do with a real nation. A legitimate government is a government that represents a people. It emerges from their national character, the character that they possess through their common participation in a single ethno-cultural entity, and it is connected to the divine through the person of a leader drawn from the highest caste and chosen as an avatar.  

Laws are always secondary to a legitimate government. A legitimate government creates laws to serve the people. When those laws cease to serve a people, a legitimate government discards them and replaces them with something new. In direct opposition to the American system, the laws are not the source of the government’s authority, but the product of that authority. The source of legitimate government authority is service to the people.

One of the ironies of the past several decades has been the extent to which the White working people of the United States have been blind to this situation. By far the most popular opposition doctrine in the United States under the reigns of the Bushes, Clinton, and Obama has been constitutionalism, heavily leavened with bizarre pseudo-legal theories and justifications for whatever unusual behavior the constitutionalist in question has wanted to engage in. 

These Constitutionalists sit in relation to the Constitution in practice much as Judæo-Christians do to the Judah-cultists that they idolize. Like the Christians, the Constitutionalists claim adherence to the law, even as actual practitioners of that law with their secret interpretations and nullifications sneer at them.  Much of the weird behavior from so-called Constitutionalists and patriots, as among the Judaeo-Christians, comes from the insertion of unusual doctrines into their politics by their cultic enemies. 

Thus, there are those Constitutionalists who believe in things like the secret bankruptcy of the United States, the replacement of the government by the corporation, and their existence as “sovereign citizens,” none of which are true and much of which is encouraged by the very federal government these doctrines claim to oppose. It is after all much easier to arrest someone who blatantly commits a crime like mailing in a phony lien, believing that it is legal, than it is to prove a case against a criminal attempting to avoid capture.

Both of these kinds of Constitutionalists, those who serve the federal government and those who are misled into thinking that their odd doctrines oppose rather than complement it, fall into the same error. Neither speaks in terms of the interests of the people. Many in both movements oppose any kind of “racism” or authentic nationalism.  Both have been taught to think of any challenge to the concentration of wealth and economic power in the Judæo-occult elite as verboten. Whether as a form of socialism or, as some other form of extremism, it must be fought. 

Try to speak to a Constitutionalist about the interests of the White working class, and suggest that if the federal government was legitimately constituted it could legitimately tax its population and provide the social services that are necessary for a society to prosper, and the self-proclaimed “dissident” won’t even be able to process what you’re saying.
Similarly, suggest that the legitimacy of a government doesn’t come from the votes of random collections of hundreds of millions of foreigners with no common ethnic core, and the only question for the federal servant will be what kind of bad guy caricature to shove you into.

The divorce of the United States Constitution from any origin in a people, and its elevation as a source of authority, and loyalty per se, is the fundamental error that is causing the power of the United States, despite its wealth, to dissipate into nothingness. The federal government, even under Trump, is an imperial entity ruling over a conglomeration of peoples with nothing in common, there being no such thing as a “common humanity.”  Its Constitution was created for the purpose of governing over a homogenous nation of white Europeans, and it was created to serve a people who despite their division into various feudal entities, had a common history and culture to draw upon. 

The modern United States, particularly under Bush, Clinton, and Obama, clung to that Constitution while trying to exterminate the people who created it, replacing them with random people collected from around the world.  In so doing, the U.S. government lost its basis in the people and became an alien entity, seeing its goal as upholding what it was told the Constitution represented, i.e. a Judæo-occult world government, without any regard to the welfare of its people at all.

The election of Donald Trump was a signal that this illegitimate entity has to be rethought. The principle that the government serves its people, not all people but the specific people that created it, has to be restored. And if Donald Trump is unable to drive out of the United States the 100 million plus non-White persons and Jews who do not belong here, which he probably cannot, then it is time to think about ending the U.S. experiment and dividing the territory of the United States amongst its component nations, so that each group comprising the United States can live in a manner suited to them as a people, rather than in the artificial manner demanded by a globalist slave-state.

Friday, January 05, 2018

The Denny Broadwill Poject

[Last weekend I posted the first chapter of The Brigade on the Thoughtcrime blog and left it up for a couple of days. One of our comrades in Oregon was inspired to write this song or poem based on the plot line of that first chapter. Okay, Shakespeare it ain't, but it has a kind of Bob Dylan-like air to it, I think. Makes as much sense as any modern lyrics.

Now, any chance we could make this a project? A) Select a tune for this song; B) Some of you with Morrakiu-like computer sound-editing skills far superior to mine strip existing lyrics from said tune, leaving the instrumental only; C) We find somebody who can actually s ing, not howl or mumble, i.e. carry an actual tune and enunciate lyrics so they can be understood by listeners; and D) we have our first Northwest rebel song for YouTube. Refer "Fashy Lullabyes", that Flogging Molly rip-off I played on the December all-music show.

If we are ever capable of professionalizing to that level, with an actual staff with the necessary skill sets here at my side working in an adequately equipped, stable and secure work space, then we could produce a whole string of Northwest Rebel Songs based on the Irish versions. I already have the lyrics for some of these written out in some of the Northwest novels.

Anyway, take a look at this and let me know your ideas on a tune. - HAC]


The soul of Denny Broadwill drowned
The night he learned his life was done.
He'd been cuckolded then was crowned
With public shame and gossip's fun.

His wife was Denny's big concern,
An ice-cold heart with looks to kill;
A blonde she-snake that wise men spurn.
Her daddy's lawyer wrote the bill.

The tide runs out when the moon is down;
The tide runs in when the moon is round;
When tides are right then the lost is found.

A no-fault break-up was her plan;
The experts told her to begin:
"First take the kids and wreck your man,
and bring a lezzie lover in."

He heard the rumors and loose talk
That Leah Weiner beds his wife;
But there were signs he couldn't block:
Her PC rants and endless strife.

The tide runs out...

Then Denny caught them on the couch.
He said some words I won't repeat.
The cops were called, the cops can vouch:
A hate speech charge on Denny's sheet.

The trap was sprung, the prey was caught.
A racist, homophobic jerk;
No judge would side with him they thought;
Now Susie's lawyer went to work.

The tide runs out...
But someone thought this wasn't fair;
This someone had a loaded gun.
He went at night to hunt the pair;
The deed was done before the sun.

In jail poor Denny heard the news,
And there was nothing he could say,
But no divorce meant he could choose
If he would go or he would stay.

The tide runs out...

It Takes A Village was to blame;
The hate-speech charge was made to stick.
The legal system played its game
And Denny's girls were taken quick.

Denny left town; he left a note
That life was now beyond his reach;
"My soul has drowned," is what he wrote.
His car was found down by the beach.

The tide runs out...

The night was dark and no one saw
A man there in a pick-up truck;
A man who's wanted by the Law.
He said his name was "Donald Duck."

Denny got in; they drove away.
They went to see the commandant.
That night he joined the NVA;
Next day he went to Altamont.

The tide runs out...

Now Denny's story isn't real;
The history isn't written yet.
It could be you who has to deal
And pay for altruism's debt.

So count the words you cannot say,
And how you fear the censor's frown.
I hear you pray, "Hold back the day;
The hour in which my soul must drown."

The tide runs out...


Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Radio Free Northwest - January 4th, 2018 

HAC on Party professionalization and religion. Gretchen, Andy, Trucker.